Haplo's Auroradin (Auradin/zealot) Guide.


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Haplo's Auroradin (Auradin/zealot) Guide.

Hello D2N, I'm Haplo, and I've finally, after reading tons of crappy guides telling you how to build crappy auradins (who I murder by the dozen every day on bnet), and after many builds to see what works and what doesn't, decided to write up a guide on this. My auradin (SF-Haplo USEAST SCL) can kill almost all other auradins, most zealots, smiters (but only if they suck, pretty much as well as any other melee char can do vs them), a good number of barbs, all sorcs (I can even fully nullify a blizz sorc), all assassins and all amazons (no contest), most druids (I own melee druids, and windies I can kill most of them, except for a small few who are really good, and then it's all down to skill and whoever misclicks first), and also is near invincible in pvm.

Here, I'll start describing the build and items, and then later on I'll go into strategies. People always whine and cry complaining that auradins take no skill, however your use of this char will single handedly determine what you can kill and what you cannot.

-The Build-
Zeal: 20
Holy Shield: 20
Conviction: 20
Resist Lightning: 20
Resist Cold: 1
Defiance: All your extra points go here.

Notes: This setup makes you a decent zealot. You'll have decent AR and good defense. I have tried blessed aim for the 5%/lvl passive bonus, but that just adds to zeal's AR%, and the returns you get from that are crappy compared to what you can get from defiance. (about 50% more def from defiance, but only about 20% more AR from the same lvl of blessed aim).

Strength: 95
Dexterity: 100
Vitality: All extra pts go here.
Energy: 0

Notes: this setup will assure that you are not str bugged, which will garuntee you to lose some very expensive items eventually. Auradins are not allowed in most tournaments and private duels, so you'll be fighting pubbers, who are looking to screw you over at every opportunity. A few hp is not worth losing half your items over. Just don't do it.

Items pretty much make this build. Here, the better quality the items you can get, the better off you will be. The better your items and the higher your lvl, you will continuously improve.

Helm: Dream Bone Visage. (io jah pul)
No buts about it. 15% superior bone visage is best, and 20 res is also best.

Shield: Dream Paladin Shield. (io jah pul)
The better def and res you can get, the better off you will be. Mine is an arakan targe and I still get almost 400 def out of it, but it's got 44 base res, meaning I could get 64 res out of my shield alone, if I rerolled it enough.

Armor: Archon Chains of Honor/Guardian Angel/Shaft Stop.
I keep all three around, using CoH as my main. With those three armors, you can handle just about any situation. An eth shaft is preferable.

Belt: Thundergod's Vigor/Verdungo's Hearty Coil.
I use Tgod's most of the time for the max resists and str. Typically I use dungo's with the shaft for situations in which I need max DR.

Gloves: Magnus's Skin.
These set gloves come from the orphan set, and give you 20% ias and 100 AR. Both of these stats are absolutely necessary. Also, it gives you 15 more fire res, which isn't necessary, but doesn't hurt. Without the 20% ias, you won't be able to hit the 4fpa break with zeal.

Boots: Infernostrides.
Upgraded. These boots offer 30% run/walk, high defense (mine have 155), upped max fire res and extra fire res piled on top of that. These help a lot when fighting fire sorcs (and more in combination with guardian angel). You can also use hotspurs if you don't mind running like a slug, but even fully upped they don't even have half the defense of upped infernos.

Rings: 2x raven frosts.
The better you can get, the better off you will be. These help AR tremendously, and without them you'll die very quickly to orb and blizz.

Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope/Highlord's Wrath.
I keep both around. Highlord's has ias and lit resist, which is necessary when using grief. Mara's is nice since it stacks your resists even higher than they will be normally.

Weapon: There are three choices for this. Two of these are useful in different situations, the third is just kind of a backup if you can't get either of the main two.

Grief Phase Blade: Needs to have at least 35% ias. You must use highlord's with this sword in order to get 4fpa zeal. Grief is very versatile since it does high physical dmg even without fanatasicm. This means you can cut right through cyclone armor and own all druids, and it also means you can smite. Although you'll be absolutely horrible at smite, you will be capable in the event that always hitting means winning. I use holy freeze with smite in order to slow my opponant, and mainly it helps vs concen barbs and sometimes smite works better vs WW than does zeal. Also, when someone stacks res vs you, grief can pull enough damage to kill them anyway. You'll never kill a stacking smiter without grief.

