Guide to the Perfect Grail


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Guide to the Perfect Grail

I had started laying this out on another thread, but decided it deserved a thread of its own. I would appreciate review comments and thoughts. Please give me time to put the entire guide down as several posts before you begin to comment.

The Perfect Grail

You may never look at your unique and set items in quite the same way again. I know that I don’t, not after doing the research that led to the writing of this guide.


1.0 What is a perfect grail item?
2.0 Fun Facts
3.0 Abbreviations
4.0 Perfect Unique Rings, Amulets,
5.0 The Table: The Perfect Grail
6.0 The God Grail

1.0 What is a perfect grail item?

Have you ever pulled two Nagelrings out of an ATMA stash and put them on a character to increase their Magic Find? And then run your cursor over the rings and noticed they have different Magic Finds (MFs)? Hey, what’s up with that?

Well here are the four Nagelring modifiers:
Magic Damage Reduced By 3
+50-75 To Attack Rating (varies)
Attacker Takes Damage of 3
15-30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Item (varies)

So, first of all, note that some Nagelrings only have a 15% MF; while others have 30%. Nagelrings can come with 16 different values of MF. And there’s a HUGE difference between a character with two 30% Nagelrings, and another with two 15% Nagelrings.

But, there’s also a 2nd modifier that varies, one that probably doesn’t catch your attention as often. The attack rating (AR) modifier can be a value between +50 and +75. Quick, go check your stashes and see if you have any Nagelrings with a MF of 30% and an AR of +75. What? You don’t! Not too surprising, though. Because there are 16 possible values for MF and 51 possible values for the AR modifier there are 16 x 51, or 816 different variations of a Nagelring. And only one of those variations, an MF =30%, AR=75, is “perfect.†If all the variations are equally as probable (which in this case they probably are), the odds of your Nagelring being perfect are 1 in 816.

If you have a Nagelring with all modifiers at their minimum values, we could call it a ‘chipped’ Nagelring. A chipped Nagelring has MF = 15% and AR = 50. It also occurs wth a frequency of 1 in 816. Its possible and fun to think up definitions for ‘flawed’ and ‘flawless’ versions as well, but let’s just concentrate on perfect versions for this guide.

Illustration #2: Bonesnap Maul. We all really like this weapon don’t we? Here are its stats:
Two-Hand Damage: (90-120) To (129-172)
+200-300% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+100% Damage To Undead
40% chance of Crushing Blow
Cold Resist +30%
Fire Resist +30%

Note the +200% to 300% Enhanced Damage modifer, and the range of actual damage:
Minimum Damage (MinDam) = 90 to 120
Maximum Damage (MaxDam) = 129 to 172

Well, a normal maul has a Damage Range of 30 to 43. So the damage of a Bonesnap Maul is simply this basic Damage Range of a maul multiplied by whatever value of Enhanced Damage (ED) multiplier that a particular unique Bonesnap item has. So a Bonesnap with an ED of +200% will have a damage of 90 (minimum) to 129 (maximum); with an ED value of 250% the Bonesnap will have a damage of 105 to 150, and with an ED=300% the Bonesnap will be “perfect,†with a damage of 120 to 172. That’s the version of Bonesnap we all want, isn’t it?

How many versions of the unique Bonesnap maul are there? It depends about how you define it. Certainly, the ED% modifier can have any of 101 values, ranging from 200 to 300. Or one could instead count the number of variations in actual damage of the Bonesnap maul. My calculations indicate that the 101 different values of the Bonesnap ED modifier will produce 59 different combinations of max and min values of Bonesnap physical damage. But only one ED value, ED = +300%, produces the peak values.

So, from one viewpoint, there are 59 versions of Bonesnap that will function differently during gameplay. But I’ve given much thought about the effects of adding on other sources of enhanced damage and the value of having a high ED modifier if you upgrade the Bonesnap to an Exceptional Unique version. Based on these considerations, I’ve concluded that it is the variation in the modifier that is most meaningful. So, by my definition, there are 101 versions of Bonesnap and the peak physical damage numbers will occur at an average frequency of once in 101 Bonesnap Mauls.

So we define a perfect Bonesnap as ED = 300%.

Example #3 is a Venom Ward breast plate.
Defense: 110-138 (varies)(Base Defense: 65-68)
+60-100% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+2 To Light Radius
15% To Max Poison Resist
Poison Resist +90%
Poison Length Reduced By 50%

Here, both the Base Defense, the actual Defense and the Enhanced Defense (EnDef) multiplier are all said to vary. However, the formula to calculate the defense rating of a Venom Ward unique is simple and is based only on the peak value of base defense for a normal breast plate: 68. The Venom Ward defense formula is:

Defense = (Peak base defense +1)*(1+Enhanced Defense).

So, when Enhanced Defense Multipliers exist for an item, the range of values in Base Defense are irrelevant and all the variability in the item Defense arises from the variability in its modifiers.

So a Venom Ward can occur with 41 values of Enhanced Defense modifier, from 60% to 100%. Clearly, a perfect version of a Venom Ward breast plate will have a Defense of 138 –and this occurs only once in 41 different Venom Ward breast plates.

2.0 Fun Facts

Here’s some fun facts:

1. The chances of a perfect Nagelring being dropped by a monster are less than the chances of a monster dropping a perfect Stone of Jordan.

2. The item with the most possible variations is the Head Hunter’s Troll Nest (an elite unique shield) with over 89 million variations.

3. A Felloak is perhaps the weirdest variable unique. It has one variable modifier: Enhanced Damage= +70-80%. Yet for all values of the Enhanced Damage modifier, the damage of the Felloak is 1 to 10. That’s right, the variable modifier doesn’t make a difference to the attributes of the unique, because the base damage is so small. So why should anyone aspire to a Felloak with =80% Enhanced Damage? Because as you add more enhanced damage from other sources, the damage of an 80% Felloak will rise a little bit quicker than the damage of a 70% Felloak. And, if you used the Horadric Cube to upgrade a Felloak Club to a Felloak Cudgel, the higher enhanced damage modifier would make a difference in the damage of the Felloak Cudgel.

4. Ormus’ Robes has many variable modifiers, but one of them is especially odd. It adds +3 points randomly to any one of 25 Sorceress Skills. The reason this is odd is that no one version of the modifier is necessarily preferred over versions. A modifier of +3 to Charged Bolts is worth a great deal to a Charged Boltress build, but is worthless to most other Sorceress builds. For my purposes, I consider there to be 25 distinct versions of Ormus’ robes. As shown on the table in Section 5, each of the 25 versions of Ormus’s robes has 1,386,720 sub-variants. So the odds of a Charged Bolt version of Ormus’ robes having otherwise perfect modifiers is 1 in 1,386,720!

5. The Angelic Raiment Set has no items with any variable modifiers! So, if you own that Set you have a perfect Angelic Raiment Set – no more work to do on that one.

3.0 Abbreviations

This list does not yet have all the abbreviations. Many abbreviations for modifiers that add points to specific skills are not yet on this list.

AllSk: Adder to All Skills
AR = adder to Attack Rating
ARBon = % bonus as a multiplicative enhancement of attack rating
ARDem = additional points added to Attack Rating Against Demons
ARUnd = additional points added to Attack Rating Against Undead
ATDam = Attacker Takes Damage
B&XBSk = adder to all Bow & CrossBow Skills, Amazon Only
CAbs = Cold Absorb, cold damage from monster that is absorbed
CDamMax = Cold Damage Maximum Value
CDamMin = Cold Damage Minimum Value
CDur = Cold Damage Duration
ColdSkDam = Enhanced damage factor on cold skills damage
ComSk = Adder to all Combat Skills, Barbarian Only
CRes = Cold Resist
CurSk = points added to all Curses Skills, Necro only
DamAdd = Physical Damage Adder
DamDem: Damage to Demons, a percentage enhancement to physical damage
DamUnd: Damage to Undead, a percentage enhancement to physical damage
Def = Base Defense Rating
DefAdder = Value added to defense
DefAftAdder: Defense After Adder, indicates a variable base defense with a fixed defense adder.
DefAurSk = Points added to Defense Aura Skills, Paladin Only
Dex = Attribute points added to Dexterity
Damage Reduction = Physical Damage Reduction, points
DVMiss, DefVMIss: Defense against Missiles, adder to defense rating
ED = Enhanced Damage, a percentage multiplier on the base physical damage
EnDef = Enhanced Defense
FAbs = Fire Absorb, fire damage from monster that is absorbed
FRes = Fire Resist
FSkDam = Enhanced damage factor on fire skills damage
J&SSk = adder to all Javelin & Spear Skills, Amazon Only
LAbs = Lightning Absorb, lightning damage from monster that is absorbed
LAEK = Life After Each Kill
LL = Life Leach
LRes = Lightning Resist
LSkDam = Enhanced damage factor on lightning skills damage
LVLFBTC = Level of Fire Ball Skill that you have a chance to cast
LVLHBTC = Level of Holy Bolt Skill that you have a chance to cast
MAEK = Mana After Each Kill
MastSk = Adder to all Mastery Skills, Barbarian Only
MaxDam = Value added the minimum physical damage of the weapon
MDR = Magic Damage Reduce, points
MF = Magic Find percentage , always added to the base of 100% Magic Find
MinDam = Value added the minimum physical damage of the weapon
ML = Mana Leach
P&BSk = points added to all Poison & Bone Skills, Necro only
PalSk = points added to all Paladin Skills
PDR = Physical Damage Reduction, a percentage
PRes = Posion Resist
Res All = added percentage of Resistance to fire, cold, lightning and poison damage
RL = Renew Life
RM = Renew Mana
Sock = Number of Sockets
SorcSk = Adder to all Sorceress Skills
Stam = points added to Maximum Stamina
SumSk = points added to all Summons Skills, Necro only
Str = Attribute points added to Strength
Vit = Attribute points added to Vitality
XG = Extra Gold from Monster Drops

4.0 Perfect Unique Rings and Amulets
Defining the variations in unique rings and amulets is fun. Almost all the modifiers are important and we don’t have multiple modifiers affecting the same parameters (such as item defense.) We’ll discuss these as additional illustrations and then move on the master list.

4.1 Rings
Only one unique ring has no variations at all: The Stone of Jordan. So if you have an SOJ, you have a perfect unique. Now wasn’t that easy?

Nagelring: Already covered earlier. Magic Find modifier varies from 15 to 30%, Attack Rating Modifer varies from +50 to +75. So there are 816 distinct versions, and when you find a Nagelring the odds are 1:816 that it will be perfect. Indeed, a perfect Nagelring is rarer than a perfect SOJ.
Perfect: MF =30%, AR = +75 Prob = 1 in 816

Manald Heal: Mana Leach varies from 4-7%, Replenish Life from 5 to 8. 16 different versions.
Perfect: ML = 7% Repl Life = 8

Ravenfrost: Dexterity mod=15-20; Attack Rating mod=150-250. 606 different versions.
Perfect: Dex = 20, AR = + 250; Prob = 1 in 606

Dwarf Star: Magic damage Reduction: 12 -15. Only four versions, perfect has MDR=15.
Perfect: MDR = 15; Chipped: MDR = 12 Prob = 1 in 4

Carrion Wind: Life leach varies from 6-9%; Defense vs. Missiles from +100-160.
Perfect: LL = 9%, DefvM = +160; Prob = 1:244.

Bul-Kathos Wedding Band: Life leach varies from 3-5%. That’s it, odds of a perfect version are 1 in 3.

Nature’s Peace: Damage Reduction=7 to 11; Poison resistance = +20-30. 55 different versions.
Perfect: DR = 11, PRes = +30; Prob = 1 in 55

Wisp Projector: Magic find = 10-20%; Lightning Absorb= 10-20% 121 different versions.
Perfect: MF = 20%, LAbs = 20%

4.2 Amulets
The following rings have no variations at all: Nokozan Relic, The Mahim-Oak Curio, Atma’s Scarab, Highlord’s Wrath, and The Cat’s Eye. Like the Stone of Jordan, they are each a “unique unique.†Somehow, whenever I say the phrase “unique unique†in my head, it sounds like “New York, New York,†the place I was born. Completely off-topic, I admit. So let’s return to talking about the perfect grail.

So maybe you are thinking about trying to collect a complete set of perfect amulets, since five of them are unique uniques? Then don’t peek ahead! There are some scary numbers coming.

The Rising Sun: This amulet has one of the most unusual variations of all. It will have a 2% chance to cast a meteor when struck –but it is the level of the meteor that varies. The Meteor spell level will vary from amulet to amulet between level 13 and level 19. So there are 7 different versions and a perfect The Rising Sun ammy drops level 19 meteors on the bad guys.
Perfect: Meteor Lvl = 19; Chipped: Meteor Lvl =13

Mara’s Kaleidoscope: Resist All varies from 20-30%, not a trivial variation! 11 versions,
Perfect: ResAll =30%,

Saracen’s Choice: Resist All varies from 15-25% Ditto. Odds of a perfect are 1 in 11.
Perfect: ResAll =25%

Crescent Moon: Mana Leach:11-15%; Life Leach:3-6%. Odds of getting a perfect: 1 in 20.
Perfect: ML =15%, LL = 6%

Seraph’s Hymn: Defense Aura Skills = +1-2; Damage to Demons = 20-50%, Attack rating to demons is =150-250; Damage to Undead: 20-50%; Attack Rating for Undead: +150-250. A perfect Seraph’s Hymn would have the best value on all 5 modifers. The odds? 1: 6262. Ouch!
Skilles will be listed in this order: (Defense Aura Skills, Damage to Demons, AR to Demons, Damage to undead, AR to Undead)
Perfect: (2, 50%, 250, 50%, 250)

The Eye of Etlich: This one hurts to talk about, because, improbably enough, the Eye in my personal stash is close to being a chippie - having the worst value on all 6 modifiers! The modifiers are life leach = 3-7%, Cold duration = 2 to 10 seconds, minimum cold damage =1-2, maximum cold damage = 3-5, Defense against missiles = 10 to 40; and Light Radius = 1 to 5. (Who cares?) Odds of a perfect Eye? 1: 14,850 Modifications are listed in the order just discussed: Life Leach, Cold Duration, Min Cold Damage, Max Cold Damage, Defense vs. Missiles and Light Radius
Perfect: (7%, 10 sec, 2, 5, 40, 5)

Metalgrid: Resist All: 25-35%; Defense adder: =300-350; Attack rating: 400-450. Odds of a perfect Metalgrid: 1 in 28,611. Very rare! There are probably no legitimate perfect Metalgrids in existence, even after so many people playing Diablo for so many years.
Attributes are listed in this order: Resist All:, Defense Adder, and Attack Rating
Perfect: (35%, 350, 450).


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Geepers, you've just made my brain hurt. Looking forward to finding out what the God Grail is.


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Wow thats amazing man. That was a fun read, as Randy said, i cant wait to find out what the god grail is, but i have an idea.


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The Perfect Grail (continued)

5.0 The Table; The Perfect Grail

Okay here’s a master list of the uniques and set items and their variable modifiers, together with the odds of a random unique/set item being a unique version. Note: if the odds are 1 in 1,000, the column entry simply says 1,000. The list is arranged alphabetically by the item type, so if you’re looking for Isenhart’s Case scan down to the B’s until you find Breast Plate.

We''ll go through A to R on this post and finish the list on the next post.
Name	              Odds	         Modifiers		
Aldur's Advance          **	 FRes:40-50%       Def:39-46
Aldur's Deception     1,232	 LRes:40-50%       Def:746:857
Aldur's Rhythm            2      Sock:2-3		
Aldur's Stony Gaze      165	 CRes:40-50%       Def:157-171	
Alma Negra	    401,760	 EnDef:180-210%    PalSk:1-2    ED:40-75%
Andariel's Visage	918      LL:8-10%         Str:25-30     ED:100-150%
Angelic Halo	          1			
Angelic Mantle	          1			
Angelic Sickle	          1			
Angelic Wings	          1			
Arachnid Mesh	         31	  EnDef:90-120%		
Arcanna's Death Wand	  1			
Arcanna's Flesh	         18	  Def:90-107		
Arcanna's Head	          4	  Def:8-11		
Arcanna's Sign	          1			
Arctic Binding	          1			
Arctic Furs	         51	  EnDef:275-325%		
Arctic Horn	          1			
Arctic Mitts	          3	  Def:9-11		
Arioc's Needle	        153       AllSk:2-4	ED:180-230%	
Arkaine's Valor	        372	  AllSk:1-2     DR:10-15	Def:150-180%
Arm of King Leoric	  1			
Arreat's Face	        244	EnDef:150-200%	LL:3-6%	
Astreon's Iron Ward 1,123,632	ED:240-290%	DR:4-7	   CombSk:2-4
  		                ARBon:150-200%	DamAdd:+40-85	
Athena's Wrath	         93	     DruidSk:1-3	 ED:150-180%	
Atma's Scarab	          1			
Atma's Wail	         41	    EnDef:120-160%		
Axe of Fechmar	         21	    ED: 70-90%		
Azurewrath	       246	    AllAtt:5-10	  ED:230-270%	
Baezil's Vortex	         41	    ED:160-200%		
Bane Ash	         11        ED:50-60%		
Baranar's Star	          1			
Bartuc's Cut-Throat     255	   ED:150-200%	LL:5-9%	
Berserker's Hatchet      1			
Berserker's Hauberk       6     Def:90-95		
Berserker's Headgear      4	Def:30-33		
Biggin's Bonnet	        3       Def:17-19		
Bing Sz Wang	          31    ED:130-160%		
Black Hades	    122,000     DamDem:30-60%   ARDem:200-250   Def:140-200%
Blackbog's Sharp	   1			
Blackhand Key	           1			
Blackhorn's Face	   41	 ED: 180-220%		
Blackleach Blade	   41	 ED:100-140%		
Blackoak Shield	          41	ED:160:200		
Blacktongue	          11	ED:50-60%		
Blade of Ali Baba	   671	ED:60-120%	Dex:5-15	
Bladebone	           21	ED: 30-50%		
Bladebuckle	          4	Def:51-54		
Blastbark	         61	        ED:70-130%		
Blinkbat's Form	         6	Def:37-42		
Blood Crescent	        21	ED:60-80%		
Blood Raven's Charge   15,453	B&XBSk:2-4    ED:180-230%    AR:200-300%
Bloodfist	             2	            Def:17-18		
Bloodletter	              9	 WhWSk:1-3	SwMastSk:2-4	
Bloodmoon	         2,142	 LL:10-15%	LAEK:7-13     ED:210-260%
Bloodrise	             1			
Bloodthief	           105	LL: 8-12%	ED:50-70%	
Bloodtree Stump	             41	ED:180-220%		
Boneflame	        682	EnDef:120-150%	NecroSk:2-3	ResA:20-30
Boneflesh	            21	     EnDef:100-120%		
Bonehew	                   51	ED:270-320%		
Boneshade	           32	BSptSk:1-2	BSprSk:2-3	BWSk:2-3
              		             BArmSk:4-5	TeeSk:4-5	
Boneslayer Blade	   369	LvlHBTC:12-20	ED:180-220%	
Bonesnap	          101	ED:200-300%		
Brainhew	          124	ML:10-13%	ED: 50-80%	
Bul Kathos' Tribal Guardian 1		
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge   1			
Bul-Kathos Wedding Band	    3	LL:3-5%		
Buriza-Do Kyanon        3,876	ED:150-200%	Def:+75-150	
Butcher's Pupil	          41	ED:150-200%		
Bverrit Keep	         861	ED:180-220	Dur:140-160	
Carin Shard	            1			
Carrion Wind	         244	LL:6-9%	DvM:100-160	
Cathan's Mesh	            4	Def:87-90		
Cathan's Rule	            1			
Cathan's Seal	            1			
Cathan's Sigil               1			
Cathan's Visage	          19	Def:9-27		
Cerebus' Bite	      16,104	EnDef:130-140%	LL:7-10%	ARBon:60-120%
                 	             ShShSk:2-4	FerRaSk:1-2	
Chance Guards	           2 	Def:27-28		
Chromatic Ire	         126	ResA:20-40	Life:20-25%	
Civerb's Cudgel	            7	MaxDam:+17-23		
Civerb's Icon	            1			
Civerb's Ward	           12	Def:27-29	Mana:21-22	PRes:25-26
Clegaw's Claw	             3	Def:25-27		
Clegaw's Pincers	     2	    Def:8-9		
Clegaw's Tooth	             1			
Cliffkiller	              2,046	ED:120-150% 	MinDam: 5-10	MaxDam:20-30
Cloudcrack	           51	ED:150-200%		
Coif of Glory	             4	Def:25-28		
Coldkill	           41	ED:150-190%		
Coldsteel Eye	            51	ED:200-250%		
Corpsemourn	            31	EnDef:150-180%		
Cow King's Hide	              1			
Cow King's Hooves	    22        Def:5-6	DefAdder:=25-35	
Cow King's Horns	     9         Def:120-128		
Crainte Vomir	            41     ED:160-200%		
Cranebeak	            204    LAEK:6-9	    ED:230-280%	
Cranium Basher	              41    ED:200-240%		
Credendum	               8    DefAftAdder:108-115		
Crescent Moon	              20    ML:11-15%	LL:3-6%	
Crow Caw	              31    EnDef:150-180%		
Crown of Ages	          6,732	   Sock:1-2	ResA:20-30	DR:10-15%
Crown of Thieves          3,444    LL:9-12%	ED:160-200%   XG:80-100%
Crushflange	               1			
Culwen's Point	              11     ED:70-80%		
Dangoon's Teaching	        1			
Dark Adherent	          10,807	Def:361-467	DefAdder:305-415	
Dark Clan Crusher	     6	     ARBon:20-25%		
Darkforce Spawn	             1,107	EnDef:140-180%	SumSk:1-3	P&BSk:1-3
Darkglow	              31         EnDef:70-100%		
Darksight Helm	               210	FRes:20-40%	Def:75-84	
Death Cleaver	              204	ED:230-280%	LAEK:6-9	
Deathbit	           115,209	ED:130-180%	AR:200-450	LL:7-9%
Death's Fathom	            4,096	ColdSkDam:15-30%	LRes:25-40%	FRes:25-40%
Death's Guard	                1			
Death's Hand	                2	Def:2-3		
Death's Touch	                1			
Death's Web	             792	P&BSk:1-2	LoPRes:40-50%	ML:7-12
Deathspade	               11	ED: 60 -70%		
Demon Limb	           1,092	MaxDam:159-184	LL:7-13%	FRes:15-20%
Demon Machine	                1			
Demonhorn's Edge	     3,772	EnDef:120-160%	LL:3-6%	ATDam:55-77
                          		WarcCSk:1-3	MastSk:1-3	CombSk:1-3
Demon's Arch	               357	ED:160-210%	LL:6-12%	
Dimoak's Hew	                 1			
Djinn Slayer	        10,508,040	ML:3-6%	         ED:190-240%	DamDem:100-150%
                          		ARDem:200-300	Sock:1-2	LAbs:3-7
Doombringer 	               213	ED:180-250%	LL:5-7%	
Doomslinger	                41	ED:60-100%		
Dracul's Grasp	             4,464	LL:7-10%	LAEK:5-10	Str:10-15
Dragonscale	              3,751	Def:170-200	Str:15-25	FAbs:10-20%
Duriel's Shell	                 41	Def:160-200%	
Duskdeep	                231     ED:30-50%	Def Add: 10-20	
Dwarf Star	                 4	MDR:12-15		
Eaglehorn	                 1			
Earth Shifter	               51	ED:250-300%		
Earthshaker	                 1			
Endless Hail	              123	StrafeSk:3-5	ED:180-220%	
Eschuta's Temper	      3,993	SorcSk:1-3	FireSkDam:10-20%	 LiSkDam:10-20%
Ethereal Edge	          2,305,098	  ED:150-180%	FAbs:10-12	LAEK:5-10
                          	            AR:270-350	DamDem:150-200%	
Executioner's Justice	          51	  ED:240-290%		
Felloak	                       11	     ED:70-80%		
Firelizard's Talon	   26,412	ED:200-270%	MASk:1-3	WoISk:1-2
                         		WoFSk:1-2	FRes:40-70%	
Flamebellow	            32,802	ED:170-240%	InfSk:12-18	Vit:5-10
Fleshrender	                 71	ED:130-200%		
Fleshripper	                101	ED:200-300%		
Frostburn	                  11	ED:10-20%		
Frostwind	             3,672	ED:180-230%	ArcBlSk:7-14	CAbs:7-15%
Gargoyle's Bite	               350	ED:180-230%	LL:9-15%	
Gerke's Sanctuary                   20,130	ResAll:20-30%	DR:11-16	MDR:14-18
Gheed's Fortune	           10,206	MF:20-40%	XG:80-160%	  RedVP:10-15%
Ghostflame	               306	ML:10-15%	ED:190-240%	
Ghoulhide	                 38          ML:4-5%	ED:150-190%	
Giant Skull	           90,596	Sock:1-2	Str:25-35	Def:100-157
Gimmershred	                51	ED:160-210%		
Ginther's Rift	               306	ED:100-150%	MDR:7-12	
Gleamscythe	                41	ED:60-100%		
Gloom's Trap	                13	Def:90-102		
Goblin Toe	                 2	Def:33-34		
Goldskin	                  31	EnDef:120-150%		
Goldstrike Arch	       26,532,801	     ED:200-250%	ARBon:100-150%	DamDem:100-200%
Goldwrap	                93	Def:34-36	XG:50-80%	
Gore Rider	                 41	ED:160-200%		
Gorefoot	                  2	Def:20-21		
Goreshovel	                 11	ED: 40-50%		
Gravenspine	                 26	Mana:25-50		
Gravepalm	            418,241	DamUnd:100-200%	ARUnd:100-200	ED:140-180%
Greyform	                  4	Def:28-31		
Griffon's Eye	             39,996	Def:50-60	DefAdd: 100-200	EnLRes:-15-20%
Grim's Burning Dead	     2,091	ED:140-180%	AR:200-250	
Griswold's Edge	              1,353	ED:80-120%	MinFDam:10-12	MaxFDam:15-25
Griswold's Heart	        34	Def:917-950		
Griswold's Honor	        44	DefAftAdder:290-333		
