Greetings to all!


Greetings to all!

Hello... Greetings... Hi there... Hail to you champion... Stay a while and... :confused:

I'm 19, from Turkey, and quite new in these forums. Started intense gaming only this summer (because of academic concerns), and D2 on Sept '04. However, now I'm studying medicine in another city, so I have very limited time and access to my computer :( Have 1 char. of all classes, started as a noob, with wasted skill points, and none in NM yet (although close)

Never played MP, and the reason I prefer single player is because I can play the way I want, taking my time when I want to, with no lag problems. Also SP is a good way to learn the game imo.

I read these forums quite a lot, and they're awesome! Only, there's too much good stuff that I'll never be satisfied with what I read.

That's all for now. Nice to be here :)


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greetings, and welcome to the SPF comunity !!! ive always wanted to visit Turkey, but because of financial difficulties never am able to go. Whats your favorite character ? what type of builds do you have going ?

cheers, C.T.


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Welcome and enjoy your stay! This forum makes the game a better experience for everyone so I think you will enjoy it.
Howdy Ho. Nice to meet you! i hope you come and visit regularly, in here we ahve answers to practically any question, so if anything confuses you, just search/ask and we should give you the answer pretty quick.
*shakes hand*
*kicks shin*
*eats a cookie*
*walks out*


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you should definately try out some MP because it's fun playing with others. I get a lot of build ideas and suggestions from people in MP games, but it's up to you


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Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup: (yeah the smilies seem to work again. finally....................)


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Pass the gravy, please.

(Get it? Turkey? Gravy? HAHAHAHAHA! >.> )

Welcome to teh forums.


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Welcome to the forums...always nice with some fresh meat, and I for one enjoy a good turkey.

Lame joke season in the SPF apparently:)


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Welcome! *hands over the baked goods goodie basket of welcoming*

Since sidhe's out for the moment, here's a full rejuv for the shins. :)

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Welcome from New Zealand. Hope you enjoy your time here. I hope to get to Turkey one day to attend the dawn service at Gallipoli and have a look around. I think it would be pretty special.


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Welcome to the SPF!!! Watch out for shin kicks. I see Farting Bob already got you. I'm pretty new to the SPF too. There is a lot of great info here. And good people too. Enjoy!


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Welcome from South Mississippi... we love Turkey here, especially Wild Turkey of the 101 variety.

So, anyway... a welcome from another noob.
We are the SPF'ers YOU will be assimalated(er...sp) restance is futile(well unless you have the spiffy armor that adds 15 all res and a t-god,d-star,r-frost)
Unleashes nanobots. ..:/|\:..:/|\:..:/|\:.:/|\:.:skittter.:.:.:/|\:.skitter.:/|\:.


Thank you all for the warm welcome :) . i'll enjoy this place (if i can find time from my studies, travels to home and D2 :mad: )

@C.T: you really should... Turkey's a great place to visit (and i hear it's extremely cheap--especially out of season--for Europe). if you do happen to come, i can give you a list of places to see...
i have a no-build barb (too many points wasted), at lvl 36, i'm using it for learning and because it's my first love :p . Also a fanatic zealot, a summoner necro, a blizzard sorc, a WW druid, early WW barb and a bored-and-left assassin.

@F.B: OMG! i'm greeted by the "godly" (Ares, for sure!) Farting Bob of the zod!.. or hephaestus, with the leg in hand? :p

@m.a.a.m: yeah, Gallipoli is a must-see. it'll change one's view of life. you're late for this year, but hey, there's a movie about it and i think it'll be shown in New Zeland


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Welcome to the forums Llathias, it's nice to have you around. Enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions about this old game, we'll be more than happy to answer them (specially if it's about paladins, you're almost guaranteed to get a reply from me :)). I guess you know already, since you've been reading for a while, but there are a good number of very useful guides and faqs around, both in the forums and the strategy compendium, check them out ;)