Hammerdin Merc


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Hammerdin Merc

Okay so i've been looking around on the runewords and i've figured this for my merc.

Act3 Cold Merc

Helm: VampireGaze
Plate: Smoke
Shield: Sanctuary
Sword: Spirit

Does that sound cool? if not can someone tell me what I SHOULD be using? also tell me what an act2 merc should be using. Thx


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Re: Hammerdin Merc

I never use a merc on a hammerdin, he only destracts monsters from your hammerfield.
I only had a merc for him for a short while. It was act3 cold and gear was:
-Kira's helm
-Spirit shield
-Eth guardian angel
-Forgot name of sword runeword, but it had sanctuary aura.
He had 90 all res, and you can socket helm+armor for 16%dr
He never really died but he just stood in my way really, so I fired him:)

Vae Victus

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Re: Hammerdin Merc

If you plan on using Enigma armor for teleport and don't have much mana, an Insight polearm can never go wrong (Act 2 Defiance).


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Re: Hammerdin Merc

I use an Insight Prayer merc. Some people say that the minor healing has little effect but I find it to be quite a lifesaver. I certainly use less health pots.

Of course if you have something like Enigma which gives life per kill, you won't need Prayer. I still think prayer or Defiance works best in all Act2 Mercs since the faster your enemies rush at you, the faster they get killed. So no holy freeze there if you have high enough hammer damage (like 10k hammers with 125 FCR...killing machine as long as you can hold your ground).