Hammerdin noob question II


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Hammerdin noob question II

posted here a few days ago, and decided to make a hammerdin.
I mentioned i had the full griswold set, are ive tried that (he is now lvl 70)

The set gives a nice boost to life/resist, and also it look kinda cool, since not many have this set in HC.
However, there is no fast cast in the set, but will it be fast enough if i use 2 fast cast rings and one amu (havent tried yet) or am i better off with only using helm and armor for the + skills and use wiz or similar as a weapon?

Also, IF i should use the whole set, what would you socket in weapon and shield? (toooooo bad there is no faster cast in jewels, runes)

Im gonna trust my merc to control the monsters, he has holy freeze and will use the reapers toll. That should slow them down enough.

He has now around 1400 hp, and will have 1500 before he enters hell. hopefully this is enough.

any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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its not fast enough :(.
your goal is to reach 75% faster cast, i like speed, so mine is at 130% (5% above breakpoint).
you dont NEED faster cast, but its very good to have.
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Not very hard to make a hammerdin. Here's a guide for you:

BH, Conc, Vigor, Blessed Aim.

Use Conc with Blessed hammer on left attack. Attack by holding shift and clicking on the ground with left click. Do it near enemies.

Get lots of +skills or +combat skills. Get high resists and fast cast. Your fast cast breakpoints are 30, 48, 75, 125. That means there is no difference between 48% fast cast and 74% fast cast, but if you get 75%, you are one frame faster.

Put the remainder of your skill points in holy shield. Get max blocking by casting holy shield with the shield you plan to use and put points in dex until your blocking hits 75%. Do this every level. There is no set amount to aim for, as it depends entirely upon gear (mostly shield), holy shield level, and char level.

Put the rest of your points (after having enough in str for armor) into vitality. None into energy.

If you're pvp use Meditation, if you're pvm use redemption (or both). Put one point in Salvation. +skills will raise all of those to good levels for all-around use.

With good +skills (+10 all and higher) you'll be in the 8k range, if I remember correctly.


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Thats pretty much what i have done.

I will try both 30% and 75% faster before i decide what to wear.