Guardian TheTrappedPath


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Guardian TheTrappedPath

Wanted to get this over with, before the ladder reset.


U.S. East Hardcore Ladder, solo.

A more difficult battle than I had anticipated, because this character is a MF'er and is not really geared for high damage, Open Wounds or (to some extent) resistances. Good old Hell Baal gave me a run for my money, he seems to be conjuring an awful lot of those bloody Festering Appendages these days, and I had forgotten how much it royally sux not to have CBF (even for a caster) around that Hoarfrost of his.

Merc only went down once, although I had to recast SM a couple of times.

And, of course, my big drop from Mr. B. was a Venom Ward breast plate and a pair of Frostburns. Ah, well, I did get a Head Hunter's Glory while running River of Flame, earlier.

I doubt that I'll get this far next Ladder season, but it's nice to remind myself that I can do it, none the less. Good old TheTrappedPath; she dodged all the PKers, all the dolls and Frenzytaurs, and made it to the end of the ladder. She's a survivor... I think I'll keep her. :grin: