Griswold's Pally - Skills?

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Griswold's Pally - Skills?

Okay, having full set of Griswolds (OH BABY!), I am ready to make one for sure.

It could be PvM or PvP, any will be fine. Problem is, what are the skills?

My plan - Zealer:

Zeal: 20
Sacrafice: 20
Fantacism: 20
Holy Shield: ~

I could get other opinions!

BTW: Other stuff include:

Amulet: Cat's Eye
Rings: Raven and Manald
Gloves: Bloodfists?
Boots: Sandstorm Treks
Others: Full Griz set!


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I dont think you need cats eye since griz weapon is already 4 frames. Use highlords instead. For gloves dracul's grasp is nice. Instead of manald try a bk ring. And i would max hs if i were you. saves alot of stat points.


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I know I say this to every single person who posts that they have full griz - but....

Make a griz tesladin. We're talking 19k damage when your sockets are maxed out with 5/5 lit facets. Now, all 5/5s is near impossible but you can have an easy 15k damage when maxed with decent jewels. Other equipment to use with the tesladin -

amulet: highlords (or cats eye)
gloves: leeching 20ias gloves (or laying of hands)
rings: ravenfrost/leech
boots: Waterwalks or the like
belt: nos' coil (other 10ias belt)
charms: life, anni

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Amulet: Still trying to get a Highlord's, but I think I like my Cat's Eye
Rings: 7/6 Dual Leech and Ravenfrost
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp
Boots: Sandstorm Treks
Belt: String of Ears
Everything else is Gris.

7/6 Dual leech was given to me by my cousin.
I give my vote to a tesladin.
I saw a lvl 85 full griz zealot with charge/zeal/fanat and he sucked at hell. It took him about 3 zeals to kill a burning archer.
In contrast, my Tesladin, lvl 71, wears nothing (becuase I stripped him for trading) and can kill an arhcer in 1 fist zeal (5k max lite damage), if i can get to him without dying. IMHO tesladins are the best melee build in game, and also they are fun to play with.
Socket ur vortex with 3 P Diamonds.
All else with decent light facet.
Highlords (or cats), nosferatu's coil, raven, dual leech, waterwalks (for life), and lavagout (more elemental damage?)

Or u can just become a bomb and socket all ur equipment with ED/ias jewels, max fanat and synergies, and zeal etc. you will to decent physical damage. (also, my pure fanat/zeal pally can solo DC quite easily with nature's peace, while my tesladin has some problems with resist and life.)

I think to become a super effective tesladin, just use CMPB/HOZ/SHAKO... you will own every single monster without LR.

I suggest u put a Jah in your caddy if you can get one. Ignore defense helps ALOT.

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Just what I thought!

It seems Zeal only works in I get a higher physical damage weapon. I knew something was up with it...

Oh well, I guess it's Telsadin! I have NEVER done one before, but I'll devote lots of things for some Lightning Facets!