Hammerdin in Distress


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Hammerdin in Distress

Hey guys!

I started a pure pvm hammerdin not too long ago, and now, at lvl 74, it is still having TONS of trouble with hell pits, even in solo games. Sure I own everything with a few hits, but everything in the pits seem to own me in a few as well. Those stupid devilkins do like a ridiculous 200 damage to me, and those archers do even more. I am only saved by my 950 life and 75% block, but I still die far too often to get some real mfing going.

My stats are after all equipment:

131 str
126 dex
231 vit
30 ene

This leaves me with about 950 life and plenty of mana

My equipment is:

Worthless +life helm (Waiting for shako)
Rare +2 Pally /w 19 mf
Random rare ring
Random magic mf boots
Tals belt
Various small mf charms

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I pretty much followed the guides, and I lay a hammerfield to slaughter the melee guys, but i hafta go point-blank for those archers who always run away, which makes my life bulb drop like crazy. Do I really need godly equipment like enigma, hoto, etc to be effective? I figured i was already pretty well off, having started 1.10 like, 2 weeks ago


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You can also make a hammer field and make them follow you into it.... also what merc are you using? Holy Freeze helps a lot down there... i would venture to say that your life is low also... maybe all you paladin needs is to lvl up a little, that would give him the desired life and the extra skill points could go into things like holy freeze, a single resist aura, or somthing else like that... and no, you don´t need the *godly* items to be effective, as a matter of fact a hammerdin is an excellent character even untwinked...

Btw if you feel that it is faster going towards the archers than making them come to your field, then just do it in an spiraling move, don´t go in a straight line because you will get hit a lot more...


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I don't have a Harly's Crest or an HoZ on my pally and he is doing fine in the pits. It could be the way you aim your hammers or how close you let the enemies get to you that's causing you difficulties. You also did not mention whether or not you have a holy freeze merc. That helps has well.


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I have maxed resists in hell, so that is not a problem for me, but I would've thought that 950 life would be plenty for a hammerdin.

And for the archers, at some point, I hafta stop and spam hammers, and I usually get hit (and sometimes die) then

You guys may be right though, I guess a month of playing a conc barb has led me to believe I can tank anything :), though i usually do the lay hammerfield and run away trick. I may get some vita charms, as shaftstop is out of the question as this is a mf hammerdin and I need skullders.

I do have a holy freeze merc....it's just that he's lvl 43 :lol:

I guess I will lvl him up and give him a gaze or something. Even with good equipment and a high lvl, though, I found that act 2 merc still die really easily. My conc barb has a might merc that is lvl 76, with shaft, gaze and bonehew with 2 amns, but I always find myself giving all of my potions and rejuvs to him. And in the later acts of hell, he stands no chance (he has pretty good resists too)


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In my experience, just get your holy freeze merc up to your level. It shouldn't take long if you do nm baal runs with your hammerdin. His holy freeze should keep him safe. And put that bonehew with amns on your merc. You won't find yourself giving him many potions unless hes battling unleechable enemies (ie skeletons). Once you can get his resists up to near 75 all, and have good life leech, hes not going to die, and will become the tank. If you can't get another amn-amn bonehew, see if you can get a reaper's toll. It doesn't matter if the damage is less than a bonehew, it has good life leech on it already and the decrepify cast on it slows enemies down even more combined with holy freeze. You'll rip through all the slow pokes with your hammers as your merc just leeches all his health back and keeps casting decrep.

my merc setup that has worked for me:
tal rasha helm
duriels shell
ethereal reaper's toll


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lately I find that the rouge from act normal is more better for me then the holy freeze merc. Since those dumb merc tank too offen and the result is death :)


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Just a quick note, while your waiting for Shako try replacing youre helm by the Lore runeword. It's plus one to all skills and has some nice ebnefits I think. The runes are ort sol or sol ort. Check the runeword section on arreats summit.


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I have found that enigma makes a hammerdin extremely much easier to play. Just teleport ontop of the archers and immediatly start throwing out hammers. I know it is very pricey, but it is well worth it if you can afford it.


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Put on your lvl 20 vigor, and walk to the archers. You mention that you keep getting pegged when you move towards them. When you run, your defense drops to 0 and your blocking is 1/3rd. If you use vigor and walk, you'll have full defense and full blocking - you shouldn't be getting hit. Switch to concentration just before you start pegging out the hammers.

But leveling up your holy freeze merc should do the trick even without the above (its more of an advanced technique).


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Thanks all for the responses. I will try all of this and get back to you guys in a coupla days. Hopefully I will have found a jah and a ber in pits by then :)


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Sim.The.GoSu said:
Just to correct, def doesn't drop to 0 anymore, it goes to 1/3 or 1/4 of it. It's been tested many times.

but still.. runing drops ur defence drasticly when u run. i have proved this. but anyways. my hammerdin ownz the pits. ( in full games ) i have around 1700 life with 10k hammers and sometimes i can get hurt kinda.. when amp damage is cased on me with fanta archers around. those hurt ;x. my merc is a holy freeze merc using reapers. upgraded umed shaft. 20%dr gaze. reapers + holy freeze = good :)

but yeah shako should help a lot. added mf and the 10%dr is always a bonus. not to mention the added life/mana 2 skills etc. :)