Guardian Rathma (2/7)


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Guardian Rathma (2/7)

Guardian Rathma, Summonmancer Lvl 79. (Sorry, skipped the Congrats Page :undecided: by accident. Damn those movies we's skips!)

Ok, this guys twinked, but his equipment is bad, so it's not that big a deal for him. He had a MAJOR scare. First time he versed the Ancients, he lost. Second time, I was slightly stronger and more prepared. Go teleport!
The scare was the first time he versed Baal's Minions. I didn't notice Baal move, but he cast his venom lord fire breathers RIGHT ON TOP OF ME! No chance of teleport, and I was actually surrounded. Quick save and exit (after 3 full Juvies): He who learns to run, can fight another day (or something. :) ) I do hate doing this, but I figure it's there to be used, and I don't want to restart that late.

Str: 50 (83)
Vit: 385 (395)
HP: 1146
LCS (clicky)

Skills remaining: 32 (where should these go? I have no clue.)
Stats: 0

1 amp.

1 teeth
7 Corpse explosion

20 Skeleton and Skeleton Mastery
1 to all else, but Fire Golem.

1337 IT4MZZZZ!!! (seriously, they're bad.)
Helm: Undead Crown (twinked just before I killed the Ancients)
Amulet:Mahim-Oak Curio
Weap/Shield: Gravespine/+1 Decrep (and other unused spells) +28 res all shield
Switch: Spellsteel (teleport charges + FCR + other unused.)
Armour: ETH Skin of the Vipermagi
Gloves: Trangoul's
Belt: Nightsmoke (very basic.)
Ring 1: +3 Str, +7 Ene, +5 mana, +16 AR, +Fire res +6% and 12& CtC Lvl 4 Charged bolt when struck. Nice into hell isn't it? I honestly found nothing better or worth twinking onto him.
Ring 2: Nagelring! (19MF)
Boots: Natalya's for the resists and FR/W

A2 Might with Blackleach blade (very annoying for overriding my decrep on Baal,) Blackhorns Face, and Guardian Angel which I've now swapped for a Spirit Shroud Baal dropped.

1 x +1 Skeleton skiller/+5 Str.
A few good lifers, a few very low resists, and about +7 to STR total.

I can't remember his finds/runes, but this dropped from one of Shenks little friends: Griswold's Heard, Ornate Plate. :shocked: I thought Griswold's were VERY rare. Is it or the set practical for any character though? I'd love to be able to use it.
Baal again cheated me and dropped a Spirit Shroud (thanks!) a low end unique bow, and a bunch of junky yellows.

I'm going to ease up on the twinking now, especially the low level Cleglaw's set and Butcher's Pupil that can get me into Hell. I'll only twink class-specifics, and very good mid-lates that I expect to use and not drop at a certain place/level. No items that can be used to get through part of NM or Hell and become outdated. By this, I mean: No Butcher's Pupil's getting me into hell unless it's found, no cleglaws set, no +str charms (not including Fenris which is the last time I'm going all out twinkage.)

Next: My uni assignments! Ack. :grin:
Probably after that, Fenris and he's level 71. My others haven't really been started.


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Wow,I've never seen such an uber-twinking gear
How did you get all this?.:shocked:

Seriously now,double congrats for this,because of the gear you used.

Griswold's Armor is a quite common item,it's the other 3 that are rare.
The other 3 pieces are all TC87,this one is TC66.


Rathma is so girlish name for necro. Ok sorry for being OT. Congrats! I want those items!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: is this fishy?


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Congrats on your guardian, fishymancers usually have maxed corpse explosion too if you don't know what to do with skills.

Clever idea to bring urdars against bosses :thumbsup:


Urdars against bosses + Cold Mages + Decrepify... aslo Stun + cold + slow........ Wow!!! Fishy can "stopped" a boss even Baal!! Cool!! Carry on with my own fishy project!


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Rathma is so girlish name for necro
I'm not actually sure who Rathma was originally, but a quote from the original book. It seems like he was a major cult leader
As with most users of magic, the priests of the cult of Rathma hail from the far Eastern jungles.
Also, Teeth is the summoning the teeth of the Dragon Trag'Oul, and is "One of the first gifts of Rathma[...]"
I just reread some background info. :) I like the name though.

And yeah, as has been said, a Fishy. I used to call them Zoo Keepers, but that name has kinda vanished.

How did you get all this? :shocked:
Running NM baal. :) Nah, just some random drops that never got better. Just shows the effects of luck, to be using this after Hell.
The only item that I use often with other chars that I had here was the Mahim-Oak Curio, and those mods aren't exactly going to improve a fishy's ability. I just gotta love that ring! Even a blue +20 res poison would've been more useful. :) The Ring Anyone want to trade for it? :grin:

Heh, guess I'm not likely to find the rest of griswolds. :( Ah well, might put some Pruby's and get more life for my wolfie.

With the Urders, I heard they did CB, but while they did dramatically help with damage versing the Ancients, they didn't seem to have any CB on them. Once their time ran out, the damage did become noticeably less. Either way though, they do nice damage, and versing normal monsters can stun/knockback.

I have heard of maxing CE, but it already has a decent range. I think I'll get Dim vision and Attract to decent levels, and maybe a few more into Clay golem or something. Just something to improve his survivability or something.

GL with your Fishy, Suiling. Hope your items are better than what I went with. :) :thumbsup:


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Congrats on your Guardian. I think putting hard points into DV is a great idea if you plan to run the WSK for the large radius as it really works. I rebuild a L91 pat fishy specifically to put more points to DV and it makes Baaling a lot easier with MF gear, if you could ever part with your 1337 stuff you are currently using. I found 1 pt into Attract was enough.


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Drystan said:
And yeah, as has been said, a Fishy. I used to call them Zoo Keepers, but that name has kinda vanished.
Wasn't that the name pre-1.10 where every point in RS or SMage gave you another skeleton, rather than just the first three levels and every third level after that? Weaker than today's bone warriors, but much greater numbers to compensate.

I could be dead wrong of course as this is coming from far back in the mists of memory.

Congrats on the Guardian anyway, Fishymancer is a solid safe choice for HC. Found that out recently myself as well. :thumbsup: