Happy Autumnal Equinox!

Should the map be changed?

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Because you want to balance an egg upright.

Ok, yeah I know you can do it anyother day too, but many many people dont think you can.
He's said his card or something like that is broken so he's back for a while. I think as soon as it's working again he's back to Guild Wars. Bastard.


I played Guild Wars, and I must say, it was as boring as watching paint dry. I can't imagine that that old fart is still addicted to it so much that he can't post here.


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I don't get the point of this thread. And it's spring here.

jmervyn said:
Sadly, I hear the words used interchangeably whenever they're known at all. You forget how inaccurate Americans have become; "Liberal", "torture", "independent", "cruel & unusual", etc.

( http://www.athropolis.com/sunrise/def-sol2.htm )
You know, while you were gone it was like nothing was different - probably because you contribute nothing that Smeg doesn't already. If you're coming back then at least go one or two threads without dragging your boring partisan politics into something completely unrelated.


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jmervyn said:
Sadly, I used the wrong word
Fixed that for you. :laugh:

I want today to be the equinox because in Japan we get the solstices and equinoxes off as national holidays . . . when they fall on a weekday. Dammit. :embarassed: