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Hamburger help (Moo moo, moo moo!)

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Drystan, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Drystan

    Drystan IncGamers Member

    Jul 19, 2006
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    Hamburger help (Moo moo, moo moo!)

    Just got my LF/cs to guardian, which means I can finally make quick hamburgers! But, it doesn't appear completely viable at pl7.

    I used my Blizz sorc to run cows, and while she was pretty good at pl7, she was still a little bit slower than what my LF can do at pl 3-5, because she can't kill as many at a time.
    However, my LF/cs damage doesn't seem to cut it all that well on pl5, so I'm pretty sure pl7 would take a lot more time, for what I would consider, not a lot more drops.

    To those who enjoy making hamburgers, do you enjoy them Chilled (blizz,) or crisp (Fball[?]) or fried (LF);
    and, what are the approximate times per run on pl x?

    I've already worked out merc = dead in the cow level, and the valk can get in the way of herding them. :grin:
    Also, is the added time from pl5 to pl7 worth the extra drops, considering the added time and danger in your opinion?

    Dryst :thumbsup:

    EDIT: Just remembered too. How do you 'mop up' the rest of the meat once the bulk of it has been mown down? :smiley: Cheers!
  2. bill_n_opus

    bill_n_opus IncGamers Member

    Apr 10, 2004
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    I'm no expert by any means all things cow ... but from what I read and my brief experience cowing with my LF/CS zon culminated to these points:

    - people herd cows using teleportation. I used Naj's Puzzler on switch to bunch up the cows and let LF do it's thing. It's almost crazy how LF becomes so much more powerful when you have a good critical mass of cows for it to work properly.

    - I had some pretty good items at my disposal being softcore. I had Griffon's etc ... however, on p8 my merc and valk would occasionally get wasted so I let my merc use a Reaper's Toll and it worked quite well. A regular one ... not even ethereal.

    - if you can ... get Fortitude on your merc and run a might one. If you have an ethereal Reaper's Toll then your merc should be putting up ~ 2.5k to 7k or more damage according to the LCS. Even more when the decrep hits. Crazy.

    - personally, I got bored of Cow running and quit it and ... came back to Pindle running. Yeah, what the heck! I didn't get any high runes during the little time I did cow runs so there's nothing to really keep me connected to those runs. I'll try some more now after reading this thread.

    Good luck.
  3. Tupsi

    Tupsi IncGamers Member

    Apr 5, 2006
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    Morning. I just did a run in cows with Grim, ES-Lightning/Blizz Sorc. It took me 12 minutes to kill all the moo-moos in there on /p1. /p1 seems to be the setting for me, because if I raise it, my Merc is dead quite soon. And dead Merc does crap for mana regeneration when shooting 23 mana cost Lightnings and ~40 mana cost Blizzards/Chain Lightnings. Drinking mana potions and soloing would be one solution, but I still don't feel like raising the /p setting. My damage is just too low for it. Maybe after hitting the levels beyond 90. 87 atm.
    Lightning: 4-6902
    Blizzard: 950-1010
    Chain Lightning: 4-3594 (rarely used to make hamburgers)

    My strategy is this:
    -Gather about two or three cow groups and form them into a line-like.
    -Cast Blizzard to slow them down
    -Cast 3 Lightnings through the whole burger mass
    -Cast Blizzard again when the other's cast delay has worn off
    -Spam Lightning
    The cows should be dead before the last shards of 2nd Blizzard are gone.

    Lightning/Blizzard isn't the way to go, I suppose, just too slow. But I enjoy doing cows and I get lot's of 4os Colossus Voulges from there. Maybe the eth one will drop one day. Or even 4os eCryptic.

    Oh, the exam is starting soon... Better run, have fun.

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