grim reaper ideas


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grim reaper ideas

I need some ideas on how to build a Grim Reaper. there are restrictions to build one tho.


1. a Grim Reaper's weapon is a sythe.
2. he can only wear non metalic armor.
3. he can wear rings and ammy.


1. summoning: Grim Reapers dont have armies so I guess this is out. but maybe one golem would be a possability.
2. poison and bone: the only skill here might be bone spirit or corpse explosion.
3. curses: I think a Grim Reaper would use life tap, terror, or confuse.

merc: act 2 merc with same restrictions as above. you could say he is a Grim Reaper in training.

so with these guide lines how would you make a Grim Reaper?


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I've never made a grim reaper before, but wouldn't bone prison fit in with the gimmic? I think it could be useful, too.


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erm maybe make a melee necro. there viable im thinking

shako or vamp gaze altho the colour puts me off lol.
fort dusk shroud
obedience thresher
dracs or magnus skin somethin on those lines.
sst or gores/war travs if the non metallic doesnt apply here.
2 raven for ar and cbf

now skills

your the grim reaper. bringer of death and i think you would have control of the slains souls. so maybe revives for some meat shielding.?? the revives die in 3 mins so maybe it takes 3 minutes for a reaper to prepare the soul for the afterlife.

Bone armor and senergies . we need the protection. and prolly will fit in somehow.

Corpse explosion. good skill ^^ .

curses amp/life tap/decrep

with this set up ull get ar from chant some defense from fort lotta ar.
should work out.

^^ uve inspired me to make "The Grim Reaper" a new way of the maleemancer . ill try it out then write a guide . lol


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i've done some research on the Grim Reaper and this is what i've come up with after looking at how different societies view the Grim Reaper.


weapon: scythe, sword, green twig(wand), knife, rod of fire (staff)
helm: non metalic
armor: non metalic
boots: non metalic
gloves: no gloves:sad2:
belt: non metalic


summons: can not reserect any thing that is killed:sad2: . which leaves golems as his only buddy.

poison/bone: there are some references to pestilence so thet narrows it down to just poison skills here.

curses: i have not read anything in regards to him curseing anything so i would say this is a no:cry: .


there is one reference that says he could be accomanied by helpers:smiley: . so a golem would be one. and an act2 merc would be another (but with the same attire restrictions as the Grim Reaper).

so with this in mind, i would say this is a Grim Reaper. what do you think?


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no gloves? you can barely see them on your character... you are going to end up with something that looks cool but is completely useless unless you make a few "sacrafices"
i think decrep should be you main curse, because it "ages the victim, gives them a glimpse of their death" as described in the guide. This fits in well i think.
how about an infinity thresher/poison nova hybrid?
you will have no trouble hitting even with low ar, and infinity will give you all the cb you need.


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if you can give me a reference to check out, i'll look it up. but right now it stands as outlined above. have fun!