Griswold's Redemption	         82	Sock:3-4	ED:200-240%	
Griswold's Valor	       286	MF:20-30%	EnDef:50-75%	
Guardian Angel	                 21	EnDef:180-200%		
Guardian Naga	                 31	ED:150-180%		
Guillaume's Face	          1			
Gull	                           1			
Gut Siphon	              427	LL:12-18%	ED:160-220%	
Haemosu's Adamant	       15	DefAftAdder:688-702		
Halaberd's Reign	    1,116	EnDef:140-170%	RepL:15-23	BatComSk:1-2
Hand of Blessed Light          31	ED:130-160%		
Harlequin Crest	               44	Def:98-141		
Hawkmail	               41	EnDef:60-100%		
Head Hunter's Glory     89,751,024	BaseDef:158-173	DefAdder:320-420	DefVMIss:300-350
                         		FRes:20-30%	PRes:30-40%	LAEK:5-7
Head Striker	                   1			
Heart Carver	                  51	ED:190-240%		
Heavenly Garb	                   1			
Heaven's Light	               1,224	PalSk:2-3	Sock:1-2	LAEK:15-20
Hellcast	                 11	ED:70-80%		
Hellclap	               11,466	ED:70-90%	MaxFDam:30-50	AR:50-75
Hellmouth	                 51	ED:150-200%		
Hellplague	                 11	ED:70-80%		
Hellrack	             2,601	ED:180-230%	ARBon:100-150%	
Hellslayer	                 5	LvlFBTC:16-20		
Herald of Zakarum	         51	EnDef:150-200%		
Hexfire	                      21	ED:140-160%		
Highlord's Wrath	           1			
Homonculu                     51	EnDef:150-200%		
Hone Sundan                 41	ED:160-200%		
Horizon's Tornado	          51	ED:230-280%		
Hotspur	                           1			
Howltusk	                         1			
Hsarus' Iron Fist	            3	Def:4-6		
Hsarus' Iron Heel	            2	Def:8-9		
Hsarus' Iron Stay	            1			
Hulsoldal Evo	                 2,091 ED:140-180%	AR:200-250	
Humongous	                   451  ED:80-120%	Str:20-30	
Hwanin's Blessing	             1			
Hwanin's Justice	             1			
Hwanin's Refuge	                  15	DefAftAdder:376-390		
Hwanin's Splendor	             1			
Iceblink	                     11	EnDef:70-80%		
Ichorstring	             1			
Imm. King's Stone Crusher	    6	CB:35-40%		
Immortal King's Detail	           1      			
Immortal King's Forge	          11  DefAftAdder:108-118		
Immortal King's Pillar	          11  DefAftAdder:118-128		
Immortal King's Soul Cage          1			
Immortal King's Will	          256 MF:25-40%	DefAftAdder:160-175	
Infernal Cranium	           3 Def:3-5		
Infernal Sign	               1 		
Infernal Torch	               1			
Infernostride	                   372	ED:120-150% 	XG:40-70%	
Iratha's Coil	                    21	Def:25-45		
Iratha's Collar	                     1			
Iratha's Cord	                     1			
Iratha's Cuff	                     3	Def:9-11		
Iron Pelt	                 2,142	MDamR:10-16	DR:15-20	EnDef:50-100%
Ironstone	                 2,601	ED:100-150%	AR:100-150	
Isenhart's Case	               4	Def:105-108		
Isenhart's Horns	          4	Def:23-26		
Isenhart's Lightbrand	         1			
Isenhart's Parry	            6 Def:70-75		
Islestrike	               21   ED:170-190%		
Jade Talon	               13,464	ED:190-240%	MASk:1-2	ShDSk:1-2
               		                 ML:10-15%	ResA:40-50%	
Jalal's Mane	                   51	EnDef:150-200%		
Kelpie Snare	                   41	ED:140-180%		
Kinemil's Awl	               22,491	ED:80-100%	AR:100-150	MaxFDam:20-40
Kira's Guardian	               16,401	ResA:50-70	Def: 40-50	DefAdd:50-120
Knell Striker	                   11	ED:70-80%		
Kuko Shakaku	                   31	ED:150-180%		
Lacerator	                     61	ED:150-210%		
Lance Guard	                     51	ED:70-120%		
Lance of Yaggai	                     1			
Langer Briser	                 19,220	 ED:170-200%	Max Dam: +10-30	MF:30-60%
Lava Gout	                     51	ED:150-200%		
Laying of Hands	                      9	Def:54-62		
Leadcrow	                      1			
Lenymo	                                 1			
Leviathan	                191,301	 STR:40-50	PDR:15-25%	EnDef:170-200%
Lidless Wall	                   153   MAEK:3-5	ED:80-130%	
Lightsabre	                   153   ML:5-7%	ED:130-200%	
Lycander's Aim	                   204   ED:150-200%	ML:5-8%	
Lycander's Flank	        255     ED:150-200%	LL:5-9%	
Maelstrom	                     81	IMSkill:1-3	AmpSK:1-3	TerSk:1-3
Magefist	                       2	Def:24-25		
Magewrath	                7,905	ED: 120-150%	AR:200-250	MDR:9-13
