Grim Dawn


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Pretty fun game. If you happen to give it a try let me know maybe we can game together. Got to 49 and having a blast so far.


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I am pretty sure it is going to release in a few days. They just pushed the last build and it is set to go.

A bit more challenging than D3 for sure. I really have enjoyed it so far over the last month or so...

Look me up on Steam - Darkrealm2016

Release is tomorrow according to twitter.

Also, how about design guys from D1 and D2 are on the team?!?! If you haven't tried this game I think most of you all would like it. It really takes me back to LOD in many ways except more story and many other things...

1) Multiple camera angle view
2) Augments for every item and in most case more than one augment
3) Two different skill trees like combining DH and WD, etc
4) Single player offline
5) Pvp
6) crafting galore- things you can actually use in end game and while leveling
7) Trading- just like the old days on our forums
8) Shared stash as well as individual character stash
9) the game evolves.
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