Griffons Eye


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Griffons Eye

For those who want to know, it dropped off a uni monster somewhere between 3-4 wave of a baal run. screw pindleskin lol. just go farm baal guys... oh and the guy i was with was lvl 99.. im sure his MF was through the roof.. he was spittin uni's every game

Anyway! Taking offers on this.. as of now.

Griffon's Eye

Defense: 207
Req Lvl: 76
+1 to all skills
25% faster cast rate
-17% to enemy lightning resistance
+13% to lightning skill damage
+150 defense
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Re: Griffons Eye

Just to tell ya 250-300 would probably get you a unique every game has MF has severe diminishing returns. Also farming all level 85 areas would be just as efficient as baal .

You got a BIN or is this a auction