                          	         DvMiss:250-300	Stam:40-50	
Magnus' Skin	                      1			
Manald Heal	                  16	ML:4-7%	RL:5-8	
Mang Son's Lesson	       729	EnLRes:-7-15%	EnCRes:-7-15%	EnFRes:-7-15%
Mara's Kaleidoscope	         11	ResA:20-30		
Marrowwalk	              682	Str:10-20	ED:170-200%	SMastSk:1-2
M'Avina's Caster	          1			
M'Avina's Embrace	       856	MDamR:5-12	Def:417-523	
M'avina's Icy Clutch	        48	Def:39-47	DefAdder:45-50	
M'Avina's Tenet	              6              DefAftAdder:81-86		
M'avina's True Sight	        11	DefAftAdder:200-210		
Medusa's Gaze	                6,355	ED:150-180%	CRes:40-80%	LL:5-9%
Messerschmidt's Reaver	        1			
Metalgrid	                28,611	ResAll:25-35%	Def:+300-350	AR:+400-450
Milabrega's Diadem	                     21	Def:25-45		
Milabrega's Orb	                   1			
Milabrega's Robe	           1			
Milabrega's Rod	                   1			
Moonfall	                    124	ED:120-150% 	MDR:9-12
Moser's Blessed Circle	            24	Def:156-179		
Nagelring	                    416	MF:15-30%	AR:50-75	
Naj's Circlet	                    11	DefAftAdder:95-105	
Naj's Light Plate	                 110	DefAftAdder:721-830		
Naj's Puzzler	                    1			
Natalya's Mark	                  1			
Natalya's Shadow	    24,396          Sock:1-3	Def:390-496  DefAdder: 150-225
Natalya's Soul	                49,368	CRes:15-25%	LRes:15-25%	Def:37-44
                  		             DefAdder:74-125	Stam:100-120	
Natalya's Totem	           3,547,115	Def:60-125	DefAdder:135-175	ResAll:10-20
                     		             Dex:20-30	Str:10-20	
Nature's Peace	                55	DR:7-11	PRes:20-30	
Nightsmoke	                  3	Def:22-24		
Nightwing's Veil	   13,640	CSkillDam:8-15%	CAbs:5-9	Dex:10-20
                    		       ED: 90-120%		
Nokozan Relic	                    1			
Nord's Tenderizer	   62,403	ED:270-330%	ARBon:150-180%	CAbs:5-15%
Nosferatu's Coil	         24	Def:56-63	LL:5-7%	
Ondal's Almight                   46	DefAftAdder:164-209		
Ondal's Wisdom	               13,332	AllSk:+2-4	Def:+450-550	Energy:40-50
Ormus' Robe (25 types)     1,386,720	Def:361-467	Def Adder:10-20	CSKDam:10-15%
                                		FSKDam:10-15%	LSKDam:10-15%	RM:10-15%
Peasant Crown	                 7	RL:6-12		
Pelta Lunata	                 3	Dur:20-22
Pierre Tombale Couant	      6,161	ED:160-220%	AR: 100-200	
Plague Bearer	                1			
Pluckeye	                        1			
Pompeii's Wrath	               31	ED:140-170%		
Pus Spitter	               71	ED: 150-220%		
Que-Hegan's Wisdom	        105	MDamR:6-10	EnDef:140-160%	
Radament's Sphere	         39	Def:244-282		
Rainbow Facet: Die Cold	            9	CSkDam:3-5%	EnCRes:-3-5%	
Rainbow Facet: Die Fire	            9	FSkDam:3-5%	EnFRes:-3-5%	
Rainbow Facet: Die Light           9 LSkDam:3-5%  EnLRes:-3-5%	
Rainbow Facet: Die Pois	      9 PSkDam:3-5%  EnPRes:-3-5%	
Rainbow Facet: LvlUp Cold	      9 CSkDam:3-5% EnCRes:-3-5%	
Rainbow Facet: LvlUp Fire	      9 FSkDam:3-5%  EnFRes:-3-5%	
Rainbow Facet: LvlUp Light	          9	LSkDam:3-5%	EnLRes:-3-5%	
Rainbow Facet: LvlUp Pois	          9   	PSkDam:3-5%	EnPRes:-3-5%	
Rakescar	                                15	MaxDam:31-45		
Rattle Cage	                     8	Def:328-335		
Raven Claw	                   11 	ED:60-70%		
Raven Frost	                  606	Dex:15-20	AR:150-250	
Ravenlore	               41,261	Def:120-150%	Energy:20-30	ResA:15-25
Razor's Edge	                     51	ED:175-225%		
Razorswitch	                   1			
Razortail	                     12	Def:96-107		
Razortine	                      4	MaxDam: 19-22		
Ribcracker	                   101 ED:200-300%		
Riphook	                                164	LL:7-10%	ED:180-220%	
Ripsaw	                                  21	ED:80-100%		
Rite of Passage	                     **	DefAftAdder:53-60	Stam:15-25	
Rixot's Keen	                     1			
Rockfleece	                    32	EnDef:100-130%		
Rockstopper 	              560,511	FRes:20-50%	LRes:20-40%	CRes:20-40%
Rogue's Bow	                    21	ED:40-60%		
Rune Master	                   153	Sock:3-5	ED:220-270%	
Rusthandle	                   363	VengSk:1-3	ED:50-60%	DamUnd:100-110%
It took me HOURS to format this. This is Crazy! This must be a better way to post tables. In any case, I'll post the rest of the table tomorrow.


