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Suppose I should introduce myself. I've been playing D2 online for about a year total, off and on, and recently got fed up with and started playing single player. Had one patriarch on ladder along with two champions and several slayers, along with numerous pat/matriarchs of various classes on non ladder.

Haven't played that many builds in 1.10 yet and figured I would start a few on the spf ladder. However I was wondering if I can still use items from the chars I do already have (currently only one past act III norm) or if I must start fresh again.

Also, I checked out the list of character builds in the faq and was wondering what your opinions on the most fun builds are, as I doubt I'll have time to try them all. Think seems to have gone on long enough, so I'll shut up now.

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Greetings, Paradox. Welcome to the zoo. Leave your mind at the door. You won't need it here.


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Welcome to the forum! I'd suggest going with a TS/DTail assassin...incredibly fun and active. I'm currently working on a shockadin that's super fun, so I'd recommend that as well.

edit: and the ladders are hermetically sealed, so you'll have to start over. The people on those are very kind and trade-welcome, though, so you'll surely be equipped sooner rather than later.


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If you want a fun, non-item dependant (well, mostly) build, check out my guide for the Mageazon. It's currently under review in the Amazon board.


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Welcome to the SPF!

Heres some ( unoffical ) guidelines for the SPF:

1: Blame DurfBarian ( A.K.A. Durf ) for everything that goes wrong in your life. Personal and Social alike.
2: Be sure to help keep Durf's tab at the EMB in the six figures!

Follow number 2 and drop by the EMB. :drink:

Also read the SP FAQ.


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Welcome to the SPF, Hope you enjoy your stay :)

As for fun builds, the best one I've tried lately is definately the Fishymancer (Skellimancer), great fun. :clap:


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Welcome to the forum! :)

As to what build... pick a character you like, really. Some people find a build fun, others find it boring... only way to know is to try it for yourself and see what happens!


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Welcome to the forums :)

The ladders work much like the ladders in the realms, meaning no outside ladder items or characters can be brought there. The easiest way to get started there is to create some item independant character and use that to find items. Good choices there are Hammerdin and Fishymancer, both of which have excellent guides.


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welcome POR to the spf wont call you paradox because then i have trouble later on.

anyway be sure to read the faq and have fun

Paradox of Reality

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Thanks all for the welcome. Already have a hammerdin in act I hell, so I'll try some of the others for ladder. Now to find where the thread to post ladder characters is, and figure out where that bar went to.

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