Grimm's ISO///FT List v.1!


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Grimm's ISO///FT List v.1!

Howdy all! Figured i'd post a thread here since i'm having very little luck finding what I need in-game...

Currently Looking for: (In order from Greatest to least priority)

3x Javelin Skill GCs w/ 12%FHR
Gloves w/ +3Passive and Magic, 20 IAS, other mods.
Perfect T-Strokes

What I have for trade is:


Faith Grand Matron Bow- (+3 to B&C, 345% ED, Lvl. 12 Fanat.)
Eth Exile Vortex Shield- (1737 Def. 45 Res, Lvl 13 Defiance)
Eth Exile Kurast Shield- (1230 Def. 44 Res, Lvl 16 Defiance)
Fortitude Archon Plate- (Perfect stats. 1668 Def, 30 Res.)- Good luck.

Notable Uniques:

32%/5 Death's Fathom
Crown of Ages- 353 Defense 2os, 15% DR, 28 Res, +104 Def.
Windforce Hydra Bow- 250% ED, 7%Mana leech

Arreat's Face Slayerguard- (152% ED, socketted w/ Um)
Jalal's Mane Mask- (181% ED, socketted w/ -4/5 Fire Die Facet)
Wolfhowl- (125% ED, Skills: 6/6/4, Stats: 9/8/13)
Eth Eschuta's Temper- (+3 Skills,16% Light, 19% Fire)
Harlequin's Shako- (128 Def, no socket)
War Traveler's- (44% MF)
T-God's- (178% ED)


15x High Runes (Ask for specifics)
5-5 Poison Lvl Facet


129%/31% Gheed's Fortune
23% Gheed's Fortune
6x 100 PSN scs w/ mods
1x 175 PSN sc w/ mod


16/20 Barbarian Torch
12/16 Assassin Torch


5os Ettin Axe

That's about it for now... you can message me in-game /w *Grimm357, which I would prefer, or post here.... Good luck, happy hunting!!
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Re: Grimm's ISO///FT List v.1!

MAJOR update on list!

Come on there has to be someone out there :[ These forums are dead and cold :/


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Re: Grimm's ISO///FT List v.1!

ISO and what I have was Updated again!!!! Make sure you whisper or msg me in-game for fastest response!!!!!