Rare Phase Blade- Fool's mod and 40% base ias: Swords like this are a real pain to find. I gamble crystal swords constantly and still the closest I have come is one with 30% ias. If you ever get one, socket it with a 15% ias/100 AR jewel. That way you can use it with mara's, have insane AR, more skills, more res, and be better overall in general situations.

Breath of the Dying Phase Blade: This has several advantages, but is not really comparable to the swords above. With 60% ias, you can easily use mara's with it. It gives you tons of stats so you have more life, AR, mana, and def. It also has super high dual leech, which is nice in pvm. It does somewhat decent physical damage, but nothing compared to grief. One last note, phase blades can't drop etherial, so don't even bother looking.

Other Stuff: Charms. You'll want the best anni you can get your hands on. Besides that, I suggest 3x 125+ AR/6dex grand charms, and the rest of your inven should be res/life charms. Besides that, you may want to keep a demon limb around to enchant yourself should it become absolutely necessary.

That's about it for equipment.

This section is as/more important than any of the others. This build is really dependent on everything being perfect in order to work together. There's a lot less room for error here than for any other build, and minor screw-ups can kill you. Generally casters won't be able to kill you, so it's melee dueling that you have to be careful with.

Vs. Sorcs: Generally, vs sorcs you just charge them, and if they ever stand still long enough, zeal. Zeal is your big damage, so try to pull one out at all costs. You'll be able to tank fireballs pretty well, and even better with guardian angel, so as long as you don't take a crapload of hits, you'll win. Lit sorcs, including infinity sorcs, won't hurt you, period. Unless you're just sitting there, and even then you might still win, you should have almost no chance of losing. Vs orb it's much harder. Generally you just need to get name lock and charge them dead. Vs any cold sorcs, but necessary vs blizz sorcs, you should turn on that 1 pt of res cold, which will boost you quite a bit. Go for a resist heavy gear setup, meaning mara's and coh is necessary. Also, drink a few thawing potions from akara to boost your cold res by 50 and max res by 10. If you have it, use snowclash, but it isn't necessary. With that setup, even the best blizz sorcs will do no damage to you.

Vs Necros: If it's a poison necro, just laugh and kill them. Lower res shouldn't even touch your resists. If you feel the need, you can even drink some antidote pots to boost your res. Vs Bone necs, you'll need as much life as possible. I used to be able to kill them no contest, now I get owned a lot. I'm not too sure why, but it's probably just because I don't have good charms for hp. Generally necros won't die so easily to charge, so you'll need to zeal. The hard part is zealing without their gumby owning you completely. If you get gumbied by marrow buggers (which means every necro in existence) then don't zeal, just charge. Charge won't be affected much by gumby, but if you try to zeal you'll be locked in zeal forever and have a 75% chance of dying.

Vs Druids: Vs melee druids, just zeal and you win. Putting on DR may be necessary, however because of their pitifully low defense, you'll thwack their life down to dead in zero time. Also, your aura has a nice way of killing off their spirits, keeping them from having stupid high life. Vs windies, if they use wolves, just wait for your aura to kill them off, then charge the windy. You can take a few nados before getting owned, and DR gear will give you more room for error. Grief is not necessary, but if you don't use it, your life will be much, much harder. Also, a lot of bad manner players will recast their shield, and you won't win without grief if they do. If they use a bear, wait for a moment between teleports when their bear wanders off. That's when you can charge around it and zeal them. If you want, you can also kill the bear, but that's tricky to pull off. If you do kill the bear, it makes killing the druid much easier however. Fire druids shouldn't do enough damage to you to matter, so killing them is the easiest.

Vs Assassins: Vs trappers, you win. End of story. Unless you're using the completely wrong gear, they should have no chance. Vs WWsins, it's a lot like vs druids. They have horrible defense, so you just shift+zeal and they die. If they WW away, you can do one of two things. The first is to wait for them to get tired of being owned by your aura and to come back to WW over you. Just shift+zeal. They die. The other is to run around and try to get close enough for a zeal. This is risky, and you should NEVER run in a duel, since it causes you to have a 100% chance of getting hit. Movement in any form will also kill your blocking, so this is generally not a good idea. You can also suppliment a bit with charge, but generally they'll play on your mistakes, which is not really effective either way, but they have a better chance than if you shift+zeal them. Vs kickers, they can actually do damage to you, but you do a whole lot more damage to them. Not much contest there.

Vs Barbs: Most barbs will be WW. All you can do vs that is shift+zeal and hope you hit more than they do. If they stack res, or if zeal doesn't work, max out your DR and try smiting. It works sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes you just can't win vs a barb without outside help. Vs conc, sometimes you can win with zeal if you can insane-ize your AR enough. Generally you should just smite them. Since conc is uninterruptible, they won't get knocked back by smite, so you can pound them with massive numbers of hits, while slowing them with holy freeze. Vs singers, your high block will keep them from doing much damage. Zeal does a great job of killing them off. Also, although unnecessary, you can throw on DR and then they do really minimal damage to you. Vs Grief+doom barbs, you'll just have to zeal and pray.

Vs Other Paladins: This can be complicated. Vs zealots, you can zeal and win, and sometimes you'll lose. I do decently in zeal duels. Vs hammerdins, it's a pain in the ***. You have to charge them on their left side in order to avoid the hammers, then very carefully and quickly switch to zeal and put out as many hits as possible before they tele off. It's best to keep moving, as most hammerdins AA, and a lot of the time it won't work. If you misclick, you'll die. Pretty much nothing you can do except to not screw up. Vs smiters, you have no chance if they charge you constantly. Basically, you need to charge away and make them run. When they run, you will hit them every time with charge. It can take anything between one and five hits to kill a dumb smiter, depending on how stacked their resists are. Here, you also have no room for error. Damage reduction can help you live longer. Vs fohers, sometimes you can charge and zeal them dead very quickly. If they're killing you, switch to resist lightning and use grief. Vs V/Ts and Libby's, you're pretty much screwed. Smite is imbalance with grief, that's all there is to it. vs V/Ts, you basically put on resist lit and fight them like a smiter. You may or may not win. Vs Libby's, you lose. End of story. It's imbalance in the game and there's nothing you can do about it. Really imo hammers should be taken out of pvp, but add grief smite onto that and it's the worst bad manner crap that is possible.

Vs Amazons: Vs CS zons, generally they will heal you. It's funny when some newb pubber uses CS hack and still gets owned. Vs bowazons, charge around the guideds, close the distance and zeal. If they shoot really really fast, or do tons of damage, switch to DR gear. I have never lost to a bowazon while using DR gear in a 1v1. One thing to note, NEVER run. If you run, not only is your blocking reduced to 1/3rd of normal, but your defense and lvl no longer count in the to-hit formula, meaning you have a good chance of becoming a pin cushion. Zons are hardly a problem most of the time.

One last thing before I end this guide, if someone is being bad manner, and there's a trapper in the game who is not, party with them. You+trapper = win. There are very very few chars capable of stopping a good trapper partied with a good auradin. Even big teams get owned by that match, or whole games. I have indeed owned entire games that way.


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looks just about the same as the other auradin builds. your going to have the same problems as they all do, good melee pally or barb with resistnaces/absorb will win as will windys with cyclone armor. even with grief they will be better at melee and as for the windy rock pure zeal pallys so i wouldnt expect zeal to help kill them.


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You're wrong there. I win vs almost all windies. Zealots can't kill their spirit, and can be swamped by wolves. The aura kills both, and the melee dmg of zeal smashes them, completely ignoring cyclone armor. I can also kill more chars than can a "run around like an idiot" auradin. On top of that, I can also kill all of those auradins myself, as they're useless for melee combat.


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I have to believe that you have not dueled many good windys, because a good windy will not lose to a auradin or a zealer, and as far a auradin vs auradin it usually boils down to who has the higher lvl conviction.


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Good effort with the guide :D However if you plan to do a bit of smiting wouldn't a Dream in an elite pally shield be slightly better with their higher smite dmg/def? Maybe one in 45res all Sacred Targe which has highest %block as well? Hehe like you i did consider once gambling for crystal sword but i had found rare ethereal crystal/dimenional blades but so far none good enough to be worthy of upping to an ethereal rare pb :p Also for gloves slot what about lavagouts or 20ias/10cb/stats crafts?