Guide: How to Prepare for Patch 2.3 (Non-Seasonal)



[caption id="attachment_385438" align="alignright" width="350"] New item set gear for Patch 2.3 players.[/caption]

A fan typed up a pretty thorough guide about how to prepare for the many game changes coming in Patch 2.3. It's themed almost entirely to players who are *not* doing Seasons, and thus has a lot of focus on saving up materials in advance.

Here's a bullet point summary of the full article, with a couple of additions/clarifications added.
  • Don't do any Keywardens or Ubers until 2.3.
    • On Torment 7-10 KWs drop more often, and Ubers drop 2-3 Organs. Also, HFAs roll with a guaranteed socket.

  • Use your Rift Fragments now.
    • Nephalem Rifts no longer require keys in Patch 2.3.

  • Save up Death's Breaths and Forgotten Souls.
    • DBs especially are the big material bottleneck in Patch 2.3. (They often drop double on T8+.)

  • Craft level 70 legendary/set items now.

  • Use up your Greater Rift keys.
    • GRKs are still needed for Grifts in Patch 2.3, but they no longer have #s per key, so a GR1 will be the same as a GR70 come the patch.

  • Expect gear inflation/power creep. (Clean our your stash.)
    • Kanai's Cube boosts your character power considerably. You'll find more Shards and better gear, and obsolete most of your current non-ideal gear quickly.

  • Make a fast-movement farming build that can handle T7.
    • Running all five bounties per Act for the new cache mats is a way of live in Patch 2.3. You get the maximum 4 mats per cache (plus the bonus cache) on T7 or higher.

  • Save up Puzzle Rings and Bovine Bardiches.

  • Save at least one samples of your ideal legendary item that rolled poorly.
    • The Law of Kulle cube recipe lets you reforge any given Legendary Item. Best used to try to get that Ancient weapon of your dreams.

  • Save up Set Items to reroll.
    • The Skull of Nilfur recipe lets you reroll any set item for a low material cost.

  • Save rare items of your desired legendary item type.
    • The Hope of Cain recipe lets you upgrade rare to random legendary of that type. Turn a yellow ceremonial knife into a Starmetal Kukri, etc.

We'll have similar advice for players planning on diving into the new season later this week, in time to plan your busy Friday night fight.

Click through for the full OP with useful explanations of every bullet point listed above.

Here's the full post by Malendariel from the forums:
I've played a fair bit on the PTR over the last 24 hours (Torment 8/9/10). It's pretty fun (albeit incredibly laggy). There are a lot of changes, and I thought I'd write up some advice for people who aren't going to play the PTR (or can't get into a game).

1. Don't do any Ubers until 2.3
If you don't plan to play Season 4, any effort you put in to farming keys now, could be 4 times more effective once 2.3 goes live. Currently, in order to craft 1 x Hellfire Amulet (HFA), you need to farm 4 x keys from each of the 4 Keywardens. You use 1 of each key to craft 1 infernal machine. You need 4 machines to get enough mats to create 1 HFA. This means creating at least 4 different games (to respawn the wardens). So 1 HFA = 16 keys. In 2.3, any keys you have in your stash get converted to infernal machines. This means you're getting 4 HFAs in 2.3 for the same effort you're putting in now. Farm keys now, then when 2.3 lands create HFA's until you get a good one.

2. Use your Rift Fragments
In 2.2, you need to do a bounty to get a rift fragment, then you use that fragment to open a rift. In 2.3, rifts are free. You just click the stone, and start a Nephalem Rift. So awesome. If you have rift fragments now, you might as well use them up now. In 2.3 they just become "grey" items that you can sell to a vendor for gold.

3. Collect Death's Breaths and Forgotten Souls
Currently most people have a lot of Veiled Crystal (the yellow crafting mat), and hardly any Arcane Dust (the blue one) or Reusable Parts (the white one). In 2.3 you can convert crafting mats from one type to another. This will make people with tens (or hundreds) of thousands of Veiled Crystal very happy. The bounties and goblins also seem to drop a lot more crafting materials as well, however they don't really drop a lot of Death's Breaths (DB). I noticed that in some T9/T10 games we were getting 2 DB per elite pack instead of the 1 we might be lucky to get currently on T6. If you can fit the Sage set into your build (it doubles how many DB drop), then definitely start picking them up. Many of the cube recipes only use 5 of them, but I think some used 50. Same for Forgotten Souls. Pick up those legs and salvage them in town.

