Grimm's ISO/FT List V.3


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Grimm's ISO/FT List V.3

So the Ladder reset is just around the corner, and I took time from Non-ladder to go and gather up what I could before the reset. Most of the items listed below are unavailable on Non-Ladder until the 28th. Although I feel like if I don't post this now I won't have the ambition to at a later time. Feel free to offer on stuff currently still sitting on Ladder, we can still work out a deal, and if nothing changes on your end then come reset time all is good to go :]

Ladder players, most of what you see is available on ladder until after the reset.

In search of:

Necro Amulet with 2/10%FCR/Big resists (No other mods necc.)
8x Poison and Bone GCs w/ 25+ Life

-/\/- What I have for trade!-\/\-


Eth Bugged Dusk Shroud Fortitude (3132 Def, 26 Res)
Eth Bugged Wire Fleece Fortitude (3039 Def, 27 Res)
Eth Bugged Kraken Shell Fortitude (3066 Def, 26 Res)
Archon Plate Fortitude (1658 Def, 29 Res)
Archon Plate Fortitude (1668 Def, 26 Res)
Balrog Skin Fortitude (1646 Def, 25 Res)
Eth Upped Shaftstop (2009 Def)
Upped Vipermagi (873 Def, 35Res/13MDr)
Upped Vipermagi (1020 Def, 35Res/11MDr)
Leviathan Kraken Shell (1625 Def, +143 Def, +43 Strength, 25% DR)
Spirit Runeword List:

34% Spirit Phase Blade (22 Vit, 90 Mana)
33% Spirit Long Sword (22 Vit, 105 Mana)
34% Spirit Royal Shield (22 Vit, 101 Mana, Base +45 All Res)
35% Spirit Monarch (139 Def, 22 Vit, 109 Mana)
35% Spirit Monarch (141 Def, 22 Vit, 94 Mana)

Rune Master Ettin Axe (5os, 238% ED)
EbotD Ghost Spear (410% ED, 13% LL)
EbotD Great Poleaxe (392% ED, 15% LL)

Honorable Mentions:

Diadem (3os, 56 Def)
Carrion Crowl Coronet (+2 Druid Skills, 20% FCR, +40 AR, +35 Life, 1os)
Sandstorm Treks (169 Def, 157% ED, 15/15/57%)
Thundergod's Vigor (197% ED)
Bul Katho's Ring- (3% LL)
2x Nagel Ring (30% MF)

20/10 Paladin Torch
11/20 Sorceress Torch

1x War Cry GC (+6 Strength)
1x Poison and Bone GC
1x Curses GC (+23 Life)
1x Barb Combat GC (+33 Life)
1x Bow+Crossbow GC (+32 Life)
1x Shapeshifting GC
1x Shadow Disc. GC
1x Cold Skills GC
8x 7% MF scs
If you are interested in anything on my list, feel free to offer even if you don't have any of my ISOs, but be forewarned, I am intent on my ISOs and they are top priority above any other items, no matter how nice or expensive.

My account is Grimm357, but please, I would much rather you post here, some times I don't bother logging onto D2 unless its to complete a trade xD
Mainly because i'm awaiting the reset.

Anyways, good luck, and happy hunting! ^_~!
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Re: Grimm's ISO/FT List V.3

Hey Grimm, I might have a 39 life trap skiller somewhere, I'll check online later and see if I still have it.


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Re: Grimm's ISO/FT List V.3

what ladder is reseting again? I thought it only been 6 monthes or so since last reset. :O


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Re: Grimm's ISO/FT List V.3

what ladder is reseting again? I thought it only been 6 monthes or so since last reset. :O
You're correct. Yet this is not the thread nor the forum section to discuss such things. Unless you've got a trade proposal, please refraim from posting in my thread.