Guardian thread: (yet another) M'avina amazon.


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So, it's an itsy-bitsy past 3 AM (edit - it's actually around 5:30 now, it took me 2 and a half hours to put all screenies and stuff together) - the best time to write a long delayed Guardian thread. It's been a long time since I posted one actually, heh. And I think that it'll take really long till I make a new one - maybe, forever, maybe less than that. I've been playing the game for more than a dozen years so... yeah. Gotta take a break I guess. Sadly, the time flows. And now I can't play several hours straight with no worries in my head greater than upcoming History test and stuff alike.

Damn, I feel worried and lost whenever such thoughts arise in my head. Sometimes it feels like I finished school a year ago. Maybe a year and a half. It gets even more intense when you walk around places that are no more. Hey, hey! There was an apple orchard here - like, a week ago - where did it go? There was also a tree with branches situated perfectly to climb 20 feet upwards within just a few seconds. ...yeah, there's a school stadium in place of orchard. And the tree was cut - five years ago, actually. Shut up. You're closer to your 30th birthday than you are to that tree.

Some day I'll die and have to be burnt or buried. Sometimes I don't give a buck, sometimes the inevitability and such almost make me cry - of anger, of fear, of self-pity.

Time, what a soulless meat grinder.


Here we are - yet another M'avina amazon. First of all - my gratitude to Drystan for giving me one of his M'avina's Circlets. I was missing that piece of gear and I wasn't ready to spend a couple hundred hours hunting for the particular item - we all know what a trolling itch can the game be.
Drop wise the game was pretty uneventful - had a Vex rune, though. I'd be more excited to see an ever elusive Tyrael's Might or SoJ.
The Hellforge drops weren't brilliant - got something I don't even remember from NM HF, and got an Um from H HF.

Now, check the spoiler'd section to get to the fun part~

Click Me Now!

Early game was played with 1pt strafe (and all corresponding prerequisites). With high dex and good weapons like Buriza it was - well, not really a piece of cake, but still pretty smooth and easy.
To make things clear - yeah, I did invest a hard point in strafe, 'cause I don't really like the idea of recpec'ing a character before the game is beaten.

Immediately after reaching lvl 63 ('Beast' War Scepter) I switched to melee play style. Despite base vitality, the life pool was more or less acceptable due to good life bonus from equipment and charms and life bonus from Were-skills. Valk was really tanky, too!
Still, with all stuff listed above, I had to un-shift to human form and use strafe and guided arrows when the game went hard and heavy on me. Fortunately, being ranged didn't feel superior to being melee in most cases just a bit safer.

The damage was sufficient. Not great, due to the stats provided by M'avina set - with high dex Buriza would be better, but I wanted a shiny aura! - but sufficient. Lack of Crushing Blow wasn't really noticeable - until I had to fight Hell Baal. Ugh, it took three or four forevers!

It was fun.
Well, as fun as a melee amazon can be, lol.

Get some screenies.
Vex rune
Hell Hellforge
Slapping Andariel's butt
Going coward mode against Lister
Corner-tricking Mephisto
Weird Andy drop - 2 essences!

Thanks for reading.
Happy New Year, people.
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Wassup Narandjita, nice Guardian. And I guess a nice rant too .... lol. But you forgot to mention stat and skill placements. What kind of MavinaZon were you? I saw you had 'beast' as well. WTF? Can you be a bit more explicit plz?


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Thanks, Dave! Actually the stat and skill placement is all in the first picture :)
The stats were planned to be "enough str to wear Spirit Monarch, rest goes to dex". But I kind of forgot the str bonus provided by Beast and maybe I might have overdid the "enough str" thing a bit.

As for skills, it's pretty much a usual melee amazon (except for bow one-pointers).

The idea was revolving around making a viable a non-barb (and non-druid or paladin as well) bear adorned with class set aura. So.... yeah. It's pretty obvious from the screenies :)


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Congrats on the Guardian! Some pretty low ranged hitpoints in Hell! Glad you made it through with Beast though. :)


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Cool one! Yet another one, but something completely different, almost.

Played with the ideas for the each class-specific sets and bear-form characters while playing my Griswold's shock bear. Nice that at least one of these got made.


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Grape, try IK bearbard. It's basically a tankier and a bit slower version of a wolfbarb. Pretty fun!
Drys, yes, the hp is lowish, but that was far outweighed by valk tankiness -)