HALP! Mavina Strafe/MA IAS breakpoint confusion


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hello all, I'm trying to figure out some gearing questions for my AT running Mavinazon. I'm reading a lot of conflicting information about where my IAS breakpoints are at with the Mav GMB, but it seems like the 90% IAS on the set should be enough to get me to the highest functional strafe breakpoint, which if I've understood everything I've read correctly is at 80% with this weapon. Can anyone verify this for me, or provide me with the correct information if I'm mistaken? Thank you!


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Can anyone verify this for me
I think you are right, except that it should be 89% for strafe, but that is irrelevant.

I don't think there's much of a difference between the highest and the second highest strafe breakpoint, just a single frame for a full strafe volley and probably almost unnoticable. The 80% one for regular attacks is worth reaching, however.