4. Make crafted items now
If you need crafted items (eg for an XP/DB farming build), and you don't have ancient ones already, make them now. Things like Reaper's Wraps, Aughild's, Born's, Sage's, Cain's, Asheara's, Captain Crimson's, etc will cost the new precious crafting mats which you get from doing bounties. These mats will most likely be in demand for rerolling things instead. Craft these items now while they only use the Yellow/Blue/White mats.

5. Speed run your GR keys
In 2.3 all unused trial keys (the ones with the infinity loop symbol on them), and every GR key you have (no matter the level) all become one and the same. They simply allow you to start a Greater Rift. You can choose to start up to a level which you have cleared while playing solo. Yes, this means that those 1200 trial keys you have in your stash are all potentially GR56 (or even higher) keys. Speed run your 30s/40s (or 50s if you have a great group) now to make the most of them.

6. Clean up your stash/mules
Considering you can make all your trial keys into GR keys, and the fact that the Cube makes your character a lot more powerful, you'll be able to speed clear GR45 in 1-2 minutes, just like you're doing with GR35 now. This means more blood shards and more loot drops. If it's not mentioned in the patch notes, and you're not keeping because you're a hoarder like me, salvage it. Be ruthless. Keep 1 of each rare item (non-ancient) to go into the cube. I'd only do this for things with a low drop rate like Furnace, SMK, Krider, etc. All those other ones you're keeping "in case it's useful in some new build Blizz creates" will go into the cube, just in case that new build does exist at some point. The cube means we can use Legendary Affixes to supplement/alter how the sets work. Keep greens, trash dupes of orange items that have affixes.

7. Put together a fast bounty build
When 2.3 lands, everyone will be doing bounties. Well at least for a day or two. Bounty caches drop the crafting materials which allow you do perform the transmutations provided by the Cube. Bounties will also allow you to effectively reroll existing items. If you have horrible RNG luck and don't get an ancient, say Flying Dragon/Serpent Sparker/Kridershot/etc, but you get a non-ancient one, just do heaps of bounties and then reroll the item. This essentially changes the one you put in the cube into a brand new one, as if it has just dropped again. This means it could possibly be ancient. If you put an ancient one in, it can also (most 90% chance) end up as non-ancient. Either way, you will need to do quite a few bounties in order to reroll an item. Monk/Wiz have the fastest builds due to dashing strike and teleport travelling over terrain/through walls. Barbs/DH can usually keep up. Crusaders are ok with Swiftmount. Witch Doctors are currently slow, but I saw a hilarious (and quite fast) "Angry Chicken" farming build for 2.3 — let's hope WD get this and can compete speed-wise.

8. Save your Puzzle Rings and Bovine Bardiches
If you're short on cash, save any Puzzle Rings/Bovine Bardiches you get now. In 2.3 you can stick them in the cube and they'll open a portal to the Goblin Greed realm or the Not a cow level. Both of these are excellent sources of gold and gems. Currently these portals are quite random, so no one really sticks any gold-find gear on to maximise them. In 2.3 you'll be able to set up a char with heaps of gold find on, then pop a Puzzle Ring in the cube, and probably walk away with 500m-1billion gold. This will be excellent for people who have only just started the game and don't have billions of gold at their disposal.

9. Save some set items for rerolling
If you are really struggling trying to get those last 2 ancient versions of set pieces (or even just those last 2 pieces of a set), but the RNG gods are being unkind, simply hold onto any non-ancient versions of the set and you can convert them in the cube. EG: if you don't have ancient Raiment shoulders, keep all set pieces and when the patch lands, put the non-shoulders into the cube and convert them to another piece in the set, you might get shoulders, they might be ancient. If you have saved up some shoulders then reroll them. Rerolling essentially spawns a brand new item of that type, just as if it had dropped. All stats change, and it has a chance to be ancient. Rerolling is expensive material-wise, but it'll be the best chance of getting an ancient version. Note: there has been a change to rerolling items — it can now only be done for sets of 3 or greater. This means no more rerolling for Focus/Restraint, BK swords, Shen Long fists, Danetta's, etc.

