Grief Zweihander vs Ebotd cb with forti


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Grief Zweihander vs Ebotd cb with forti

What will give me the best dmg output with forti?

Does fortitude affect griefs+ dmg?

Eilo Rytyj

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Fortitude's +300% damage does affect the +damage on Grief in the normal way it affects weapon damage.

Grief Zwei is the clear winner in terms of pure damage.

EBotD CB has all those other juicy mods, but the str/dex requirements of a CB are enough to make you cringe in disgust (i.e. they're WAAY too high).


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since every ed % works on both swords and you're only thinking about changing sword you only need to compare their dmg/reqs, ias also doesnt matter since they both hit 4fpa ww no matter what you roll

1) worst case scenario
worst possible grief zweihander (125str 94dex req) :
19-35 onehand dmg + 340 from grief = 359 - 375 dmg (avg 367), 20% chance ds
worst possible ebotd cb (142str 78dex req) :
166-436 onehand dmg (avg 301) 30% ed from str

2) best case scenario
best possible grief zweihander :
28-52 onehand dmg + 400 from grief = 428-452 dmg (avg 440), 20% chance ds
best possible ebotd cb :
190-499 onehand dmg (avg 344) 30% ed from str

so as eilo rytyj mentioned, grief cearly beats ebotd dmgwise, even the worst possible grief does more dmg than perfect ebotd and the difference only becomes bigger if you add in all the dmg mods from skills/equip/str

one thing though, eilo, mind explaining why ebotd cb reqs are way too high? i never really had a problem equiping one, having max block and still over 500 vit

Eilo Rytyj

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Oh, sorry, I was thinking of the normal Colossus Blade, not thinking of the Hel rune in it and the -10 str/dex upon ethereality... 189/110 is a little crazy for my liking. 142/78 is a bit more managable I guess.

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