Hail to You, Champions!


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Aloha, I'm a UK based dude been playing D2 since I picked up the battlechest (complete with totally obsolete strategy guide!) when I was a teen. 'I am overburdened' was a staple phrase when carrying too much shopping growing up too!

Anyway, fast forward to now - I got sucked back into D2 recently and then decided I need to play the game properly - usually I take a necromancer (go my skeletal minions GO ahahaha!) or assassin (no keys needed woo!) through Baal/LOD and then get bored because I either don't want to re-run Act 1 in nightmare because I don't have the correct gear and start to question my poor life decisions. I was looking up guides for builds and this website came up. I've lurked a little and thought I'd sign up at least.

My knowledge of the game and all its quirks and builds and secrets and strategies is non-existent outside of singleplayer normal mode. The internet didn't exist when I was a kid (well it did but we didn't really have it). I'm hoping to learn more about this game. I don't think I'll have a lot to contribute to start with but I hate lurking on forums without signing up so here I am!

If anyone has any questions or the like feel free to ask. :)


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Hi, and welcome.

Make sure to check out the SP forum a lot, and ask questions if you have any. You'll learn loads of stuff in a very short time. I know I did when I first joined here, and I wasn't exactly starting from scratch :).