Griffon's Eye


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Griffon's Eye

I know this is the wrong forum, but I can't seem to get any responses from trading forums.

As I have never seen this, USWEST Ladder, is it really that rare. I know diadems drop rarely, but having seen both Tal and IK armor drop (i couldnt believe it, in same game even), I was thinking they would drop somewhat more frequently.

Additionally, is Vex and Mal a good offer for it, or too much?


Snarlin Stef

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good griffon = a lot more than VEX + MAL..
its worth more like LO + something small.

if its perfect its more like SUR rune...


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I traded soj and another soj's worth in runes and gear for my 14/19. I'm sure you could get a high end griff for less but it would have to be from someone who didnt know what he had.