Halcist's 1.10 OT Easy Bake Guide to Alter Ego Build


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Halcist's 1.10 OT Easy Bake Guide to Alter Ego Build

The purpose of this guide is to provide a clear and consice path to a complete transformation into your potential alter ego build.

I'll start with the basics:

Stat Point Allocation

Str - everything
Dex - nothing
Vit - nothing
Energy - whats this?

All I can really say here is strength. Brute strength brings out the best in an alter ego. My inter ego was weak. Granted he had some dex, his real attributes shown in his vitality, more specifically his Stamina (he could last forever). I looked up energy in a dictionary and saw a picture of a girl with a stick. That confused me so I decided to ignore it. Thats the basic stat layout for the build.


I'll now cover the skill selection and point placement of this rad build. I won't go into too much depth about why I selected each skill. I am a plethera of information so you should have no reason to not trust me judgement, ya?!

Skills Point Allocation

This alter egoist build must be very mobile. Unlike my counterpart who rarely moved from his arse anywhere, this build will not lurk around Atma's bar making boastful comments of how his berserker axe is more ethereal than everyone elses.

Leap - 15

This is a good number. It will get your movement range up to a nice distance. (and it was my swim team number! Go guppies!)
* You can use Gorefoot boots for a nice +2 to leap for even more swagger.

Stun - 12

Why wouldn't you want to invest in a skill that is sort of named after a westling move. And don't you want your build to be the #1 stunner?

Iron Skin - 20

This is an awesome skill. I have two problems with the name though. One, iron rusts. This leaves you vunerable to the elements. Two, being that you are hot sexy beast (thats what barbarian means in Leviathan, right?) I think it should be Steel Skin. You are hard like steel rock mister.

Wand mastery - 20

Attract is obviously the best skill in the game. You will really want to utilize all that you can from your wand. Try and find one with +3 to attact if you can.

All your remaining points should be put into grimward. Unlike your social inter ego, you don't have friends and will need as many little buddies as you can get. Try placing them in a pattern to spell out 'oie'. This is very effective tactics.



The third section of this guide will detail on what equipment to strive for. Remember, sex sells. Better sex sells better. You want to look hot. It will improve your trading skills too. Sorcies will see you and faint, then you can collect the goodies they drop.

Armor - SHAFTstop. Period. No substitutes.
- Tyreal's Might. You are thy mighty warrior.
Never forget that. The wind carries you.

Helm - Try and find a purple horned helm. You're the only char who can wear
them. And you will look bunnyish. Well purple bunny. If you can't
find the purple one, get Larzuk to make a hole in it, and put a chipped
purple in. They are very easy to find in the Hole (Act1, Black

Belt - Snake cord. Mainly to match the word SNAKE you have tattooed on
your abdominals. And food poisoning is no fun. On average, you
will drink 336 potions a day (maybe less if you can leech). You will
need the resists.

Boots - Gamble. % to cast frost nova on being struck. This is an absolute
must for your alternator ego. You can easily gambe from the
palace janitor in Act2. He lives in hut next to palace.

Gloves - Anything with the isotoner mod on it.

Rings/Ammy - This is where im going to leave it up to you. It is really
a personal preference. Some people like gold, some silver.
And some allergic to it. If thats the case, get a set ammy.
Those are just green.

Weapon - Milabrega's ROD. I cannot stress the impotence of this piece of
equipment. You need it. Badly.

In this last section, we shall discuss tactile approaches to using your skills.


This is a fairly simple build to play. Basically, you will want to utilize leap first. This skill will always start off your routine in great barb style. Take note of the grunt, right before release. After you have subdued enough demons to death, you will want to make use of the aforementioning of the grimward tactics. Stun everything in the radius you make with the wards. You will want the extra demons incoherent while you polish your milagreba's.
Follow these tactics are you are garunteed a successfulish alteristic ego build.


I suppose that sums it up. You should be able to take it from here captain. Happy trotting.

- YOUR alter ego - The always for job man - :wink2:


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Hell, why didn't I think of this? Hands down the best guide I've read in a long time; this is hard-core sticky material, and needs to be archived in the compendium asap.

gogo Halcist for president!




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You forgot Taunt.

1) It's obvious.
2) Taunting resembles the motion of humping, not to mention the noise. Feel free to do this over the corpses of any fallen enemy or your comrades should you have one.


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This is a very old thread that was an inside joke between Halcist and I, so don't take it seriously. People have really been dredging up some old stuff lately!

And no, Ash is not Halcist!



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Halciet said:
This is a very old thread that was an inside joke between Halcist and I, so don't take it seriously. People have really been dredging up some old stuff lately!

And no, Ash is not Halcist!

with "people" you mean me right hal? lol. yea that was me bringing back the old threads. i actually spent about half an hour to see what old threads still work. i remember my old forum name now- it was Whyuneedit!. so if u remember whyuneedit, thats me back then