10. Save some yellow items for upgrading
Have you been struggling to find an Star Metal Kukri/Bul-kathos/IK Boulder Breaker/Aether Walker/Serpent Sparker/Dagger of Darts/Flying Dragon/Golden Flense? Save some yellow items of the same type (eg a yellow 2-handed Mighty Weapon for a Boulder Breaker) and when 2.3 hits you can put it in the cube, add a few extra mats, and upgrade it to a legendary and then hope you get the right one. The odds aren't great, but higher than just farming. Great for slots like 2H Mighty Weapons/Xbows where lots of the other possibilities are useful.

The PTR has only just gone live, so some of these things might change. However I think most of the above will end up making it to live.

Try the PTR out (if you can). Play with new builds. Perma CC will be gone, so think up new and exciting ways for groups to survive. Most of all, just have fun :)


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Good post Flux. Good advice especially regarding bounties. Will be good to actually do them again. Best patch yet imho even with my negative view points on certain aspects of itemization.


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Pretty sure Monks & Barbs are the best in all aspects now by far. Most DPS, Most Tanky, Fastest farming builds, and so on. Maybe not the best in CC.


Diabloii.Net Member
I wish the Wizard could have as "clean" of a drop table as the DH has. Pretty much everything drops for the Wizard. Not even bad items, just dumb things like axes. DHs don't get axes.


Diablo: IncGamers Member
depends, a dh normaly shouldnt see those kind of items, but sometimes i get stuff for wd and crusader as barb, yet i dont have any of those.. but dont count to see many of those drop for a dh tho..


Diabloii.Net Member
I still wander if I'll get soul less or starving from legendary mats. Sure cubing all legendary power uses many of them at the beginning but once all powers are in, I dunno. I am always soul less on live.


Diabloii.Net Member
Yeah, it's an unfortunate side-effect of smart loot. Thankfully the Puzzle Ring is more important (unless I missed something) than the Bovine Bardiche and it drops with equal chance for everyone, which I absolutely hated before this patch.


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If you're playing for fun it doesn't really matter which class you choose. With the new Cube each of them will be able to easily speedfarm the Torment difficulties eventually.

Personally I'll be going with the WD. It's the class that changed the most this patch and thematically it's my favorite. The new Manajuma set is ridiculous for speedfarming, possibly on par with the Monks' Dashing Strike build.


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Keep in mind that we'll be able to go above T6 for item farming this patch and that increases the drop rate of Legendaries and as a result Souls if you can farm efficiently.


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Lucky me, I accidentally deleted all my S3 Set Items while I was getting my stuff from the BlizzMail. But only that.

My current status:
60k+ Veiled Crystals
20k+/- Death's Breaths
15k+/- Resuable Parts
650+ Grift Keys

Hopefully this will be of some use (?).


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I'm probably more excited for non-seasonal this time round than seasonal. It's the cube's fault. Entirely and completely. This time round I got a monk who I'm fairly happy with and I'm struggling to keep up stash wise with a fully geared Crusader and a fully geared Monk. Which is a shame because I do like the idea of the seasonal journey and all the stuff that goes with it.

I think that the Era stuff will be interesting once the patch hits - I think it will obliterate the "disparity" between seasonal/non-seasonal because of the amount of gear people will have saved up to stick in the cube.


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Sure, you can do that, but it's probably a waste of crafting mats, unless you don't have anything better to spend them on. There's no guarantee that when you convert a Rare into Legendary you'll get what you want, although there are only 5 Legendary polearms, so your chances aren't as bad as with other weapons.


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Every time I read references about how "everyone" is clearing GR35 in one to two minutes, I wish for the billionth time that the game rewarded single player as heavily as it rewards multiplayer. Takes so much longer to get great gear when solo'ing most of the time.