Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier


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Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

Felt like questing a bit after all the MFO silliness. This went a bit faster than expected. I wanted to melee and, after WW and Zeal, Frenzy was the obvious choice. The (frankly brilliant) name was quickly found and Guardianship was achieved not long afterwards. Facts:


Name:       Frenzy
Class:      Barbarian
Experience: 993080468
Level:      84

Strength:   135/218
Dexterity:  85/138
Vitality:   285/285
Energy:     10/11
HP:         1672/3711 (after BO)
Mana:       344 (after BO)
Defense:    633 (w/ Shout)

Skills (after BC):
20 (28) Frenzy
20 Double Swing
20 Taunt
20 (cast at lvl 32) BO
2 (8) Sword Mastery
1 Berserk, BC, Battle Cry, Speed, NR

Enigma BP
Arreat's (6ll w/ 20% ED, 53 AR, 9dex Jewel)
SoE (8ll, 14% dr)
Raven Frost (18/221)
Rare Ring (8ll, 72AR, [email protected], 11 FR)

Grief PB (37/374)

[url=]eDeath CS[/url]

Switch: 2x HotO Flail
Chars: Max Dam/AR, Life, Resists... the usual.

Merc (Might): ebugged Forti Great Hauberk, Reaper's, Harley
Not much to say about Normal and NM, the usual array of twinking weaponry was used (enough AR for A1 NM?).
I had originally planned on 2xGrief+Forti, but then decided to go for Enigma because of its most awesome mod: 45% frw :yes: More frw is always better.
Death was created on a whim, simply because I wanted one and had the spare runes. I really liked it.
Went through Hell entirely on /p3, nice and easy. Single pass/all quests, as usual. Few scary situations. Teleport was only used as a PI solution.
The merc was pretty much useless, since I ran everywhere at warp speed. Nice fluid gameplay. Not hugely demanding. :thumbup:

To sum it up, I present scrcrw's amazing guide to Frenzying (use at own risk):
1. Equip some nice weapons and a bit of LL
2. Select Frenzy
3. Lock the RMB 
4. Grab a Beer, watch a movie, do laundry etc.
5. Win

For HC: Occasionally refresh BO
Finds: Ral, Ort, Tal x3, ?/Fal/Io

That is all. Thanks for reading (not that there is any text...).
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Re: Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

Haha, I love your mini guide to frenzy barb. That is pretty much the exact way I played through all of nightmare and hell on my frenzy barb, and Drac's makes it even more ridiculous.


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Re: Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

Congrats on the new Guardian, but I think your guide needs some clarification: what type of beer?

I know a might mercenary is the obvious choice for a physical damage build, but the idea of using a blessed aim mercenary is appealing to me - I am starting an untwinked, hardcore frenzy barb, and was considering that to ensure I have no AR problems. Any thoughts?

Every time I see high-end runewords like that it drops my jaw; perhaps some day. Very nice gear setup.


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Re: Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

Grats on the Guardian; this char is likely to be my next one! Your creativity in terms of names is on par with my Necromancer: his name is Nec. :)


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Re: Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

Congratulations on the guardian. You made it past the unlucky #13, so now there's no stopping you ;)

Your mini guide does pretty much sum up a frenzier. GG.


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Re: Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

Congrats! Your comprehensive guide makes me want to make RobbyDv2.0 (my original 1.09 first Pat was an untwinked Frenzier - I wanted to see how much easier twinking would make it, and 1.13 removed the biggest problem - IM OKs).

But... didn't your character run into any Fana Extra Strong Frenzytaur packs or the like that made him have to regroup and change tactics?


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Re: Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

Thanks for your kind words.

@JoeBruce Hmm, tough call on the beer. How about this one? Vaguely D2 related name and it tastes great imho.
The optimal merc for your untwinked Frenzier probably depends on the stats at any given moment, whatever works better. Hiring a new merc is cheap ;) Good luck!

@RobbyD I can't remember any really strong boss packs. In areas with PI monsters I teleported a lot anyway. :whistling:


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Re: Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

The Amazing Guide to, well, awesome! :D Congrats!


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Re: Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

Haha, good choice! I actually use a Delirium tremens coaster at my computer :guiness:


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Re: Guardian #13: Frenzy, Frenzier

Congrats on the guardian! I've never made a Frenzy guardian before. I guess I didn't realize it'd be so simple! RMB + beer is right up my alley.