Guide "The Efficient Rush"


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Guide "The Efficient Rush"

LouisLeGros' Guide To The​
"Efficient Rush"​
Version 1.1​

  1. Introduction
  2. Pre-Rush
  3. The Standard Rush
  4. The "Efficient Rush"
  5. Additional Info
  6. Conclusion
  7. Update History

1. Introduction
:wave: Greetings,

I've been a member of for a long time and a lurker for even longer. I've never written a guide for Diablo before, but after getting a lot of help from the community here I've decided to try to give a little back.

This is a guide to rush characters quickly and efficiently in Diablo 2 Classic with a focus on rushing numerous characters. I wish to go over the basics of rushing for any new users and to hopefully teach some Diablo veterans some tricks to speed up their rushes.

What this guide will cover:
  • How to quickly, and hopefully most efficiently, go through each act
  • What is required to perform the rush
  • Rushing a single character or multiple characters
  • Some shortcuts you might not know about

What this guide will NOT cover*:
  • How to make a rusher
  • How to run multiple Diablo clients
  • Lord of Destruction glitch rushes
  • Where to get friends to help you rush :hide:
*see Additional Info section

So without further adieu lets get to what we are going to need for the rush.

2. Pre-Rush
Before we start a rush you must meet a few standard requirements.
These requirements would be
  • A person/character who needs a rush (the rushee)
  • An agreed upon plan (which quests to be done, payment, difficulties)
  • A character who can achieve the goals of the plan (the rusher)
  • Access to two computers/clients for a self rush
These requirements are part of every rush, or at least the successful ones.
The efficient rush has another requirement which will speed up the rush in act 2. In section 4 The "Efficient Rush" I shall expound upon this requirement.

3. The Standard Rush
The ultimate purpose of a rush is to get a character from act 1 to 4 or through any of the difficulties. Some rushes will include superfluous quests, like the skill and stat quests or Cain, that are usually for non mules.

The basic standard rush usually proceeds as follows
Act 1
  • The rushee creates a game and has the rusher join and party
  • The rusher goes to Catacombs Level 2 (creating a TP is optional) and proceeds to travel to Catacombs Level 4
  • The rusher reaches level 4 and creates a TP for the rushee and kills Andariel
  • Both travel to act 2
Act 2
  • If the rushee does not have the Horadric cube the rusher goes to the Halls Of the Dead level 2 waypoint and travels to the chamber with the cube in Halls Of The Dead level 3 and makes a TP for the rushee.
  • The rusher goes to the Far Oasis waypoint and travels to the Maggot Lair and creates a TP once they have arrive for the rushee at the chamber with the Staff of Kings in Maggot Lair level 3.
  • The Rusher goes to the Lost City waypoint and travels to the Valley Of The Snakes
  • The rusher travels to The Viper Temple level 2 and creates a TP at the alter for the rushee to receive the headpiece for the staff.
  • The rushee must return to town and talk to Drognan and combine the staff in the cube
  • The rusher goes to the Arcane Sanctuary and finds the summoner. They must create a TP and have the rushee enter and be in his proximity before they kill the summoner.
  • The rushee read Horazon's Journal and then travels through the red portal and goes back to town after telling the rusher the symbol of the true chamber.
  • The rusher travels to the true tomb and finds and clears the staff room and creates a TP
  • The rushee puts the staff in place and the chamber to Duriel opens
  • The rusher kills Duriel and the rushee enters the tomb and talks to Tyrael
  • The rushee then talks to Lord Jerhyn and then Meshif to travel to act 3
Act 3
  • The rusher goes to the Travincal waypoint and makes their way to behind the council and clears the area and makes a TP for the rushee
  • The rushee enters and the rusher kills the council
  • The rushee returns to town and talks to Cain
  • The rusher takes the Durance of Pain level 2 waypoint and makes their way to Level 3
  • The rusher makes a TP close to Mephisto and waits for the rushee to take the portal before they kill Mephisto.
  • They both travel to act 4.
Act 4
  • Have the rusher make their way to the Chaos Sanctuary and make a TP on the pentagram for the rushee
  • Have the rusher go through and clear the Chaos Sanctuary and press all of the switches
  • Kill Diablo, if the rushee dies stay dead till Diablo is slain
repeat these steps as necessary

4. The "Efficient Rush"
Looking above at the "standard" rush you see act 1 being the shortest and act 2 being the longest. As far as I know there is no way to make act 1 and Act 3 any shorter, but there is a way to make act 2 go by much faster.

This method can be applied to any difficulty, but it is mostly aimed at hell. It will allow us to skip the maggot lair and with a variant skip the viper temple completely or do it once for every 56 characters

In order to accomplish this you will require
  • Characters rushed past act 1
  • A "Duriel mule" or "tomb mule" for the desired difficulty
  • A rusher up to the task
  • multiple friends and or clients

The first step is getting the rushees past act 1. In order to do this you can follow the exact same steps as the standard rush. If you wish to increase productivity you can have multiple rushees in the game and do up to seven rushees a game.

Before you get to act 2 you are going to need a "Duriel mule" or "tomb mule." These guys save you a lot of time and are pretty simple. To create one you simply get a character to act 2 and do the standard rush. Once they get to the step where the rushee opens Tal Rasha's chamber and the rusher prepares to kill Duriel is when the rushee saves and exits the game.

Now whenever this character creates a game the following things will apply
  • Access to the palace will be available
  • They will be given the symbol for the true chamber
  • The tomb will already be open!

There are multiple ways you can use this to your advantage. In order to take a TP to the palace & Arcane Sanctuary you must accomplish the viper quest. However, you do not have to do the maggot lair! Since the chamber will already be open you won't need the staff, so by using a Duriel mule you skip the maggot lair.

In order to take a TP to The Canyon of the Magi or Tal Rasha's chamber you must accomplish the summoner quest.

This leaves us with two options.
One would be to do the viper temple and summoner quests.
Two would be to create a game with a Duriel Mule and walk from the palace to Tal Rasha's Chamber. This would require these areas being cleared and no TPs being used.

So if you really wanted you could never have to do the Maggot Lair or the Viper Temple :grin:. However, clearing the path from the palace to the chamber requires a lot of work on every difficulty.

Okay, now that we have that established we can figure out a way to make act 2 go much faster.

The steps
  1. Create a game with a rushee who is in act 2
    --You can have up to seven rushees join this game, waiting till you are about to do a key action like breaking the altar to have the rushees join is one way to make the rushing easier for the rusher.
  2. Have the rusher join, party, and make their way to the viper temple
  3. Create a TP at the alter and have the rushee(s) enter the chamber
    --You can have the rusher leave at this point and have another rushee join, by doing this you can have anywhere from two to eight characters receiving the viper temple quest
  4. At this point you can have up to seven rushees do the next steps.
    --each of these characters will allow seven other characters to get past act 2 without doing anything except talking to Jerhyn and Meshif.
  5. Have the rusher proceed to the Arcane Sanctuary and to the summoner
    --you can wait till you get to the summoner to have the rushees join to make it easier for the rusher.
  6. Create a TP and have the Rushee(s) enter the TP and then have the rusher kill the summoner
  7. At this point you create a new game with the Duriel mule and they can leave once the rusher and rushee(s) join
    --Take note of the true chamber and have the rusher get to it before having the Duriel mule leave. Also, you only need one rushee who has done the summoner, the rest only need to be past act 1.
  8. Have the rusher make their way to Tal Rasha's Chamber and kill Duriel.
    --You only need one rushee to talk to Tyrael, you can have seven in town who have not done any of the act 2 quests
  9. Have the rushee(s) talk to Tyrael, Jerhyn, and Meshif.**
    --As noted above only one needs to talk to Tyrael, all the rest do not
  10. Travel to Act 3

You have now cleared act 2 and hopefully done so faster then you normally would have.

Act 3 is pretty much the same thing as the standard rush. If you wish to rush multiple characters you can have up to seven in Travincal near the council to receive the quest. You then do the same in The Durance of Hate Level 3 when killing Mephisto. Then all you have to do is travel through the portal and you have finished "The Efficient Rush" for hell difficulty.
If you would like you can make the council easier by killing all but one unique council member and then having the rushees join the game.
Finally for act 4 in normal and nightmare you can clear the CS with only the rusher and then have the rushees join for the diablo kill. This would be helpful for nightmare difficulty, but you have to make sure the game is made by one of the rushees.

5. Additional Info
As already stated this guide will not cover how to make a rusher.
The stickies are an excellent resource for numerous builds for PvM & rushing. There is also an excellent thread on rushing with 8 players.

For running multiple clients, Orphan has already made an excellent thread on the matter

Also Quietus has made a map guide which can help your finding of bosses and thus help rushing.

I still can't help you out with finding friends to help you out, especially on west :hide:

6. Conclusion
I hope this guide helps out with your future rushing. Please feel free to comment on the guide or point out any mistakes if you find any.

I' would like to thank everyone at the classic forum for helping me out with classic. I wold also like to thank the entire community for helping me out and thousands of others over the years.

Thanks to UberB I have made revisions to my guide and implemented his idea to get 8 characters through with only 1 having to speak to Duriel and thus bypassing the need to do quest in Act 2 for seven characters. This works in the same way a glitched rushing in act 5 for Lord Of Destruction. This allows for the rushing process to be sped up exponentially.

7. Update History
Version 1.0:
Guide is released.

Version 1.1:
The act 2 "efficient" rush is improved significantly thanks to UberB.
Added options making the rushing easier so as little as possible would be done in players8.
Fixed some grammar and spelling errors, standardized and fixed some formatting.