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FodderCannoned said:
good read, on a fun note i have a 75 ar 29 mf nagel, and a 30mf 70 ar nagel, was pretty close twice :p
I call those flawless Nagelrings. My personal definition of Flawless is any item for which all attributes are in the top 20% of their possible ranges.
I think that keeping track of Flawless items makes sense when the perfect items are so rare.

Anyway, congrats on those rings. My best Nagelring is MF=28%, AR=69.


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QuickDeath = ub3r t3h 1337 |-|4X0R!

Dude this is insane, your nuts. But i love this, man i cant even imagen how long it would take to find all perfect ones, i cant say i dont want to try for the perfect grail, but damn, that would take so long to get it perfect. AND this is only half the list!

Good work man, this is awsome.


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Quickdeath said:
I call those flawless Nagelrings. My personal definition of Flawless is any item for which all attributes are in the top 20% of their possible ranges.
I think that keeping track of Flawless items makes sense when the perfect items are so rare.

Anyway, congrats on those rings. My best Nagelring is MF=28%, AR=69.
Schweet. My best is 71AR-29MF. Go me!


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My only one 30 mf 60 ar perfect mf :D

Oh and uping uniques can result in even more diferent results

I wonder how perfect bonesnap ogre maul looks like :rolleyes:


too long, didn't read :p

My Nagel: 29% MF - 73 AR

QD, you are insane, but a useful one :p a few comments:
1. nagel has 26 possibilities for AR, not 51
2. it could've been easier for the reader if you used the more commonly used abbrivations (askill, AR%, Captains/Acrobats....)
3. i'm assuming you have the master list in an Excel file. would it be possible to put a link to it so that we can download the list?

keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


i assume ther ARE perfect metalgrids, btw :p

apart from taht, why list this all ? are you planing to make a grail whit only perfect items ?? now that would be crazy


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this is fun. one quick proof read error i spotted.. "4.2 amulets..the following rings.."
although it is fun to notice when you have a near perfect set/unique, the nearest i will get to insanity is the self found eth grail. a perfect grail must be considered impossible, mind you, what about a perfect, self found ethereal grail!. think i will start a table of the ones i have. this wont take me nearly as long as yours did:)
btw, realise you havent finished yet, but the wolfhowl has to get a mention here. that has 8 variable stats...
my best nagel has 73%ar 30%mf.. great stuff quickdeath. dune


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Great stuff QD.

Each time I pick up any unique, I check to see if its better than the one in my grail so my grail slowly(very) approaches a perect one :thumbsup:

Perfect jewellry: only a manald heal and dwarf star :lol: but no 30% nagel


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sunbearie said:
Great stuff QD.

Each time I pick up any unique, I check to see if its better than the one in my grail so my grail slowly(very) approaches a perect one :thumbsup:

Perfect jewellry: only a manald heal and dwarf star :lol: but no 30% nagel
i do the same thing. i keep 2 of each in my grail and giveaway a third after comparison to what i have. sometimes it isnt easy to decide which is better though, swing and roundabouts...
as for the 30% nagels. i have 4. i have been running nm andi for months, when i can stand it, with my blizz sorc, looking for tals amulet and a soj. havent found either. but have killed her over 500 times by now. i have found all my 30% nagels from her.


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Llathias said:
too long, didn't read :p

My Nagel: 29% MF - 73 AR

QD, you are insane, but a useful one :p a few comments:
1. nagel has 26 possibilities for AR, not 51
2. it could've been easier for the reader if you used the more commonly used abbrivations (askill, AR%, Captains/Acrobats....)
3. i'm assuming you have the master list in an Excel file. would it be possible to put a link to it so that we can download the list?

keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
1. Arrrgh! Of course you are right. The problem with dealing with thousands of numbers is that you screw up every once in a while - but that is a huge screwup.
2. AR% I understand (I used AR!) but I don't know what askill is -all skills?
As for captains and acrobats those are long phrsases to be abbreviations and are a memory test fo all of us.
3. I don't know how to post the spreadsheet on a site, otherwise I would happily post a link.


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twoflower said:
i assume ther ARE perfect metalgrids, btw :p

apart from taht, why list this all ? are you planing to make a grail whit only perfect items ?? now that would be crazy
I do keep track of how many perfect grail items I have. While I never will get anything close to the complete grail, at least it makes finding Nagelrings more fun!

A group of people (perhaps the entire SP Forum) could keep track to see how much of the entire Perfect Grail they have found and can find in the future.


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You mentioned the HHG Troll Nest as the unique with the most combinations (I make it 650 million); actually I believe the Tomb Reaver Cryptic Axe greatly exceeds that.

+(200-280)% Enhanced Damage
All Resistances +(30-50)
(50-80)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+(150-230)% Damage to Undead
+(250-350) to Attack Rating against Undead
+(10-14) Life After Each Kill

Altogether almost 6.5 billion possibilities.

My knowledge of the details of the item generation code is not perfect, but I do think it's entirely possible that since there are more combinations than there are random numbers used by D2, it may even be impossible to get a perfect one.
Thrugg said:
You mentioned the HHG Troll Nest as the unique with the most combinations (I make it 650 million); actually I believe the Tomb Reaver Cryptic Axe greatly exceeds that.

+(200-280)% Enhanced Damage
All Resistances +(30-50)
(50-80)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+(150-230)% Damage to Undead
+(250-350) to Attack Rating against Undead
+(10-14) Life After Each Kill

Altogether almost 6.5 billion possibilities.

My knowledge of the details of the item generation code is not perfect, but I do think it's entirely possible that since there are more combinations than there are random numbers used by D2, it may even be impossible to get a perfect one.
Yes, Mr. know-it-all (in a nice way thrugg, we all love ya for it) seems to have it right. I make the odds 6,470,884, 1.
I have found 3 of them, and despite the fact that brings my odds down to a mere 2,156,961,555 to 1, none of mine are perfect. But look on the bright side, the odds of having a absolute worst tomby are just as small!


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Thrugg and Bob:

You are right about Tomb Reaver Cryptic Axe, I overlooked it on my list.

Thrugg, I believe I've calculated the Head Hunter' Glory Troll's Nest odds correctly. My guess is that you have double-counted the variability in "defense adder" modifier by counting the modifier explicitly and the entire listed variability on defense. In actuality the item's base defense ranges from 158 to 173 (not 478 to 593) and the defense adder modifier ranges from 320 to 420.