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Guardian Tornrosa

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Maltatai, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Maltatai

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    Nov 2, 2010
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    Maltatai: Presenting the amazon Törnrosa, Swedish for the fairytale Sleeping Beauty.

    Törnrosa: I do still very much doubt this idea of yours.

    Floria: I have explained it many times, this is what people do in these parts. Exactly what you need to be more popular and appeal to the broader masses.

    Törnrosa: The rabble.

    Floria: Maybe you should use a more diplomatic expression in public.

    Törnrosa: Fine, fine. How does this concept work, then? I am writing some sort of memoir or memorandum, is that correct?

    Floria. Yes, you are supposed to post a summary of your considerable skill and power and the overwhelming thrashing delivered to your opponents.

    Törnrosa: I see. But isn't that a bit over their level of comprehension? The public is for the most part comprised of dimwits who are not even able to, I don't know, find the activation button for the Angelic Wings amulet!


    Floria: Well, maybe, but there are some insightful people out there as well. And not just insightful because they are out there, and thus by definition looking in, and therefore having their sights in.

    Törnrosa: How shall these summaries begin then?

    Floria: They need to have a heading without dots. So "Törnrosa" needs to be spelled "Tornrosa" instead.

    Törnrosa: Preposterous! How utterly primitive! That's what you get when trying to appeal to the unrefined mob.

    Floria: And then the posted content tends to begin with a guiding presentation of you as a character.

    Törnrosa: A...summary in the summary?

    Floria: Precisely!

    Törnrosa: My statistics are facts but your facts are merely statistics!

    Level 82

    Resistances with shield

    Fire: 75
    Cold: 75
    Lightning: 75
    Poison: 43

    Physical Damage Reduction: 0
    Magical Damage Reduction: 0

    Life: 1024
    Mana: 171

    Passive and Magic Skills

    Valkyrie: 20
    Pierce: 0
    The others: 1

    Javelin and Spear Skills

    Power Strike: 20
    Charged Strike: 20
    Lightning Strike: 20
    Fend: 1

    Bow and Crossbow Skills
    Boooo! Never!

    Hat: Törnrosas Athletic Circlet with a Ral rune, Chromatic circlet of luck for most of Hell
    Armor: Smoke in a Full Plate
    Amulet: Angelic Wings
    Left Ring: Angelic Halo
    Right Ring: Angelic Halo
    Belt: Upgraded Nightsmoke belt
    Gloves: Sigons gauntlets
    Boots: Sigons greaves


    Rare harpoon with 66 % enhanced damage, 30 % increased attack speed, 4 % life stealing/Rhyme tower shield
    Lycanders Flank socketed with a Shael rune

    One athletic grand charm and others of resistances and Life
    Extra items

    Nadir mask against stairtraps
    The generals flail
    Athletic amulet to summon a stronger slugmaid
    Varied spare charms in stash

    Equipment of Floria the Scouting Rogue

    Kuko Shakaku with a 15 % attack speed jewel
    Duress in a ring mail
    Tal Rashas mask, Coif of Glory until after hell Duriel
    Notebook filled with scribbles of peculiar bowazon customs

    Maltatai: Törnrosa and her team required precise positioning. When that worked, they were the mightiest ever. When it didn't work, nothing worked. Petronella the valkyrie could tank just about anything and Floria would in time destroy everything. Törnrosa dealt massed damage to crowds and individuals and added limited control of the battle with her puny decoy. With high blocking but no PDR she was great against Act Bosses but not an ideal tank against normal monsters and their captains. This fixed order of battle did suit her personality quite well since she is fond of both having good order and giving orders in the javazon story. The center of battle was usually Floria, being the part that had to be protected at all times and kept out of harms way to be effective. So the bossiest of characters played as bodyguard for most of the game. Logical.

    The mana-hungry lightning skills made her a late bloomer, starting to trample everything deep into the ground some time early in Act V with lightning strike and an invincible valkyrie. The plan was at first to max fend instead of charged strike but going all out in one area seemed to suit her personality more and be more effective. The angelic jewelry was actually quite handy even if wearing it was something of a concession in favor of style and story. Good weapons were not abundant but Floria got herself an explosive bow and Törnrosa found a nice white pike before hell. No Act boss could stand before Törnrosa. The proudest of moments was when facing hell Diablo and he went down without any trip to town being needed. Eat charged bolts, terror of hirelings! One of the most dangerous situations was in the Palace Cellar with horror archers filling a room. The humans wisely decided to observe and direct from afar, leaving the dirty work to Petronella. Törnrosa could have survived a storming assault fairly easy I think but it would have been very hazardous and a game of chance for Floria. There is a long and detailed account of the adventures of the three and their green rival in my javazon story. I won't go into details here because it would only be repeating and also because I'm a sore loser.

    RAAAAGH! One cursed damned #4'/!§+& time! It was so stupid! I had already finished the game with the other javazon Askungen who neatly circled the Arreat Summit with her teleport staff. Textbook approach. But I still neglected to get one for Törnrosa and thought it could be managed by running around the summit and tanking them one at a time. But then Floria got lost along the way somehow. I don't know what happened to her, the health bar was full one moment and she was dead the other. Slime-brained mountaintop oldtimers!

    Lightning skills are indeed powerful. My favorite is lightning strike since it is quite devastating despite the next delay bug and allows for hitting everything in an area while attacking the outer rim of enemy formations. All other things aside, Törnrosa is the most powerful Amazon I've played, eating Act bosses for lunch and with a group that could take down any enemy they faced. She kept to the color theme - snobbish gold and silver and pearly white - decently except for the javelin with a red tip she used. The lack of ranged weaponry was a considerable hindrance some times, like the mentioned archer filled room. With a bow she could have picked the enemy apart and forced them to move instead of being forced to move.

    I still consider all this a defeat and the last chapter of the story in which both Javazons triumph is most aptly named The Death of Floria. She got so very close!

    The Outrageous Taunting Of This Game


    Best of Törnrosa











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    That was pretty good.

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