Hamburger help (Moo moo, moo moo!)


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Hamburger help (Moo moo, moo moo!)

Just got my LF/cs to guardian, which means I can finally make quick hamburgers! But, it doesn't appear completely viable at pl7.

I used my Blizz sorc to run cows, and while she was pretty good at pl7, she was still a little bit slower than what my LF can do at pl 3-5, because she can't kill as many at a time.
However, my LF/cs damage doesn't seem to cut it all that well on pl5, so I'm pretty sure pl7 would take a lot more time, for what I would consider, not a lot more drops.

To those who enjoy making hamburgers, do you enjoy them Chilled (blizz,) or crisp (Fball[?]) or fried (LF);
and, what are the approximate times per run on pl x?

I've already worked out merc = dead in the cow level, and the valk can get in the way of herding them. :grin:
Also, is the added time from pl5 to pl7 worth the extra drops, considering the added time and danger in your opinion?

Dryst :thumbsup:

EDIT: Just remembered too. How do you 'mop up' the rest of the meat once the bulk of it has been mown down? :smiley: Cheers!


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I'm no expert by any means all things cow ... but from what I read and my brief experience cowing with my LF/CS zon culminated to these points:

- people herd cows using teleportation. I used Naj's Puzzler on switch to bunch up the cows and let LF do it's thing. It's almost crazy how LF becomes so much more powerful when you have a good critical mass of cows for it to work properly.

- I had some pretty good items at my disposal being softcore. I had Griffon's etc ... however, on p8 my merc and valk would occasionally get wasted so I let my merc use a Reaper's Toll and it worked quite well. A regular one ... not even ethereal.

- if you can ... get Fortitude on your merc and run a might one. If you have an ethereal Reaper's Toll then your merc should be putting up ~ 2.5k to 7k or more damage according to the LCS. Even more when the decrep hits. Crazy.

- personally, I got bored of Cow running and quit it and ... came back to Pindle running. Yeah, what the heck! I didn't get any high runes during the little time I did cow runs so there's nothing to really keep me connected to those runs. I'll try some more now after reading this thread.

Good luck.


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Morning. I just did a run in cows with Grim, ES-Lightning/Blizz Sorc. It took me 12 minutes to kill all the moo-moos in there on /p1. /p1 seems to be the setting for me, because if I raise it, my Merc is dead quite soon. And dead Merc does crap for mana regeneration when shooting 23 mana cost Lightnings and ~40 mana cost Blizzards/Chain Lightnings. Drinking mana potions and soloing would be one solution, but I still don't feel like raising the /p setting. My damage is just too low for it. Maybe after hitting the levels beyond 90. 87 atm.
Lightning: 4-6902
Blizzard: 950-1010
Chain Lightning: 4-3594 (rarely used to make hamburgers)

My strategy is this:
-Gather about two or three cow groups and form them into a line-like.
-Cast Blizzard to slow them down
-Cast 3 Lightnings through the whole burger mass
-Cast Blizzard again when the other's cast delay has worn off
-Spam Lightning
The cows should be dead before the last shards of 2nd Blizzard are gone.

Lightning/Blizzard isn't the way to go, I suppose, just too slow. But I enjoy doing cows and I get lot's of 4os Colossus Voulges from there. Maybe the eth one will drop one day. Or even 4os eCryptic.

Oh, the exam is starting soon... Better run, have fun.