Halls of Vaught


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Halls of Vaught

I have natures peace for corpse explosin. But those damn vipers kill me when they spawn. Is there any gear I can wear to not die?
Current Gear:

War Trav
Venom Grips (i thought those would help with vipers) but normally mage fist
natures peace
Arachnid mesh or w/e its called.

I have pcombs and Resistance charms.

My merc dies a lot too but he has leet gear eth sacred armor fort (4k+ armor)
Eth Cryptic Axe Insight
Andys Visage

PLS HELP!!! I have the leet gear bots use, but i feel like i never see bots die against nilithak. But i do!?!?!?!? AHHHHHHHHH


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Re: Halls of Vaught

Sacred Targe Spirit is the way to go...and try to drink a rejuv pot or two.


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Re: Halls of Vaught

Spirit would be the optimum hammerdin shield (and no shield has been mentioned), but it's not particularly useful against viper clouds.

The deadly damage from viper cloud comes from additional *physical* damage from the cloud being dealt like poison damage, i.e. once per frame (=1/25 sec). Poison res doesn't help at that effect at all. You only suffer damage when moving within the cloud - usually (not absolutely always). Your hammerdin can teleport, so he doesn't have to walk, but your merc is too stupid to stand still, so you will have to protect him. That can be achieved with PDR (not %DR) gear, like Gladiator's Bane or armor with Sol runes etc.


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Re: Halls of Vaught

As soon as I see vipers there,i switch from run to walk, that seems to help some.


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Re: Halls of Vaught

only teleport, never walk, if there are too many vipers close to nihlatack, s&e, try again.
That's how I was able to do it with a ful tal's +spirit meteorb. So I didn't have the leet gear you have..

things that might also help:
+life charms. Swap soj for BK, although that won't make that much of a difference.

I don't see with nigma+hoto+mara's+spirit how you would need much more resist charms.


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Re: Halls of Vaught

NP has some PDR, make sure you're using an 11 PDR NP

If you still have trouble, try using a Gerkes Sanctuary Sol for your shield, or a 4Sol pally shield, thats probably the easiest switch you could make since you probably dont want to socket your Shako with Sol...


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Re: Halls of Vaught

I also suggest PDR. I'm using a sorc so I can tele away but my merc used to die all the time until I gave him tiara of live everlasting 25pdr socketed with 2sol for a total nice 39pdr. Now he dies occasionally if I'm amped and Nihla decides to blow everything up instantly ;)

I also remember playing with kicksin with 82PDR and I was immortal (coupled with weaken curse)