Had a dream about beta testing Diablo3


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Had a dream about beta testing Diablo3

"You know you've been playing too much Diablo2 when..."

Yeah I know. Once you start having videogame dreams it's likely time to quit playing for a bit (not that I will but whatever).

Anyway I had a strange dream that I was betatesting Diablo3, that I got a job with Blizzard. It was a strange dream in the sence that I never remember my dreams and this was so incredibly vivid it was almost visionary. Im not making any claims or anything. It was just a dream and nothing more. It's just weird that it seemed so real let alone the fact that I actually remember it clearly.

Anyway, the things I saw in the game and the different aspects of the game (likely just my subconscious desires of what I'd like to see for D3):

•Character creation: you start off by choosing your character's sex, male or female obviously.
Then you choose a race instead of a class. Races included human, angels, hellspawn (turned to the side of good, like Hellboy or something), giants, dwarf, elf, gnome, centaur, undead, etc.
Depending on what race you choose you gain more or less skills upon levelling, more or less attribute points upon levelling, inherent abilities like night vision, uncanny aim, strength, etc.
After choosing your race you customize your character for appearance, height, weight, etc. with such a complex system that no two characters will be identical.
Then you pick a name and begin play.

•Game Customization: The game in my dream had many options including huge resolution options, GUI customization, character animations (set your character animation-set to suit your mood. Characters can be set to be animated as if to be sneaking around or bravely charging into battle, etc), and the customization I liked best was camera angle. You could view the game as classic diablo, from top down. You could view the game from third person looking over the shoulder of your hero. Or you could choose first person perspective. Cameras could be zoomed in or out, panned around, etc.

•Game Play: The look of the game was very dark and brooding, much more sinister like the original Diablo but darker still. There were no cutsie little demons like Fallen or human looking evil rogues. The demons were all nasty, horrible looking monsters from the recesses of Lovcraftian nightmares. The scenery was very macabre and gothic and the scope of the game was massive with huge maps, quests and subplots around every corner.
Earth was turning into hell as some dark cult of wizards worked together to unleash Hell upon earth. There are no more cities, only rubble and ruins. Groups of humans remain here and there as well as other races, where you can barter and trade goods, hire mercenaries (of which you could hire several, all with different purposes and skills), and so on.
The game was not very linear. You start in a set place depending on what race you are and can travel anywhere from there, accumulating quests and wealth. Eventually the main quest will be the same for everyone but certain races will get different quests. Online, other characters can help out each other with their quests but if it is not a race specific quest then they get nothing from it. Quest rewards were great, from the likes of unique items that cannot be found anywhere else in the game, massive xp, bonus skills, etc.

•Levelling: When characters level up they all get to choose from the same list of skills, with some races not having access to some skills. Some characters are better suited for different types of skills and will accell at such. EG: Giants are better melee fighters whereas elves are better at healing magics and ranged fighting. Giants would recieve penalties in spellcasting and would be very limited, but would gain great bonuses to melee fighting and smashing the crap out of things. Humans on the other hand recieve no such penalty or bonuses but gain extra attribute points per level.
On top of the skills characters choose from to specialize in, there are greater powers they can choose from, all requiring certain skills as prerequisites to attain. These powers can grow to be godly but can not be used often.

Anyway thats a jist of what my dream was and just thought it was kinda cool. Blizzard HAS to make D3. There's no ifs ands or buts about it.


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I have a game called Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader. By Sierra, very good game. Many of the features mentioned here are in it, ( Not saying you are stealing anything) and are pretty good. However, if Blizzard set out to utilize some of these things, I'm sure they would be even better than Lionhearts. Cool dream, mine are normally about rainbow-colored food chasing me and my pet squirrel through the ocean.


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I've had a dream that a real-life friend of mine decided to delete me from her fl and baal with a melee druid instead, beat that :laugh: