Griswolds Set Sockets


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Griswolds Set Sockets

Hello. I have just gotten the entire griswolds set and I have no idea on what to put inside of the sockets. I am a frosty zealot. I know that gris isnt the best setup for me but I like full sets. Thanks in advance :)
Depends on if your rich or not, if so, there is a variety of runes you could put in your gris set.
Weapon=3 ohms,3 lo's,3 40 15's
Armor=3 bers, 3 40 15's
Shield=3 40 15's,3 ums,3 bers
Helm=Ber & Cham, 2 bers

Anyways, you could go on and on....maybe put some good jewels in it...or some not very expensive runes...

P.S (I dont know if your gris caddy is 3 or 4 sockets)


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Heres what I was thinking:
4 sock Caddy: Cham Ohm Ohm Lo. Since I am wearing a raven frost will the cham do anything?
Armor: Ber Ber Ber. Gotta have that dmg reduction
Sheild: Um Um Um. If I have 100 resistances WITHOUT these runes will I have max resistances in hell if I put 3 ums in or will another rune be more worth while.
Helm: Jah Jah OR Ber Ber OR Ber Jah. I dont know about this one. If I put 2 Jahs in my helm will the +10% to life be noticable if i have about 1000 life? Or maybe another rune is better fit for my helm i dont know. Someone PLEASE answer my questions. Thanks alot! :D


For an excellent frost zealot fill all the sockets with cold facets and wear angelics. you'l easily get 5-6k cold damage per swing and loads of ar, with a nice amount of -enemies res, max block and resistances.

for the weapon though i would recommend one of these socketing jobs

ber ber ber ber
jah cham sur 5/5 cold
shael shael shael shael (4fps without fana)


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for the weapon.
3*ed/ias jewels and a lo rune.

then make a wolf and use it on him :D

-jordy :king: