Guide idea - looking for input


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Guide idea - looking for input

After seeing a variety of threads about building sorcs in SP I was thinking that a SP sorc guide might be useful. This wouldn't be a build specific guide since lots of those exist, but more tailored to people new(ish) to SP or SP sorcs with a general breakdown on basics that seem to be rehashed fairly often.

Main topics would be
- choosing spells/tree based on MF goals (or lack of MF goals)
- advantages/disadvantages of particular skills (including strategy)
- deciding on skill point distribuitions between trees

I'm not sure if it would need an equipment section or not since much of the equipment might depend on what the player has available, but it might be worth a section on most commonly used equiment.

Most of the veterens in this forum could probably fill a guide like this very quickly and have no need of it, so my target audience would be the people that are newer, or just have limited experience with sorc builds.

So right now I have a couple of questions for anyone that cares to add their two cents:

1) Is it worth writing this guide (heck, there are enough sorc guides already right?)
2) If yes to #1, is there anything else that this guide should contain?
3) If no to #1, how is durf to blame for this idea?



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- I like the idea. One item to include would definitely be FCR breakpoints, and explain how 63 FCR is generally a 'minimum' for many sorcs (FHR breakpoints wouldn't hurt too). Don't forget the slower breakpoints for Lightning, CL, and Inferno.
- I think a small equipment section is a good idea. Explain some things to look for (+skills, FCR), as well as some relatively easy to find items (Vipermagi, Frostburns, Magefists, etc.).
- Also, +mana vs. +mana regeneration.
- If it comes to it, I can fill in the Firewall targeting section for you too (I've probably answered that question ~20 times by now - and no, it's not that hard to target).
- Re: #3, Durf is to blame because that's just the nature of the way things work.

- One more: 'What's the best merc for my sorc?' pointers


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I'd like to see this. One thing I have noticed since I've been back is that a lot of the SP guides here these days tend towards guides like in any other forum - i.e. heavily oriented around specific equipment. While it's nice to see what uniques would look good - one aspect of SP that I think is integral is that a large percentage of people don't have access to all that equipment. An equipment section based upon what kind of mods to look for would, in my opinion, be far more useful to the majority of non-veteran SPers.

In answer to 3.... I dont know how.... but perhaps my lack of knowing how is in fact his fault!! Let's blame him just to be safe! ;)


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The block debate should probably get a mention in a guide like this. Since there would never be any agreement, perhaps get someone (or several people) from each camp to write up a blurb about their reasons for choosing what they do, and then just include both.

You can probably save yourself the trouble on the Enchantress section (if you were even planning one) by linking to MongoJerry's guide, since it is a nice general guide for enchantress options.

If you want a section on sorcs and Rogue mercs, you know where to find me. :grin:


You may want to put in some specific info on skill allocation, like certain level invest certain skill etc. That will help out alot when people is reading it.


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IMHO, there can never be too many guides. Every person has their own unique view and that's what makes it interesting. Even if the guide is not extensive, but only covers certain aspects of features or a build, it's worth it.



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Thanks for the replies:thumbsup:. After even this short a time it looks like enough people might find this worthwhile.

Definite things added:
- FCR/FHR tables
- Merc selection
- links to sorc guides
- Block/No Block debate
- gear selection for the wealth challenged
- Hlap Hloop!

I'll likely take those of you who offered help in specific sections up on that! :grin:

*off to start drafting in some program with spell checking...*