Guardianz0r!!!!! BlackLotus


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Guardianz0r!!!!! BlackLotus

There was something about Blacklotus that made people uncomfortable, maybe it was the fact she was an assassin, a mage slayer or maybe it was because of the old wooden leg she used to slay her enemies. She had not the slightest idea when it came to weaponry and thought that wielding a slightly green, cheese smelling leg was the best way to smite the demon baal from this world. and she was right...........*DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNHHH*

Guardian Blacklotus
lvl 69 Assassin

Equipment: this is what toting alot of mf threw normal and nightmare and going from lvl 35 to 45 on p1 baal runs in normal does for you.

Weapon: dual Sol'ed, pskull wirt's leg
Shield: pdiamond Sigons
Armour: Mechanic's armour of life (+76 life, dmg reduce 1)
Helmet: Lore great helm
Boots:Rare greaves ( 30%fr/w, low FR, half freeze, 23% MF)
belt: Sigons belt
gloves: Sigons gloves
Amulet: Angelic
Rings:angelic ring and a 3% LL rare one with abit of AR
Charms: hah! none

Stats: base(equip)
Str: 90(100)
dex: 155(165)
vit: 170(170)
nrg: Base(35)

Life: 827
Mana: 144
Resists: 39/14/44/14
AR norm attack: 4132
AR Tiger Strike: 4330
damage: 827-828
Defense: 977 with CoS

20 Tigerstrike(22)
20 Venom(22)
20 Fade(22)
16 CoS(18)
1 Cobra Strike(3)

No merc, i did have one but he was attracting monsters and kept dieing and putting me in jeopardy. so he was turfed.

this was a very hard achievement, with alot more time spent fleeing for my life than actually fighting. typical fight was CoS then charge up and release TS with venom active. In hell all fights possible were skipped and only quest enemies were killed.
Hell, even without fighting took ~14 hours i guess. the ancients themselves took over an hour. with me performing running attacks against madawc until he died, then hitting korlic in the back till he fell. then trying the same thing on talic. was a very close thing even with my inventory FULL of full rejuvs.

Against Baal I lured away all the minions possible, fallen of first wave, cold mages of second and the entire 3rd, 4th n 5th wave. so i only had to kill the FE shaman which was nerve racking( you try hitting something then having .4 of a sec to get away) and achmel's mummies. i hate that guy :mad:
Baal himself was surprisingly easy if somewhat long winded, almost ran out of money buying pots.

The hardest boss would of been duriel as his room lacks the room needed to dodge. and his damn HF. but i got him eventually.

:drink: time for me!
thanks to fbob for running the tourney n making me make such a crazy character.
the tourney participants for making it alot of fun.
anyone who dueled/ Mp'ed with my windy yesterday for a needed sin break.
and of course wirt, for the use of his leg


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As I said in the other thread....


That has to be the most impressive guardian I've seen, based on the level, the weapon, the untwinkedness, and the charmlessness. Bravo!


Dude, that's incredible - nice work! Kinda' throws a wrench in the B.Net theory that you need uber runewords to survive, eh?

Have a drink on me.

- Noodle

Crazy Runner Guy

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[a well deserved stroke to corax's ego]
Where to start: Low res, low life, crap weapon, no merc, low initial AR, and clvl 69..... :king: Truely pwnage, and congrats dude.
[/a well deserved stroke to corax's ego]



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Go corax! what he forgot to mention was that he did this all in very short time (check the zod thread to see how far back he was 2 weeks ago)
Congrats! Now... to go better you, if I can.


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water_moon said:
Go corax! what he forgot to mention was that he did this all in very short time (check the zod thread to see how far back he was 2 weeks ago)
Congrats! Now... to go better you, if I can.
hell was done in almost a single sitting. with short breaks to duel, help sledge level and help cindy with her homework.

now to sabotage W_M...mmm... to stick a cookie in the works if you will


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Congrats, Corax :thumbsup:

If anyone should win the Zod, it's you. That build is insane, and that's awesome that you finished it.


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Yup, I think WM and Corax deserves drinks(and cookies) for the "last-min" rush to the top. :drinks:

It makes me wonder though, what were the rest of us doing the other 6 weeks :lol:


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I always knew that assassins rock the world of D2, but this magnificient accomplishment caught me by surprise. Great going!



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Awesome, Corax.

That's a brilliant achievement.

So young, so fast, so, so, just wow!

Well done!