Hammerdin Aiming


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Hammerdin Aiming

I've heard a lot of praise for the Hammerdin. Easy to play, easy to kill stuff, easy to MF with.

I just restarted playing D2 with the new patch and its painful playing slowly with untwinked characters.

Anyways, I found the Herald of Zak shield and figured it was time for a pally. Now, my hammerdin is lvl 30 and can dish out 389-400 dmg. That is, if I can hit anything.

How do you Hammerdins even hit things?! The whole spiraling is crazy!! Sometimes, I empty out my whole mana ball without killing anything and other times, I use it once or twice and polish off a whole army. Should I shoot out one and and run around or get real close and hope the hammer hits the monster on the first revolution? Its even harder in places with close walls like the Maggot Layers cause the hammers dissappear when it hits a wall and its just a waste of mana.


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Yeah, its a good idea to keep moving. If you stand in one place and shoot, you're hammers will only keep cutting the same spiral path and you have to hope that a moving monster will cross that path at the same time a hammer passes. Moving around and setting "hammer fields" is an easy way to clear out large masses.

As for targeting, the hammers come out at the 10 o'clock position. As soon as you use it more, you'll see how you can take out monsters 1v1 without wasting hammers. Early on, the mana drain is very quick and you will be drinking lots of mana pots.


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Make sure to have at least 30% faster cast rate. Easy to get and having more hammers in the air at once helps nail more targets, especially when you or they are moving.

Until you get the hang of aiming you can get monsters to follow you and tap shift as you move away to fire off hammers in an overlapping pattern - this is especially good with any ranged attackers that flee as you approach - make them come toward you through your deadly hammer field.

Something else that I find useful is to skirt along the side of a large group firing hammers as I go. As they turn to follow they tend to gather on the flank I pass and stay in the path of hammers a bit longer - this is better for slower moving critters.

One note on positioning yourself - since Vigor is a synergistic skill for a Hammerdin, it can be handy to use it quickly to get where you need to be to take out specific targets like archers, Shamen, Unravelers, Oblivion Knights, and so on before switching back to Concentration and letting the hammers fly. It also helps in places like The Pit to quickly take a prime position to massacre anything moving up stairways toward you - stand in the right place and rarely can anything move up a stairway without getting slaughtered. Likewise, positioning can be very useful in indoor areas with a lot of doorways. If you stand in the right place at a doorway, you can fling your hammers through the opening to prevent anything from coming out alive. You can also toss hammers around posts that block your enemy's attacks. The arcing delivery of hammers will be your friend when you get used to it.

As you move into hell difficulty and become really strong, take care not to get over-confident and rush headlong into big packs with a boss - if the boss has mana burn, one hit can shut you down right there and make you chug a potion - especially if they are extra fast and/or fanatic and you get hit a lot. It's usually better to stop short and start casting and let the monster's move into their doom on their own.

As far as the mana situation - It may be a bit late to mention this for your character, but hold off maximizing Blessed Hammer for later levels to keep the mana cost down until you build up a larger mana pool/have +mana gear. Don't forget to drop a point into Redemption to fill up your life and mana balls in a flash after you wipe out a mass of beasties.

No doubt about it, the Maggot Lair is a pain for a Hammerdin. In the narrow parts, you're better off using Smite or Charge (both are prereqs for Holy Shield which you should be working toward putting points in anyway.) This is probably the only time you may want to put on some leech gear. You can also try to encourage your merc to earn his/her keep here.