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Hello, I am back after a several month break, though I am not sure if anyone here remembers me.

School is over in one week here, and this week I take my finals. I decided to come back to Diablo II LOD again (who could have foreseen that happening) to finish my Sorceress that I started. PeachPlumPear the meteorb sorceress was my first single player character to make it all the way to hell, not to mention my first sorceress.

She now stands at the entrance to the river of flame, about to enter the hell Chaos Sanctuary at level 80 and defeat Diablo. So far, she has been an excellent play, with no area being too difficult to handle.

This changed when she entered act IV hell, which seems to be a huge step ahead of the previous three acts in terms of difficulty. Monsters seem to have so many more hit points and deal a lot more damage. Since she is my first single player character, I do not have enough equipment to have decent resistances.

So, I now stand hesistantly as I decide whether to venture onward or not. Of course, if I don't go, I wouldn't get to see that cinematic of Baal killing Marius, so I guess I have no choice ;)

Well, it feels good to be back guys! :cool:


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Welcome back, Red! Good luck with PeachPlumPear (cute name, by the way :)) and i'm sure you'll feel comfortable soon again here!


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Welcome back.

Meteorb sorcs are excellent Meph runners, so you could run him for a while and try to get yourself some better gear.

Good luck :thumbsup:



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Welcome back Red. You don't realy need good gear, I'm sure the fruit sorc would do just fine, so long as she's not adverse to dying. Either way, have a cookie for coming back and don't forget to look around, a few things have changed recently... like we can link to phrozen keep now.