Hammerdin vs Windy Druid Damage


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Hammerdin vs Windy Druid Damage


I'm trying to decide between building two different chars for pvm only. My choices are between a windy druid and a hammeridin. I would prefer the hammeridin as he druid will have major resist issues in hell and the hammeridin will not based no the eq i will use on each. However, by my calculations the druid will out damage the hammeridin 2:1 in terms of tornado vs hammer dmg, am I doing something wrong? I havent played since 1.09 so hammeridins might have been nerfed or something? See below for eq/skill setup for each:

20 Vigor
20 BH
20 Conc
20 Blessed Aim

20 Cyclone
20 Tornado
20 Hurricane
20 Twister
rest Oak Sage

Enigma (both)
Hoto (both
Maras (Pally), +3 ele (druid)
Shako (both)
HoZ (pally), Spirit (druid)
Glooms Trap (both)
Magefists (both)
Sojs (both)

I calculated the druid will have around 4k tornado and hammeridin only 2k hammers.. I think I'm doing some wrong but not sure, I realize this is the pally forum so there will be some bias but try your best to be unbiased :p Thanks in advance for your responses.



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I think both of those calculations are low, been a while since I have made a windy but I thought I was doing like 7k nado I could be wrong, but my hammer pally now is doing 14k. However my druid had 9x elemental gcs, and my pally now has 5xP comb, but with what you listed hammer dmg will be alot more than 2k for sure. Arachnids mesh would be a better choice of a belt than glooms trap also.


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Yeah ur calculations are way off I do have better equip than what you are planning are using but without and skillers on either my hammerdin is doing 13k dam and my druid is doing roughly 6.5k nado. They are both godly and can walk through hell with no problems. I def agree with arutha on the arachs for either of the chars. I would definitly have to suggest using a 25+ maras on your druid, you wont lose much damage and will greatly help out with resists. O yeah a decent anni and torch will help top off both chars. I have also come to notice that you can mf with both chars rather easily by dropping the magefists which you wont miss to much and getting some up'd chancies and war travs are a staple now-a-days on both builds as i have seem to noticed.


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I would also look into getting a different helm for you druid why dont you go look for a +3 hurricane, +3 nado white druid helm use the socket quest on it for 3 quick sockets and put in delirium. which will give you a total of +5 to 2 of you key skills


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Skill damage shouldn't really ever be "calculated" unless absolutely necessary. Just make things easy on yourself and google a "skill planner". There are plenty of them out there, but I usually use the German one; it gets the job done and is fairly idiot-proof.


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I have used a fire druid and it sucked :)

Well for pvm hammerdins are the best without doubt (not mf business though). Their damage cant be resisted and they are quite tough as well for a caster (my sorc comes to my mind lol). Windy druid can also be cool since it delivers physic damage with tornado but when I was playing, I could see druids by me and I was obviously superior to them. (at least the ones I saw, so there should be some with good gear too)


Lol hammers have not been nerfed, in fact they have been wayy overpowered.

Btw, are u using the conc aura with ur hammers? Im assuming no because all u can get is 2k hammers, which even a lowly poor one can get up wards of 10k quite easily. Max damage can be in the 17k (which cant be resisted)

So there is no comparison between a windy and hammerdin in terms of pure power. A windy will have 3.5k damage tornado (50% physical res in hell) while a hdin will have 16k in hell. Im no math wiz, but i think 16k>3.5k


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Thanks for all your replies.
The answer about what skills I'm using on my hammeridin or druid is none, I have yet to make either character, but based on this discussion I will make a hammeridin as the 50% hell physical resist and low resists of the druid won't make MFing/rushing very fun.. thanks for all the input