Hammerdin Weapons on Switch


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Hammerdin Weapons on Switch

I was thinking to get CTA on Switch with a +skills shield, but the best would be Spirit Monarch Shield. My problem is that it requires 156 Str and I don't want to invest that much into Str.

What are your options for weapons on switch?


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Why a Monarch when u can make a spirit runeword in a pally shield (sacred targe?) which need far less str, a lot more block and could spawn with resist auto mod?
you should get enough strengyh bonus from standard pally gear to equip about anything. i put roughly 90 hard points into my pally. but with enigma, war travs, maras, hoz and an anni, i'm around 220. i could have gotten away with less if i'd had an anni when i started the build
Well, why would u bother spending all this time getting a spirit...a lidless will work just fine....u wont lose that much life from bo...just an easy way out...


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as batuchka said, a pali shield can have resists, and more block, yet any and all pali shields can can 4 sockets. The runes are cheap so y not. Spirit monarchs are best left for sorcs/druids/necro's, etc.


And don't forget to bash Baal with your CTA for the PMH effect, then switch to BH. It makes the kill much faster.

I Battle cry him first too to make it easier to hit.