Hammerdin as MF'er advice?


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Hammerdin as MF'er advice?

Ok, so slap with me with a wet noodle if I completely missed this in a search, but I'm wondering what some of you use for a MF setup on your 'din? I'm looking to break 200mf. Is going to this level of MF going to severely hinder your ability to live?

Also, are there any 85 level areas you wouldn't run with a hammerdin due to cramped quarters like maggot lair level 3?

Thanks for the advice.


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off the top of my head good mf gear that wont hinder you that much or even help you would be


ptopaz shako

gull dagger and ryme shield on switch to get last hit on boss

war travs

gold wrap, but i think stickin with arach would be better unless ur sure u can kill meph using gwrap

2 pnagel rings

thats all i can think of right now.. and for the total mf depending on your lvl

if you were lvl 85 youd have around 350-400 mf


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There are a lot of different setups for a hammerdin when MFing depending on whether or not you want higher damage or higher mf.

The only really necessary gear for your hammerdin w/ MF is Shako (Topaz or Ist), Enigma and War travs as those are typical gear on all hammerdins.

You can also use Nagels, Goldwrap and Chancies for more MF or Sojs, Arachnids and Magefists for more FCR/Damage.


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Let's say you are level 85 and you don't have any wealth issues

15x 7% mf small charms = 105%
1x pTopaz Shako = 74%
1x War Traveler = avg. 40%
2x perfect Nagelring = 60%
1x Enigma Archon Plate = 85%
1x Ist socketed HOZ = 25%
1x Gheed's (perf) = 40%

Grand Total of 429% mf

And from this gear with the usual setup (i.e. Arach, HOTO, Magefist, CTA/Spirit switch, mara, etc.) the killing speed and survivability wouldnt suffer too much.

It'll be able to run any area you'd like except of course cramped areas.

Edit : I'm pretty much repeating here i see.... sorry about that.


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Hammerdins can get some good MF on them and be pretty speedy at it, I use that as my main MF character just because of the speed in killing.

Here is what I have on my lev88:

2x Nagels (29/30)
Perf Gheeds
3x7% MFSC
2x6% MFSC
Shako w/ PTopaz
46% WarTrav
23% MF Rare Ammy (w/ other mods)
Rhyme Shield on switch
Ali Baba with 2x10% MF jewels on switch

456%mf total, about the ballpark as the other guy.

It's about the same as everyone else, just a few differences in shields and weapon switch is all I really see between everyone. You shouldn't have many problems with your din, I routinely run Andy-Meph-Shenk-Eldritch-Thresh-Baal without nary a problem.

If you do Baal, you mite want to have at least one 20%+ lightening res charm on you, them souls can be a bit nasty if your low on res when you first enter the room.

When you kill all the minions in the Throne Room, you could slap on a pair of high chancies and an up'ed goldwrap for up to 70% more mf, I do that myself right before I go to slap up Baal. I like to have an Arachs and Magefists on otherwise for the FCR as the other guy stated.

I am actually looking at taking 4 Ist runes and tossing them in a Monarch on weapon and tossing 2 Ist's into a Baba on switch instead.


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just isted a baba i few minutes ago, now i need to find 4 more for the monarch. if i was really rich, i'd Ist a crystal sword, but... I'm not :p


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lol i got about 215 mf, thats with umed shako, nigma, 40 travs, 26 gheeds and a 10fcr/13mf ring.... gotta get me some sc's or maybe something for more mf..
do u think i should switch magefists for chancies, and sojs for nagels when mfing??


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lol i got about 215 mf, thats with umed shako, nigma, 40 travs, 26 gheeds and a 10fcr/13mf ring.... gotta get me some sc's or maybe something for more mf..
do u think i should switch magefists for chancies, and sojs for nagels when mfing??
Whatever you feel confortable with. Get better travs and a better gheeds too. A guy mentioned an Isted Ali Baba you might want to try that the only thing i wouldnt sacrifice though is FCR and also don't sacrifice your res too much (this is not such a problem with torch/anni). So all in all i'd go all out in mf sc's. Of course keep the Baba on switch. If you are dumb rich try putting 4Ist in a Monarch and put it on switch with the Baba. That being said 215 mf is not too bad either... in my opinion.



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Get a nigma, good mf boost on it and teleporting makes it easier. It is almost a must. When I first started MFing, I used to take a max block hammy and charge him through hell, took me longer and was hella lot harder than teleporting.

If you have a little bit of change on you, spend it on some halfway decent nagels first, it's a cheap way to get at least 25-30% more MF. then replace the gheed's for a better one (perf mf if you can, 35-36 if you can't). baba is a cheap way to get more mf on weapon switch also. You can probably pick up all three of these for around 2hr give or take. Then try to slap together a Rhyme (shael eth), dirt cheap way to get 25% more mf and 25% all res, put it on switch with the baba. Inexpensive way to get 44+(char lev)% mf than you already have. throw several 7%mf sc charms, and the price goes up to about 3-3.5hr, not bad.

replace the war travs last, they will cost you the most to only get you 10% more MF than the pair you already have, while the other items are easier to get and offer you more bang for your buck than the war travs will.

If you don't have an arachnid belt in your possession, then it is not that big of a deal to wear a goldwrap belt (up it if you can, more pot slots and better def). Otherwise keep the arachs on for the fcr, you mite lose a bit of MF, but you'll kill faster, which means getting more runs in xxx amount of time and that means more opportunities for coughing items up. same thing with the magefist.

Make sure you hit the countess up on your MF runs, people pay good change for bulk hel runes and spirit rune sets (tal thul ort amn).

If you have the runes, spend em, you'll get em back after enough mf runs. Go in the price check forums and ask for a pc on some of the items we all listed and see what you can afford.


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you can get 220mf+ just off of merc with
topazed stealskull
topazed Skullders
Tomb Reaver

Hammy goes
Rising Sun
T-gods belt
War travs
rare/crafted ring with res/mf/fcr
rare or crafted gloves with res/mf to cover any sub par res
isted ali baba
4 isted pally shield

you can still run 8 player chaos sanct in 3.5 min baal in bout 4-6 min and has great survivability because of maxed reses and absorbs at around 750mf on the switch with merc kill. hammers so powerful you wont have any hard time killing at this slower fcr. hammers will be bout 7K which is enough to do the job anywhere.


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Yah, good MF gear on a merc is a nice thing also, just make sure your merc get's the last swing in for it to count.

Niner- That is a good a valid point you made about merc mf though also, easy to forget that one :)

And the price for a perf pair of WarTravs is 'OUCH!'. I just saw one go for 10 hi on the west boards here. The inflation on prices of stuff on west is about as bad as the price of gas, and that is even considering that gas went down in price lol.


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ppl forget about it because if infinity and the meditation which is nice but not as neccesary as a 1 point into redemtion can work the same magic.