Hammerdin/Smite for Ubers?


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Hammerdin/Smite for Ubers?

What would be the perfect setup (if at all possible) for a half hammerdin/smiter build to solo ubers?

I was thinking max hammers (for key collecting) and synergies.. 1 pt in smite (leading to pumping points in holy shield), and 1 point in salvation (For uber meph).

as for gear.
guillones helm
grief phase blade

and on switch

what would u change and why?

ps. can mercs survive ubers? (my merc will be outfitted with insight, andy's and eth fort (3k defense).

thank you.


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iv heard, that hammerdins dont stand a chance... id go with the more smiter... plus with smiter gear. U need to have crushing blow, and lots of life leech or else u gone...


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I'm working on a hammerdin at the moment as a mfer, but mainly to make key runs. They seem to have the best combination of speed and damage to take down Nith without dying too much.

However, for Uber runs, you'll want a 1pt smiter/zealot as described in the sticky. I've made one recently and it seems to be pretty workable and doesn't require outrageously godly gear. Two pallys, then, for the two tasks.


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i tried that setup, as fahartle mentions it is better to use the 1pt smiter/zealot. however, to collect the organs i use my lite sorc to kill the minions, and use my smiter to take down the bosses.


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have to agree with fahartle and rata nothing beats a smiter/zealer to take out ubers and go with the regular smiter setup ^^

ideas for equip :
- as armor might want to try fortitude instead of enigma, you'll need the res and the extra dmg on it adds another punch to already fastkilling smite
- as a shield either go with upgraded zaka or just an allres shield since you'll sure need it