Grief not adding to Smite Damage


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Grief not adding to Smite Damage

Maybe i am just stupid, but i was to understand that Grief would add to my smite damage. Yet when i equip it, my damage doesnt apear to go up at all in the stat window. Is this a bug or does grief not add to smite damage at all?

I have searched all over, and from what i can find, grief is one of the main weapons for a smite paladin. If it doesnt add damage...then whats the point of it?


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It does add, trust us. Also, you might want to do a search on the LCS "Lying Character Screen".


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LordLoco said:
The added damage is a result of the target defense reduction that is granted by the grief runeword
haha? dont spout useless rubbish.
the added damage is result of the +damage modifier getting added to the holyshield bonus.
Yes it works - no its not shown on screen (for any attacks)