Guardian Celes (Sept 2 of 7)


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Guardian Celes (Sept 2 of 7)

Well, here she is, Guardian Celes, the LF/"Strafe" zon, the second one of my Sept Guardians. Getting her through the game isn't nearly the achievement Ulath was or PaleEnchantress would have been had she lived, as Celes received a few twinking items. (Lycander's Aim, Titan's Revenge, Crow Caw, Moser's Blessed Circle) I'm not even sure she warrants this thread, I've opened it up more because it's a custom rather than because I'm proud of her.

With the ancients, things went more smoothly than expected. I had to respawn them 5 times before none of them were FE. The third time, though, Celes saw her life passing again before her eyes. Korlic was extra fast and FE and he dashed up to her right as she was getting ready to set up the TP. He pulled back his vicious polearm, he started to swing and.... he vanished as the TP was up just in time. Phew, talk about close calls. The one time they didn't spawn FE was really easy. Celes whipped out her lycander's and dished out open wounds while the Valk singlehandedly tanked Korlic and the Whirler (whatever his name is). The merc and Celes took care of Madawc in the mean time.

Anyway, here are some stats, skills and gear, the usual stuff. :)

~Guardian Celes~

Level 83

Life: 1001
Mana: 167

Str: 90
Dex: 180
Vit: 220
En: Base


Strafe: 2
GA: 1

LF: 20

Valk: 20
Decoy: 3
Critical: 5
Penetrate: 10
Pierce: 5
Dodge: 2
Avoid: 4
Evade: 1

Unspent: 12

The 23 best skill points were the one I put into Valk and Decoy. This lady is now truly immortal, tanking two of the ancients without losing life and keeping Infector's Balrogs at bay long after the merc had died (again).

Her gear:

Weapons: Titans & Lycander's
Shield: Moser's Blessed Circle
Rings: Manald & Crappy Rare
Armour: Crow Caw (or 4 Ptopaz Armour)
Belt: Blood Craft:. +20 Life, FR 5%, LR 27%, 2% Life Leech, 17% FHR, 8% OW
Gloves: Hitpower Craft: Knockback, FR 26%, CR 17%
Ammy: Crappy Rare
Boots: Natalya's Soul (as of late, these are my favorite boots)
Helm: Iratha's Coil (or 3PTopaz Crown)

Mercenary: Waheed, Act 2 Might. He uses a twinked Hone Sundan, Skin of the Flayed One and Tal's Mask. He dies a lot.

Best finds: Moser's from Hell Duriel, Lem and Ist from the Hellforges in NM and Hell respectively. I can see one of my next chars using Delirium once I can get hold of an Io.

Best Craft: This beauty that I've already been showing off in the SPF-HCL Thread. My Pally will love this baby.

Death Torc

Required Level: 70
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 81
Fingerprint: 0x96dc6e93
+9% Increased Chance of Blocking
Damage Reduced by 3
Magic Damage Reduced by 3
All Resistances +19
+1 to Paladin Skill Levels
Level 2 Teleport (25/25 Charges)

Conclusions I can draw from her:

1)Using bows isn't what it was. I don't know if it's the ¾ weapon damage that's new in the final, or if it's just the fact that LF kills so damn quick, but I was a lot more happy with my beta-zon. She pwned. Sure, that lady had the windforce, but even before she got that she was doing a lot better than Celes. I'm not even sure I want to write a small guide about her as she sucks so bad when using a bow. Well, that's not entirely fair. There are some things she can kill quickly, Demon Imps or Stranglers. But against durable enemies like Urdars she can't do a thing. Those are the merc's job.

2) Twinking cheapens the accomplishment a lot for me. Not twinking takes too long and gets frustrating if you can find what you're looking for and it's terrible if your char dies right after entering hell after you spent a week MFing for stuff, but twinking leaves you with sort of a hollow feeling.

3) Mercs without shaftstops are real pushovers. Even when backed up by a valk.

4) Even had I maxed penetrate, my AR would still have sucked. There is no way I could hit decently in hell without angelic support. My chance to hit with strafe was below 60% most of the time. I doubt Dex and Penetrate alone can solve that problem. Some serious AR is needed here. (I took an educated guess at this by checking how much one point in dex / penetrate added)

5) Open Wounds kills even the most immune enemy. In my case it was PI/LI Grand Vizier of Chaos. Nothing I had could damage him, safe for open wounds and my 1-2 cold damage charm.

Well, that's it. See you at the next guardian! :wave:
well done, a great achievment! :D
hope you have as much success with the other 5 still to go.
why did you not spend the last 12 points? you should have found some use for them, into a synergy or something prehaps?


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Nightfish said:
Celes whipped out her lycander's and dished out open wounds while the Valk singlehandedly tanked Korlic and the Whirler (whatever his name is).
Talic :)

Congratulations! Even if you twink stuff you still have to remember to not die, so it's an achievement nonetheless - only 5 more left now? Shouldn't be too much trouble :)


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Twinked or not, it's a great accomplishment, one that I truly hope to acheive myself someday :)

Damn... I just know it that if I can get the first Guardian, I'll be motivated to go for the legendary 7... just one... :teeth::p


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To echo Vega's comments, twinked or not a guardian is a great achievement. Getting a second one is even greater. Congrats!

Gengis Chuck

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Even though you don't sound very proud, you should be. It's an impressive achievement even if you had twinked to the eyeballs. ;)

Also, at this pace I expect you to finish your Sept by the end of February. :p


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Grats on the Guardian. You had far less twink gear than most folks would have put on her. I have a question though:

Why not Blood Helm?

That Blood Belt is pretty good, I just did a batch and the highest FHR I got was 10% and none of them got any resists.

I think you clued me into a great idea in the discussion about my HybridZon. It is all about Mods and auto-hit skills.


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Thanks everybody ;)

Gengis, I expect things to slow down considerably once I am done playing the chars I like and have to play those that ... hm... let's say "those that I'm less fond of" :teeth: (especialyl the druid. god, I *hate* druids)

Vex: No blood helm because I didn't need one. Most of the time I just kept my 3PTopaz headgear on, simply because I didn't need anything else. And the mods on the blood helm aren't that useful for me. As for the belt, that was my third attempt, I think. Maybe you need to wait until higher levels before you get good results. Mine is from 71. I kinda like it. :)


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As one who only has one Patriarch, I can say that this is an amazing achievement.




edit: The longer you wait for your crafting, generally the better your results. If you can get your ilvl for the craft to be greater than 70, you are guaranteed some extra modifiers over the craft, making them much more productive. The ilvl of a craft is given by ilvl/2 + clvl/2, so having a higher level character is definately a plus.


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Congratulations fishy! You seem to have HC play pretty much in your fingers :) Did you happen to upgrade the lycanders btw? I have to agree with you about bowzons not dealing much damage anymore. my own HC strafeazon is currently stuck in act 2 hell, not really doing enough damage with her wws to continue. I hope to find a lyc with my new sorc though, that should work better than the wws


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Porius, would you happen to know what ilvl is necessary for +2 skills to appear on a crafted ammy - assuming it's possible to get that in the first place. :)

Karmeus, no I didn't upgrade the lycander. Couldn't find a Lum rune. Now that the hellforge gave me an Ist I'm pretty happy that I still have the Lem. Though now I'm short one Io rune... :lol:

As for kill speed: Nope, it's not a lot faster with the lycander. Though I have to admit I was only strafing at 3 frames and my AR was horrible. But even with guided arrow it took 20 or more arrows to take down tougher enemies. Maybe the elemental arrow skills are better, but I never liked them.

Btw, I don't think upgrading the lycander would help much. I didn't have the incredible ED bonuses my berserker had so a bit more base damage doesn't do that much for zons. And bow's base damage isn't that uber to begin with. I doubt it would make much of a difference.

Oh well, I guess in 1.11 bowzons with a cracked short bow will kill everything in one shot but necros will not get out of act 1 normal...


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Bleh, you're not giving me much hope... yet I want to get her to guardian somehow... at least freeze arrow does some reasonable damage it seems... maybe I should upgrade the wizendraw I found (-32% cold res to enemies)... I guess I'll see someday


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NF- The belts I was crafting were being done by my level 79 Paladin. Also I know you can get +2 TREE skills with a 79. Shade or Thrugg would have to answer you more specifically.

The Blood Helm has 10-15% Deadly Strike. I wish it was CB but it is better than nothing. Also has LL, of little use I know. The way my current Zon is working I am going for all the Mods I can afford without sacrificing resists. If she runs into LIs I like the fact that her FA, CS and GA all pack a bunch of "kill it now" mods. Call her a ModiZon. :D


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Gengis Chuck said:
Even though you don't sound very proud, you should be. It's an impressive achievement even if you had twinked to the eyeballs. ;)
agree, great work here fishy, gratz :worship:



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Congratulations NF :worship:

Two down - great work! I did the same as you though, started with the characters I enjoy. But you build up some momentum that way. And hey, don't put down your accomplishment. A Guardian with twinked gear is still a Guardian :thumbsup:

See you at the EMB :drink: