Guess who's a mod

Sweet. Its about time (no offense meant to anyone) that someone takes that role. I know Elly just doesn't have the time for it, but it was desperately needed.


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Excellent choice Elly.

*waves pointy stick at R++ to keep him from eyeing my job*

Congrats there R++. Glad you could join the "green team"


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I'm fairly certain this is one sign of the apocalypse. Nostradamus wrote:

The sailor from San Diego
Entrusted with power over men
Runs riot in the sixth year of the millennium
And the streets flow with the blood of innocents
Oh yeah, and also with beer


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AeroJonesy said:
He's always been easy.
I've told you all before, I'm not easy.... But I am cheap.

Yes, Elly has given me the keys to the WoW Community Forum. I think it was the fact that I was using the report bad post button like it was giving out free cheese per click.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes.


*Gets on pale horse and rides back to his lair to plot the overthrow of the world