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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

I think there is another, even more efficient way of rushing. It also involves a Duriel mule.

1. Have one rushee create a hell game.

2. Rush the guy past Act1 and kill the summoner.

3. While you are doing this, place one of your mules into another game. This mule will not have gotten past act1 yet.

4. Have the first mule join the new game. The rushee kills Duriel but the rushee DOES NOT talk to Tyrael.

5. Bring the rest of your mules in and kill Andariel.

6. Move your mules to Act2, have the first mule talk to Tyrael.

7. Voila! All mules are now in Act3.


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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

Hmm that may work, but I'm not sure if they would get the quest and I see no reason for having to wait to do Andariel. Like I mentioned in the comments on step 7 (which I didn't seem to format correctly :sad: ) I'm not sure about how getting rewarded for that final quest works.

If you can get the quest by being in town and having one character talk to Tyrael Then that would be more efficient then my method for more then 2 characters at a time. That sounds like it works on a similiar principle to glitched rushing in act 5.

I'll look into it and if it works that way I will have to make some revisions. I only have access to two clients so I won't be able to test the 8 player method, but I'll make a couple mules and get one to the begining of act 2 and use my duriel mule after I rush the second mule past the summoner. If it works out I'll combine my current guide for its speed with getting to the summoner and then increasing the speed of the rushes by a factor of well how many mules you can get into a game.

I just tested it and it does appear to work and makes things anywhere from twice as fast to 8 times as fast.
Good thing I saved a back up with the formating, I'm going to rewrite a lot of this to incorporate your insight... hopefully I will be able to get a mod to edit the post :smile:
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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

By the way, you wait to kill Andariel because if you have all your mules join at once, then you'll have to fight an 8-player Duriel.


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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

Still unnecessary, you can get a bunch of mules past Andariel before hand without having to deal with 8-player Duriel.

All you do is rush a bunch of characters past Andariel and save them for a bit. Once you get to the step where you have killed Duriel and the rusher leaves you have all the characters who have done Andariel beforehand join the game (up to seven) and then you have the original character who was in the game with the rusher talk to Tyrael.

By doing this you face Duriel with only two characters in the game and can use characters rushed past Andariel from the last game or from a month beforehand.

Also I have finished my revisions, but I think I will wait a little bit in case any other big suggestions come up. I wouldn't want to bother the mod every 5 minutes.


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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

Good idea, I haven't thought of that. So if you are rushing in batches of seven, you can rush them all past Andariel, have six of them leave the game, kill Duriel with one, and bring the rest in.

I guess we both learned something new today. ;)

Btw if you want to rush the council, then you can take this a step further by killing all but one of the superunique council members before you bring your mules in (confused yet? :p). Then you can bring your mules in, talk to Tyrael, and you're only facing one council member on players 8.

So it'd be like this:

1. Rush 7 mules past Andariel
2. Have 6 leave the game
3. Get the staff, kill Duriel
4. Kill all but one of the council
5. Bring 6 mules in
6. Talk to Tyrael
7. Move all seven mules to Act3
8. Kill last council member


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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

you skipped a bunch of the steps, but killing all of the council members but one would make it easier and probably faster. You would have to be careful not to kill them all which would be very easy to do in normal and nightmare depending on the character used.

I think I'll take note of it and apply the same method to act 4 with diablo so you would only have to clear CS with 1 or 2 players and then have all the rushees join right before diablo spawns.

I have edited my copy of my guide to include these things and a few other small tweeks. I'm still not prepared to release 1.1, I'm pretty sure there isn't really anything else that I could improve on. I could add instructions on things like clockwise vs counterclock wise maps, but I think it is long enough as is.
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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

There is a Durimule miniguide from a while ago I wrote which addresses some of this issues here. You can actually get 8 mules through A2 simultaneously by having the rusher leave if you are doing batches, by the way.


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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

I guess I didn't specificaly state having the rusher leave once they get a mule to tyrael, even if I always do that when I'm performing my own rushes.

However as said in the guide

You only need one rushee to talk to Tyrael, you can have seven in town who have not done any of the act 2 quests
in order to do that the rusher must leave, so I guess that is sort of covered. Thanks for pointing it out. With my next revision I'll be sure to make that clearer and add your miniguide to the additional info section.

Actually this week I've probably rushed about 20 of my own mules and about 4 other people to hell. Following my guide makes it so easy :)... well until you get to the hell viper temple and the council.


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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

Is this linked in the guide thread? Because I can't seem to find it...


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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you are talking about.

Are you talking about this guide being in the stickied guide thread or the durimule one?
I haven't submited this for any stickies or anything.


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Re: Guide "The Efficient Rush"

I meant the stickied guide thread, I remember reading somewhere that Warlock was planning to link this in the guide thread along with a guide of HegemonKhan's...except I forgot where I read it.