hallo ya all


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*punches BlackBerryJane in the throat, steals pants, hands over official copy of "history of Durf and the poing" and very own Tactical Assault Trout*

Congrats! You're now one of the OTF, welcome aboard!

edit: Just noticed your name shortens to BBJ...
Reminds me of the Boeing Business Jet. You're all right in my book! (I'm the resident Boeing pilot)


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Welcome! :)

"observing society issues"... hmm... you will really enjoy this place then. ;)

We do have issues here. :eek:


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thank you for the warm welcome from me and my brothers the martians that live in my head. i am sure that i will feel comfortable in your company. i hope that we will be able to find a common language
peace :clap:


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BlackBerryJane said:
duh! isn't it obvious that i don't take drugs?
*high fives*
Welcome to the happiest place on Earth. Or wait, was that the other place...


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nothing. we love drugs we are their friends. we try to make our lives easier by making them happy. our relationship is build on trust, loyalty and hypnosis.


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*looks at BBJ's IP addy*


Me thinks you are not quite the noob you profess to be.