Gunbound related


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Gunbound related

hey, any of you guys play gunbound?
well just wondering if any of you guys know any tips on how NOT to lag out so often... my computer is good... my connection is cable.. its just... it seems like i lagg out a lot =/ and its annoying...

and no, im not running any programs...

anyone know the main reason? thanks!


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I play gunbound as well, I live in New Zealand(known to middle earth to the rest of the world) and Im on 56k however I never lag my connection is very stable, guess Im lucky, although I everyone else lags when I make the game.

Sorry cant help you with your problem,just wanted to say I play gunbound too its a really great game and its free, it runs well on low end systems like 400 mhz. My favourite is lovebot,which mobile do you use?


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I haven't had any problems like that, but some of my friends have. If they figure out a way to stop it, I will pass it along.

I play too.


I am the proprieter of a small guild. If you wanna play or join my guild, message me and we'll see how it all goes from there.


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Cake bots (J.D.) > All. IMHO. I've never lagged in gunbound and I doubt I ever will. EVen with me downloading 200 k/s off of something. The only advice I can give you in your case is that turn off anything you are d/l'ing or your modem is using that you dont need while playing gunbound. The less things tying up your connection, the less problems you should have. Also, try turning down your firewall to low setting. Sometimes a firewall can slow down your connection.