hammerdins in uber izual


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hammerdins in uber izual

Can hammerdins be used to clear the minions in uber izual? Not killing izual but just to get rid of the lancers and the knights


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Don't get tricked by those venom lords there.
Although they are immune to magic, but blessed hammer ignore the immunity on demon and undead.


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Suiling why are you asking me? I have one paladin and he is a zealer/smiter. I think so, but I don't know.
Edit: thanks EA, glad you have a clue. Wailing beasts?


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But those matter little. Hammerdins have nutty +skill and their 1 point smite can easily reach double digit levels and with conc, deal huge damage with smite.


Yeah i had a problem with this too, im guessing his magic resist is high, that or he just regenerates too fast.


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My hammerdin now has a spare Uber set-up (Dracs, Guillames, Goblin Toes, Wizspike) and is able to clear any minions with slightly reduced power Hammers (drops down to about 8k damage and 45% FCR breakpoint) and a good Crushing Blow Smite for the Ubers themselves.