Greetings from old gatter


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Greetings from old gatter


After 2 years of absence from D2 I came back to some casual playing.
I was just wandering if there are any of the old gatters still alive.

Some things about me, I was known in Gat channel as Formengil (obviously)
I used to play with all the great guys around there in Europe realm.
So if there is Darksnake, Venus, DoubleOObubble, Barry or anyone else still playing please give me a call :D

And If anyone is interested in Friendly and cooperative gaming with no pk's or hacks please feel free to give me a message. Account is *Formengil at european realm.


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Forgot to add, I play ladder characters. I don't have any good items or high level chars but It doesn't matter as I'm here only for fun
(And good company I hope :D )


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Barry left for his honeymoon, and wont be back for about a month.
DoubleOO i havent seen in a loooong time, i think he might be playing guildwars, but not really sure.

Gat on all realms is pretty much done with d2, its pretty much only me left on europe, with Chiller-babe whos only online in short and far apart occations.
And some of The gatters who play in the group KTA, if they still play might be your best bet at some untwinked fun full games.

Check your PMs


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Wellllll..... company for sure. Can't say anything about the good part :rolleyes:

Welcome back though :)

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I'm not really a gatter, but you can always come to me for help/rushes/runs, anything but duels really :p I haven't been online the last few weeks, but hopefully I'll be able to play a bit more :)



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Yeah I still make it on a couple times/week - Actually got two current projects in Hell that I'm not giving up on - and my dual Fleshripper Frenzy Barb....

You know - I don't think I ever be finished here :p



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Today I did something really interesting..

I had gotten some annoing popup program in my machine, and while I fought to get rid of it my windows got corrupted somehow. Now I cant turn on my pc.

Well, I try to get back to gaming soon, may take few days though.. :mad: