Hammerdin merc gear


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Hammerdin merc gear

My hammerdin is lvl88 and I'm trying to run Baal. The problem is my merc gets eaten by /p8 Lister. I've tried the throne trick but he just dies too fast.

My gear:
Hoz 'Um'
Arachnid Mesh
War Travs
Soj and Raven
3 combat skillers

The problem is not killing speed it's rather getting my merc dead before I can kill everything else. So how can I make my merc last longer?

Gear I've tried:

but he can't last 5 seconds against lister. Do you think I shoul lower the /p settings til i level up a bit more? Also please make some gear recommendations. I play 1.11 HC non RRM/RWM. And I don't have access to HoTo/CoH/CtA.


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Now you don't mention it, have an enigma ;)

But seriously, that won't help your merc the least bit I'm afraid. I think you just need to level up a bit. Run Baal on P1-3-5-x, progressing as your level increases, or level in P8 pit runs. My hammerdin wasn't happy with baal until the mercling reached L94, but then again, I'm a notoriously lousy player, I just smash things with little thought :p

Oh, and I run Baal at P5, and the merc is wearing GA/Reapers/Kira's.

Oh2, and Corrupted has a good point, as usual... :p


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Corrupted said:
Stand on the stairs at Baal then he'll only tank one or two at a time.
IIRC that worked on lower player settings but not on /p8. I think I need to drop it for the last wave then. That should do the trick. :)

Edit: Oh btw, do the pits really give good exp?


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I reached level 96 from p7 runs there. I couldn't stand going versus various archerpacks down there without my CtA though :badteeth:


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You're such a wuss Corrupted, really. Just give your merc a kelpie and teleport straight into those archers, preferably on top of the aura'd boss, take him out first. It looks dangerous, but playing really agressive is actually quite safe. You'll kill the boss and a large portion of the pack, disperse the rest. CTA :p


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Doh... Damn, I'm turning into something 1337, someone please drive me a silver BOTD poleaxe through the heart :x


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/p3 for lister fixed it! thx alot!

edit: btw should I just run minions to some level or should I always also kill Baal?


Have you tried Life Tap charges? Or possibly helping your merc with an occasional Smite (I don't know if Lister's pack can be stunned)? Or Gaze/Shaft/Reapers as that seems to give the highest PDR and leech?


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As Corrupted said, standing beside Baal is the go. A trick I used to employ was to smite the first minion of destruction that would come up the stairs, it has a very short stun duration, but most of the time long enough to allow your merc to get decrip or slow going.

As for what level to Kill baal at - it really makes no difference.... when you get to a level where killing Baal meaningfully contributes to your total exp per run, you're still not half way to 99 (in terms of the total time it'll take to get there)


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change with a hight defence armor stone gloom made in a bugzored eth elite piece.
i think that lister pack doesn't have ITD anymore.
my wolfbarb merc is able to tank them very well. he need help whenextra stong fnatic lister spawn, rest is a piece of cake