[Guide] GA/FA M'avina's Zon


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[Guide] GA/FA M'avina's Zon

Note that I did not CREATE this amazon yet, I intend to

Freezing/Guided M'avina's Battle Hymn Amazon

The idea:

The idea of this build is to create an Amazon equipped and build around the M'avina's Battle Hymn set. The reason that I choose to pick this set is fairly simple: Amazons look good with M'avina's Caster (the bow), Amazons look great with circlets, tiara's and diadems and the set is pretty good now in 1.10 with those extra stats. Another nice thing in 1.10 is that you get a special Aura for your character when wearing the full M'avina's set, looks sweet. :)
This build is intended to be good enough to survive in hardcore. Softcore characters might want to make some changes to increase their kill-speed at the cost of their resistances or life. I did not consider any options for PvP-ing or PK-ing as I'm not interested in those parts at the game at all, you'll have to look for an other guide if you're interested in that.

The stat-points:

Like most builds written here, I'll start with deciding how I should place my stat points. Remember that most of the points were choosen based on equipment and skills. You start off with the following:

Strength - 20
Dexterity - 25
Vitality - 20
Energy - 15

By time you can equip all your gear, you'll probably want to have the following:

Strength - 92
Dexterity - 200
Vitality - Rest
Energy - 15 (Base)

This means you put 72 points into strength, around 175 points in dexterity and the rest in vitality. Although Freezing Arrow consumes a lot of mana, we'll keep this at base. Manaleech items (like M'avina's Tenet (the set belt)) will take care of our mana problems.

The skill-points:

Following most other guides, I'll tell you my idea about placing skills here. I will also explain why I choose this amount of skillpoints in this skill. You'll get a maximum of 110 skill points to spend in the entire game, completing all quests and being level 99. Since it's really hard to archieve this high level, I choose to list skill points up to level 85.

This means we have 110 - 14 = 96 points to spend.

Guided Arrow - 20

I like Guided Arrows, they help a lot with killing running enemies (pesky Fallen running away from you) and you can hit monsters from a long distance. Sure it's not as powerful as it once was in 1.09, with pierce hitting monsters twice, but still it's a very effective skill. Also great to leech back any lost mana if you need to, since the mana costs go down when the skill-level goes up.

Freezing Arrow - 20

Freezing Arrow has always been one of my favourite skills. Now that M'avina's Icy Clutch (the gloves) give 20% extra cold skill damage and an extra 131-252 cold damage this seems a fairly nice choice.
Freezing Arrow works perfect in large groups with the skill Pierce, when you hit the first monster in a pack, it will hurt monsters nearby and when the pierce-check doesn't fail, you'll hit the second monster in the pack too, resulting in another blast in the area, hurting the monsters again. The high mana must be compensated by quite some manaleech or +mana after each kill items, which can be hard. Use Guided Arrow to quickly leech some blue
stuff back.

Cold Arrow - 8

Cold Arrow gives 12% extra Cold Damage per level to Freezing Arrow. I choose to pick this over Ice Arrow, which gives +5% Freeze Length per level, as I think Cold Arrow will work out better for you in the end. Put all your left-over points in this skill, or in the passive skills if you feel you need those more.

Critical Strike - 10

Level 10 Critical Strike will give you a nice 56% chance to do double physical damage. Since you can leech over this extra damage, I suggest you to take this. You will need it to keep your blue ball high.

Penetrate - 5

Level 5 penetrate gives 75% extra Attack Rating, nice, since you'll need this in order to keep hitting in Hell with Freezing Arrow, with Cat's Eye and Ravenfrost you'll get a fairly nice amount of AR to shoot with. Extra points might go here if you feel you need them. Remember that M'avina's True Sight (Diadem) also gives 50% Bonus to Attack Rating when worn with 3 other pieces of the set. Also note that Guided Arrow is still 'Always Hit' so doesn't require any attack rating at all.

Pierce - 12

Level 12 Pierce gives you a 75% chance to pierce through your target. Although fairly useless for Guided Arrow, it's nice for Freezing Arrow as explained above. The pierce-chance will be even higher because of your +skill items.

Dodge/Avoid/Evade - 6/3/5

You'll need these skills if you want to stay alive, since you're a bow user, you have no shield to protect you from attacks. Try to stay away from danger by casting a Valkyrie and Decoy regularly and pay good attention to your Mercenary. Should things go terribly wrong then these skills might save you. Just do not rely on them too much.

Inner Sight, Slow Missiles, Decoy and Valkyrie - 1/1/1/1

I think it is best to keep these skills at level one. I choose to put the skillpoints elsewhere. Decoy and Valkyrie are great protectors, but easy to recast (unless you're out of mana, but then a high level Valkyrie will give even more trouble since it requires more mana to be casted). A special mention to Slow Missiles: Hot-key this skill! It saves you from those annoying ranged attackers and especially against Lightning Enchanted monsters. Even now, when Multiple Shot and Lightning Enchanted do not stack anymore, you should really be careful with Lightning Enchanted monsters, they hurt, they hurt a lot. Use Slow Missiles to slow their bolts down to make them easier to dodge. Your +skills will give you a nice duration.

Javelin and Spear Skills: None.

I'm talking about a real bowazon here, no skills put in this tree. You might want to consider a point of Jab if you're always playing alone. This point might help you a lot in combination with a spear if you're taking on Duriel normal.

With the equipment listed below, you'll get:

+4 All skills (1 from the Diadem and 3 from your set), +2 Bow skills (both from your bow) and +2 to your passive skills (both from your armor). In other words, you get +6 All skills (since you'll not use the Javelin and Spear skills).


Finally we get the goodies. It shouldn't be a suprise that I choose the M'avina's set since this was the whole idea after the build after all.

Primary Weapon: M'avina's Caster
Secondary Weapon: Titan's Revenge
Secondary Shield: Sigon's Guard
Helmet: M'avina's True Sight
Armor: M'avina's Embrace
Gloves: M'avina's Icy Clutch
Belt: M'avina's Tenet
Boots: Cow King's Hooves
Amulet: Cat's Eye
Ring 1: Ravenfrost
Ring 2: dualleech ring

Charms: Mostly Life, Mana, attack rating, damage, cold damage (for extra cold length), resistances etc.

A little explaination:

I choose for my secondary slots the Titan's Revenge and Sigon's Guard (shield). The reason for that is that you get +2 all Amazon skills and +20 Dexterity from the Titan's and +1 All skills plus a great amount of block from Sigon's Guard. These +3 skills help you with your dodge skills and the great amount of block helps you getting max block. The idea is to switch to shield/javelins when you're entering town portals or waypoints where you're not sure if it's safe. You can argue however that when you switch to shield and javelins you lose your full set bonus (= 50% all resists + 25% resist from your belt) + a lot of skill points for dodge/avoid/evade. The choice is yours, perhaps you should check wether you're going to enter an area with a lot of physical damaging monsters or elemental damaging characters and then decide if you're going to switch or not. This switching equipment is fairly cheap (you can use the worst titans you can get your hands on, since it doesn't matter in this case), but keep in mind it might do your more harm then good.

The problem of leech.
As you can see you will only leech mana from two items, your dualleech ring and M'avina's Tenet (the belt: 5%). Pity, but it is very hard to get other sources to leech from. You might want to consider losing a lot of great stats from Cat's Eye by choosing a Cresent Moon amulet. Remember that a Ravenfrost is almost a must-have for any character. Being chilled will greatly reduce your killing speed and you're much easier to attack. You do not want that to happen. Socketing a Cham rune would waste a very high rune and you'll probably miss the 15-20 dex, cold damage and 150-250 AR from Ravenfrost anyway.

Since M'avina's Caster is a WSM +10 bow, you'll need quite some IAS to reach a good breakpoint. Fortunately, you'll get 40% IAS from the bow itself and another 30% IAS from the diadem. Since it is impossible to reach 8 Frames per Attack with M'avina's set (without using Fanaticism or hacked items that is), we'll stick with 9 Frames per Attack. Don't worry, it's fast enough. The good thing is that we only need 89% IAS to get it. With 70% IAS from the set, we only need 19% more. Take Cat's Eye! It gives you 20% IAS extra which is just enough to reach 9 Frames per Attack. No need to socket your items with IAS jewels.

The speed table for WSM +10 Bows used by Amazons, like M'avina's Caster
Weapon Speed Breaks - Base:13 WSM:10
IAS 	EIAS Frames 
  0 	 -10 	15 
  4 	 -7 	14 
 11 	 0 	13 
 22 	 8 	12 
 35 	17 	11 
 56 	28 	10 
 89 	41 	 9 
147 	56 	 8 
292 	75 	 7
Amazon Faster Hit Recovery Table (from Euro-PVP.net)
FHR	Frames
  0 	 11
  6 	 10
 13 	  9
 20 	  8
 32 	  7
 52 	  6
 86 	  5
174 	  4
600 	  3
Your armor gives you 30% FHR when worn with two other items. Could be useful to get one small charm with faster hit recovery to get 7 frame hit recovery, although you will probably never notice the difference.


Bow - Since you'll probably looking at an empty mana ball all times, try a Perfect skull in your bow (yes I know, it's a shame). I wouldn't know how to socket it better.
Diadem - Hmmm, hard one, but I'd take a nice 15 all res jewel, prefered with an other stat. High resistances never killed anyone, however, low resistances did kill plenty.
Armor - same as for your Diadem, it's hard to choose something. You really do not need IAS and your resists should be fine (M'avina's set gives +100% all resist all together) even in hell. Perhaps a cold-based Rainbow Facet, which would be nice in your Diadem too, improving your cold damage even more.

Some links for you to check out:

Skill Planner for 1.10 -
IAS table - http://stats.diabloii.net
Misc. Info - http://www.euro-pvp.net
Battle.net Item-section - http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/


I hope you liked this guide, I did not create this character myself yet, I inted to do it. Please feel free to comment on this guide (especially on sockets, I'm quite stuck there).

Thanks for reading,



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to add some stuff:

I'd choose a Holy Freeze or a Might mercenary, Holy Freeze being my favorite, since it gives you even more time to finish off the monsters (or freeze them with Freezing Arrow). Giving him a Reaper's Toll for extra decripify will help you a lot, but isn't a 'must-have'. Any other high damaging, leeching weapon will do fine.
I prefer to give my mercenaries a Shaftstop and a Tal Rasha's Mask for extra damage reduction, life, resistances and life leech.


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Nice guide. I'd just like to tell you about my zon....
Cold synergy arrow-20

Now that i think about it...guided arrow would have been a lot better than strafe. A multishot with significant plus skills takes care of cold immune groups pretty well, and though my strafe does take down the bosses faster than a guided arrow, it has 20 more points in it. Uhh, my preference is to have a good valk, and a might merc. The might merc is so my leach is a bit higher, and the damage is too. (i have 19% mana leech, its hard to keep mana up).


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What kind of equipment do you use then? What level are you and how are your passive skills set? 20 Valk is a huge skillpoint investment, you'll lack points for your dodge/avoid/evade tree and crit/penetrate/pierce.

Good idea on taking might merc for higher leech, I'll consider that. Thanks for your input.


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Perhaps i should have posted more. I use Full Mavs basically, two manalds, gore riders, and a highlords wrath. I also have an annihlus and a bow skill charm. I have a shael in my bow, 15% ias/20 fire res jewel in helmet, and 15% ias in my armor. Now you may think...what an idiot for all that ias, quite frankly, i am an idiot. Im lookin to get a different ammy, and eye of etlich is probably what im going to put on.

As far as skills go, i have 9 plus skills to bow/xbow and 8 to passives. 1 point into all passives brings them to a pretty beautiful d/e/a percent. I also put an extra 3 points into decoy to fatten up my valk, and now im just getting penetrate for the nice attack rating. Im level 87.



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you said to socket the bow with a pskull for mana leech right? well another more expensive option would be to secket it with a vex for more ml but like i said its expensive

P.S. by no means am i a pro so you are very much entitled to bash me and mock me