Guardian #10 - Velvet


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Guardian #10 - Velvet

Oops I did it again? Well here's another fishy guardian, this time an Amazon. I'm typing this out at work so I might be off on a few numbers but who cares?

Velvet - PlagueJaveling/LF Amazon

Level: 81

Str: ~100
Dex: ~200
Vit: ~200
En: ~whatever the hell base is

Relevant Skills:

20 Poison Jav
20 Plague Jav
20 LF
1 Jab

~10 Valk
~10 Penetrate

1 Magic Arrow
1 Multishot

and of course 1 in all passive & magic skills


Helm: Shako (Guillaume's for Bosses)
Armour: Skullder's
Gloves: Trang's
Belt: TGods
Rings: 2x 1.07 Jordan
Ammy: Mara's
Weapon: 2x Titans & 2x Moser's with 2 PDias
Boots: Gore Rider

She swapped her items around quite a lot as I was trying various things. For a while she was wearing a delirium helm but being turned into a bone fetish nearly got her killed so I dumped that again. Of course she used Demon Limb for enchant a couple times. Almost all my chars do.

She found quite a number of nice things, 2 Pul runes from the hellforges (good in NM, not so good in hell :-/ ), a ravenlore and an incredible 37 Life, 13 Res all grand charm. Woot. :) Soon I'll be able to cover all my resis with charms.

Playing her was quite fun, despite LF being grossly overpowered. I only used that for very large mobs or PoiImus, though. Plague javelin does about 2k poison damage per second over 15 seconds but it's really not much. And there's really not much to do while your waiting for things to die. If I attack with LF I might as well not have used PJav in the first place. Oh well. Killing gloams was fun. I never noticed before that they were poison immune. >_< Well, that one point in jab was quite handy. I once again noticed how 5k AR just doesn't cut it in hell. Attacking gloams she misses at least 50% of the time.

The ancients went down to my tried and trusty crushing blow / blocking combo. Had to respawn them a couple times, though. Didn't feel like fighting them extra strong, aura enchanted and cursed. >_<

I'm not quite sure what the future holds for her. Maybe with that point in multishot and a half decent bow I can start running the WS K. If not she'll probably retire.

Not quite sure what char I'll play next to pass the time until Horbi's tourney starts but I'll think of something. Or I'll just spend more time on writing guides. :D

Well, thanks for reading and see you next guardian ;)


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Nicely done! I've always thought the Poison javelin skills were a bit underpowered, but they look cool. What does 1.07 Stones Of Jordan do?


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Thanks guys :)

Chimaira said:
What does 1.07 Stones Of Jordan do?
Does the same thing they all do. Actually I'm not even sure mine are 1.07, I was just emphasising the fact that I went back to an older version of D2 to gamble for them. Which was incredibly easy and incredibly cheesy. I don't think it took more than one day to get both. It's so easy I almost consider it cheating. Almost... >_<


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Thx fellas ;)

No definete plans for guardian #10 yet. I've got a Ribcracker Fishymancer at level 59 or so and an upcoming Ribcracker WW barb at level 15 (woot?). But maybe I'll play something completely different first.

I've always wanted to build a char using lots of damage reduced by X items, just for the hell of it. Sol'd Iron Pelt, Gerke's Sanctuary, nature's peace, etc, etc you get the idea. Don't really have any leet 1h weapons to use with that, though.


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Hm, maybe I should use the pul I have to upgrade something. Will have to dig in my stash to see what I got.


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Gratz on yet another Guardian Nightfish!! :) *hug*

Now stop speed-playing, so us slower ones *points at self* can catch up... ;)
Congratz Fish, now we are equal and I have no plans on making a guardian in a long time, perhaps my Hunter druid will make it, who knows :D