*grunt* Search function difficult. Need answers.


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*grunt* Search function difficult. Need answers.

I tried to (ab)use the search function to come up with an answer to two(andahalf) questions regarding a new somewhat-non-cookie-cutter build I'm going to try. Wise people unite and help poor AJK, whose brain has been melted by the search function.

Question 1: Does +X% to [element] skill damage boost on-weapon [element] damage, or damage added by charms/jewels?

Question 1a: Does +X% to fire skill damage boost the enchant from Demon Limb charges?

Question 2: Does the elemental damage from the Act I rogue merc depend on the base weapon damage, or only on her level?
Edit: I meant the physical part of her bow's damage...


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1. I think it boosts all kinds of damage from that element. That should include Enchant.

2. It depends on both. The inherent fire/cold damage of the skill itself will go up with level, but it will never grow big (will not even reach 100 average damage).
The 'physical to fire/cold' converted damage is where the big part of the elemental damage is. It depends a lot on the bow, and the percentage converted depends on the rogue´s level. A level 69 rogue will convert 45% of the physical damage to elemental, and for each additional 3 merc levels, she will convert 2%-units more.

Cold Arrow will cut the damage to 3/4 before the conversion, though (I think this means that the remaining physical part of the damage will also be lower than for a fire rogue).


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Ah, an expert spoke. Thanks!
It's a bit weird to hear that +X to skill damage also boosts damage that has nothing to do with skill. I mean, anyone can throw a bunch of charms in the backpack...

Edit: Why not try it?
I loaded some arcing charms on a test dummy, no weapon in hand, regular attack.
Damage --> 7-220
I then plopped a +10% light skill damage Griffon's on her head
Damage --> 7-241

Conclusion: non-skill-related elemental damage recieves a boost too.