Guardians At War recruiting for classic


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Guardians At War recruiting for classic

Gaw or Guardians at War has not been up for long, but we are looking for members.
Games Gaw Play- Diablo 2 classic Guild Wars Hellgate
What Gaw gives to it's members-

Friendy players that are extremely good to each other

Good admin

Wonderful forum and tornements.


Q. How do you know that you are selecting good people for the guild/clan?

A. We have a very indept aplication to join. SO we always know who is right and who is wrong.

Q. Does Gaw own a guild in GuildWars?

A. Yes there is the Guild in GuildWars is also called Guardians At War

Q. WHat happens to members who bully others?

A. They get a auto bann and that is that

if you would like to apply to the clan just visit here

We except everyone even people who are new to diablo 2.